5 Best Nexgrill Reviews & Comparison 2023

Most people believe that the ability to cook is a requisite in living this life. One should be able to learn or at least experience how to cook food. As humans thrive to eat, it’s important that we should also practice our culinary skills. In doing this, we’ll also have to make sure that our kitchens are equipped with all the necessary cooking equipment for use in the process. Perfect addition to your kitchen is Nexgrill’s products. If you want to know more, then scroll down below for reviews.

Nexgrill Industries is a reputable company that produces outdoor cooking equipment such as patio heaters, stainless steel grills, and outdoor fire pits. Based in the United States, this company has already been established way back in the early 1990s. They have been acclaimed by different organizations to deliver high-quality and durable products. And as of now, the company is still developing more products that will definitely place into the hearts and might as well, on the stomachs of its customers.

The company has a series of cooking products that has well-rated by multiple users. In this article, we’ll take our time on evaluating five of their best propane gas grilling brands. Unlike the typical natural gas-based burner, propane-powered tanks are more flexible and safer. They are easily stored and quite efficient as compared to the latter.

Additionally, these burners are available at the most convenient and reliable price. It’s best suited for outdoor use, though it’s still doable for your dirty kitchens. These Nexgrill’s gas grill reviews will definitely help you decide which product is best suited for beginners, portable, or for outdoor use. To know more, let this fire get started.

5 Best Nexgrill Reviews In 2023

1. NexGrill Deluxe 6-Burner Gas Grill with Searing Side Burner in Slate

NexGrill Deluxe 6-Burner Gas Grill with Searing Side Burner in Slate

This 213-pound gas grill cooking equipment is highly refurbished with mostly stainless steel construction. It includes six propane burners, each controlled through adjusting a white LED illuminated rotary knob panel on its frontage.

It includes a battery-powered electric ignition that’s easily operated by turning a few presses on its gas knobs to get it done. Additionally, it’s durably made with an upside cover and a 34-inch large powder-coated double door storage cabinet to attach the propane tank below. It includes four caster wheels to enhance mobility upon use.

Key Features of this Device

  • Its gorgeously stainless steel is finished with black and silver exteriors.
  • A huge cooking space fitted to organize a grilling feast or party with family and friends.
  • A readily understandable flame controls and a button to power on/off the device
  • Equipped with one year warranty, it induces a flexible cooking experience for grilling, smoking, and even rotisserie.
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It has a total cooking space of 768.14 square inches with a primary cooking space of at least 563.55 square inches and a secondary infra-red powered burner spanning 204.59 square inches.  Additionally, it has a ceramic sear side burner at 15,000 Btu to sear meat or food products as needed. The six propane burner heats efficiently at a total amount of 60,000 Btu with each releasing at 10,000 Btu. Moreover, it isn’t just propane gas-powered but is highly convertible for the natural gas line with its dual-energy valves.

Underneath the device lies more of its features. Respectively, It’s outfitted with porcelain enamel coated cooking grates. It comprises angled porcelain flame tamers to deflect heat enhancing its flavor. Apart from that, it includes a consistent power system to uniformly distribute flame power efficiently.

For food preparation and storage, the device includes a 200 square inch space upper and lower porcelain coated warming rack. It’s also incorporated with a plugin rotisserie kit to evenly cook roasted chicken on it. This device includes also an oval-shaped thermometer to precisely measure temperatures from 100 to 800 degrees Celsius respectively while doing its operation. It also has a removable grease cup to efficiently clean greases after use.

Additionally, directions of usage are easy to follow requiring not much guidance from its manufacturer. Installation requires a bit of help from the manufacturer. Thus, you have to call for a specialist for this to get done.

All in all, it’s beautiful cooking equipment that’s entirely flexible for different cooking methods. It’s highly finished with modern-looking exteriors and a reliable design for outdoor or indoor use.

2. Nexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner

Nexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner

This propane-fueled gas grill burner is well-constructed with mostly stainless steel material. It’s mainly metal-coated and incorporated with a cooking grilling space, a storage cabinet for propane tank installation, and a side burner.

