Traeger Grill Troubleshooting Guide – 10 Problem and Solution

Traeger grills are now hot cake in the markets. If we compare any with Traeger Grill is high-tech, relying on Multiple parts that work in the mixture to create a set it and forget it BBQ experience Traeger propagates flourished grills and barbecues for cooking. The apparatus is mainly used for grilling, smoking the barbecue. This is featured with automatic start, electronic temperature control, etc. I am going to talk about 10 Traeger grill troubleshooting, error/problem including solution too.

Like all pellet grills, the Traeger grill has some limitations and lackings. The grill not flaming up, pellets not founding into the fire pit, crack with declining temperature. A troubleshooting guide can resolve all the problems. The troubleshooting guide is given below:

10 Traeger Grill Troubleshooting – Problem and Solution

1. Unusual heat oscillation

The most common problem of the Traeger grill is its unusual heat swings. Sometimes it takes a long time to heat up. Depending on the outside temperature, the grill takes 5 or 10 minutes to heat up.

Traeger grill troubleshooting Guide


When you use your Traeger for the first time, it will take approximately 7 minutes. We all know that perfectly cooked or smoked food depends on the right heat or temperature. It is pretty annoying that when the set temperature starts oscillating on your Traeger grill.

You might treat it as a problem, but some oscillation is quite normal. According to Traeger, during your cooking, you will experience that temperature oscillates of about 20 degrees.

If you are firing up your grill in all seasons, you can expect the temperature to swing beyond the 20-degree range. To solve this problem, you have to think about the wood pellets you are using. Are they perfect for Traeger pellets, or are you storing them correctly, and so on.

If the pellets are okay, take a look at the fire pot and other parts to analyze their condition.  You need to clean and replace the Traeger. If you see everything is fine, but the temperature is still swinging, it could be a temperature problem. So it is not a big deal for you to use the Traeger grill.

2. Mitigated Fire

Many users complain about Traeger for mitigating fire. This problem is almost the same as temperature swings. In the same way, you need to clean and replace the firepot because it cannot maintain the fire. There need much ash or deterioration inside the firepot, which makes airflow obstruction and causes air to die.


The Traeger grill has an induction fan. This fan provides oxygen to keep going its work, and if it doesn’t, the fire will mitigate. If you notice any damage to any parts, you should replace it away.

To have a long-lasting, clean the grill after every use, clean the ash after two or three sessions, and complete cleaning at least two or three times a year. If the fan is not running and the fire mitigating problem is not solved, you can choose different pellets to use and store them correctly to conserve their quality because Better quality pellets will ensure that the grill is not burning too much. So, the problem can be solved if you follow this.

3. Pellets Not Passing

You don’t have to stand beside the grill and keep adding pellets constantly because the Traeger grill comes with an automated auger and hopper that can do the work for you. But many grilling lover persons face this problem that the pellets not moving from the hopper to the firepot. 

Traeger grill troubleshooting Guide


In this case, you need to take out your toolbox and open up some parts of the grill, especially the hopper side.  If you see the main problem is in the motor, you need to repair or replace it, or if it’s a jam, you’ll need to clear it up. Then you have to assemble it, and you can use the grill happily.

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4. Firepot not Flaming

The Traeger grill user allegations that the fire is not flaming up in the pot. This could be happening for many reasons. Like-

  • The fire pot is not found any pallets to burn.
  • The igniter or hot rod is crashing.
  • Excessive ash

If the igniter is fine, you should think the fan is not working, responsible for providing oxygen for the fire. 


If the igniter or the fan is crashing, in this case, you have to repair it if you can. If you cannot do it, you can replace the hot rod with better stainless steel components that would be more long-lasting.

5. Grill Not Powering On

The charcoal or gas grill does not require power to on, but the Traeger grill requires power. It is a  common and simple problem for the user. Ultimate components like induction fan and auger motor need electricity to work and make your BBQ alluring.


This problem can be solved if you settle or replace firmly fixed components that are creating the problem. Sometimes the grill need not power because of a tripped GFCI, a blown fuse, or a bad power outlet.

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6. The Grills Fan is not Turning on

It is a common problem that the induction is not working. It happens for several reasons. Firstly, this can happen for the lack of power from the controller to the orange wires. Lastly, similar obstructions can restrain the fan from spinning.

Traeger grill troubleshooting Guide


The induction fan is the essential component of the grill. If it doesn’t work, then you will be unable to do anything on your grill. If you notice the fan is not working due to some obstructions, you can withdraw it manually, and the fan should start again. This way, the induction fan will do its work. 

7. The Grill is not Smoking

It is a vital complaint about Traeger Grill that sometimes the grill is not smoking. The main purpose of a grill is to smoke. But when the grill halt to smoke, then it turns into a major problem.


High Temperature is the main cause of the impediment of smoking. The wood pellets are producing less smoke. In this case, you should use hardwood pellets. Softwood pallets are unable to produce smoke. You should check the smoke every three to five minutes.

8. The Fire Goes Out Frequently

Another annoying problem with the Traeger grill is the fire is going out in the middle of cooking. This problem is the root of many other problems like temperature swings, excessive ash, etc. 


Dump pallets are the main cause of this problem. So you should keep the pellets in the right place and restore them accurately. If you can prevent this, then it would be able to maintain a fire. 

9. Takes Too Much To Cook

The user complained about this model that it takes too much time to cook. It happens for lots of problems.


This problem is related to temperature swings and fire going out. When the fire is going out in the middle of cooking, then temperature swings, and then it takes too much time to cook.

10. Traeger error Codes

No smoker grills will produce an error code, but Traeger grills added an error code in their design to know specific problems.

Traeger Error code meaning and find above solution to short out.

  • ERR- RTD Prob Crash
  • LER- Low-Temperature Error
  • HER- High-Temperature Error
  • ER1- Loose Connection On RTD.
  • ER2- Short Circuit

Final Verdict

Like all Grill Traeger grill also has some limitations or problems; otherwise, it is a high tech than charcoal or gas grill.  Traeger Grills temperature oscillation? Fire goes out? Induction Fan not working? Don’t be scared by these.

Now you can solve your Traeger grill problem with this troubleshooting solution. So those who endure this problem can have a look at this overview. Optimistically, it will be a subsidiary for you in using Traeger Grill.

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