Moreover, it also includes four smooth wheels conveniently attached to ensure portability upon use. It also has a main stainless steel lid for efficient covering of the device against the heat of the sun or any environment-based exposures.

Key Features of this Device

  • Simple to use grilling equipment with mainly stainless steel material on its exteriors.
  • A moderately sized cooking space most convenient exclusively for single-family use.
  • Possessing a one-year warranty, this device is well-constructed with flexible features for numerous cooking activities.
  • It’s modernly created with well-advanced technologies for flame safety during cooking.
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This 97-pound device consists of a total cooking area of 626.8 square inches with a 462.5 square inch primary cooking area with four main burners to efficiently cook or grill over your food. This area is enwrapped with stainless steel cooking grids that will aid in retaining heat while doing the operation. Besides it, a 426 square inch serving space is intended to layover or prepare every cooking activity. Apart from that, a 12,000 BTU stainless steel 164.5 square inches secondary cooking surface side burner for sautéing and broiling.

A total of 60,000 Btu heat output, each 15,000 BTU burner is mainly operated through a flame adjusting knob situated on the front-side portion of the device. Moreover, it’s incorporated with flame-angled tamers which prevent tripping and deflection of heat upon use. This operation ensures uniform heat distribution for well-grilled meat or food performance. Likewise to its successors, this model has individual electronic ignition systems with easy control or method of use.

Additionally, it includes an oval-shaped built-in thermometer for precise temperature readings starting at 100 to 800 degrees Celsius and a removable grease cup to efficiently clean after the use of the equipment.

Overall, it’s quite a convenient use most especially for family outdoor grilling activities. It’s durable and versatile for use on different methods of cooking. Its features are relatively comparable to the former introduced model though it formerly employs a six-burner type. It’s important also to take note that it doesn’t have any LED front panel lighting as the latter six-burner model possesses.

3. NexGrill Evolution 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Infrared Technology

NexGrill Evolution 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Infrared Technology

This beautiful propane burner is mostly manufactured from premium stainless steel material. It’s a small version of former introduced models with dimensions of 42.44 inches by 22.15 inches by 45.9 inches. It’s mainly metal and black coated with an easy fold cabinet for propane tank storage and a compactly built stainless steel lid to efficiently cover out smoke upon use.

Key Features

  • A small propane burner mostly coated with metal and black exteriors.
  • Multi-faceted cooking equipment possessing an advanced infrared burning technology
  • It’s an inexpensive treat for space-saver grilling activities.
  • A perfect outdoor grill designed for cooking flexibility.
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It possesses a convenient 385.16 square inch total cooking area with a 278.85 square inch space intended for a primary grilling area. It includes two stainless steel burners easily controlled by adjusting the temperature rotating dial on its main interface. Each burner is equipped with a 14,000 BTU heat gauge to induce efficient cooking.

Moreover, the firebox is outfitted with two porcelain-coated cast iron grids for a safe grilling activity. Underneath it, integrated angled porcelain flame tamers are incorporated to ensure uniform heat distribution of the device. Aside from that, the burner includes a 106.31 square inch revolutionized infrared plus burner for multiple cooking options. Moreover, its conveniently use for natural gas and propane-powered lines.

In addition, the device includes folded side shelves for an extended space for food preparation. Also, an integrated precise oval-shaped thermometer that detects temperatures from 100 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. It incorporates four lockable caster wheels to smoothly transport the device in a convenient location.

It’s easy to use and perfect for outdoor use since it requires a small space. Most of its features are corrosion resistant and thus, definitely efficient for different cooking methods.

4. Nexgrill Fortress – 2 Burner Cast Aluminum Table Top Gas Grill

Nexgrill Fortress - 2 Burner Cast Aluminum Table Top Gas Grill

This 28-pound gas grill is a highly exceptional design for everywhere use. It has a suitcase-like shape with a handle for easy carrying the grill. It’s manufactured from a corrosion-resisting aluminum lid and firebox to ensure durability upon long-term use. Its tabletop design with short legs is conveniently laid over on any type of surface.

Key Features of this Device

  • A highly compacted device manufactured from high-quality aluminum and stainless steel.
  • It’s small yet cozily and smartly designed for portability and everyday use.
  • It heats very well equipped for versatile cooking methods.
  • A one-year warranty and inexpensive device with less maintenance and convenient storage options.
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This propane-based burner is ignited by controlling its adjustment knob located on the main interface. It has conveniently had two easily rotated knobs intended for each burner it possesses. For installation, it has a rubber hose that’s simply attached to the tank. Apart from that, it has a drip tray for grease cleaning at the center of the base.

Upon opening the device, the grill features porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates to retain heat efficiently. It has a 255 square inches primary cooking space with two stainless steel 304-made burners which release heat at every 6,500 BTUs. Moreover, it has a built-in thermometer to conveniently monitor the temperature while doing the operation.

Overall, this grill is a highly reliable product priced decently. It’s small yet compactly built. Its comfortably used on different cooking methods from grilling, smoking, broiling, or even roasting. It’s definitely a great addition to your pack bag whenever you go out for camping night outs.

5. NexGrill 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner and Black Cabinet

NexGrill 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner and Black Cabinet

This perfectly sized gas grill is excellent for your kitchen. Having assembled dimensions of 25 inches by 46.75 inches by 52 inches, this grill is designed mainly from stainless steel exteriors.

It’s mostly metal and black coated with a PDC matte finish double door storage cabinet to lay over the propane tank. Moreover, it has four legs of which two are attached with weather-resistant and crackproof casters for mobility.

Key Features of this Device

  • Metal-like and a black coated device manufactured mostly from stainless steel.
  • An easy-to-operate burner with a large area convenient for different cooking methods.
  • Equipped with one year warranty, it’s a reliable device with an exceptional design that could last for years of use.
  • It’s a bulky device yet easily transferred from one place to another through its smooth and highly durable attached wheels.
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Possessing a total cooking space of 41,116.12 square centimeters, the primary and secondary cooking areas is about 3096.77 square centimeters and 1025.8 square centimeters respectively. The upper-level warming racks and side spaces for food preparation and storage measure about 36,993.55 square centimeters.

It’s modernly integrated with porcelain-coated cast iron grates on its cooking surface for easy cleaning and retention of heat. It’s integrated with porcelain coated flame tamers to prevent flare-ups and to ensure consistent heat distribution. This gas grill includes five propane-powered burners that were conveniently controlled through each rotary heat adjusting knob on its frontage. 

These five burners are each possessed with stainless steel 304 releasing a total of 55,000 Btu heat output. Additionally, it comprises a 12,000 Btu side burner for boiling or stewing. It has an individual electric ignition with simple controls integrated for its operation.

Also, it includes stainless steel made a lid to cover smoke and for a supplement weather defense most especially to sunlight and rain. It has a built-in thermometer measuring temperatures from 100 to 800 degrees Celsius for regulation. It has also a removable grease box that could be used after cooking for cleaning as needed.

Overall, this product has quite a similar design to the six-burner and four-burner one. The only difference perhaps is its cooking space and amount of burners. Nevertheless, its construction details are very analogous with a built-in thermometer, warming racks, storage cabinets, and a cover lid.

However, this device has its edge on its size. It’s decently convenient for single-family everyday use and could be bought at an exceptionally reasonable price. Moreover, it’s easy to operate and quite versatile on different cooking procedures or methods.

Dyna Glo vs. Nexgrill – Which is the Best and Why?

In this competitive world, it’s important that you have to step up into the game. Constant innovation and development are necessary to win the hearts of a lot of people. Also, a company should deliver excellent services to their customers to keep their patronage.

Among kitchen grilling equipment companies existing, the closest competitor of Nexgrill Industries to the top is the Dyna Glo Grills. Similar to Nexgrill, this company produces high-quality grilling equipment with a strong line-up of cooking products at any suitable sizes and preferences. The company is a major brand of GHP Group Incorporation which manufactures fireplaces, heating products, and meat or barbecue grilling equipment. Analogous to Nexgrill, the company’s main target customers are those residing in the North American region.

The latest offer of Dyna Glo Grills is their six-burner gas grill. This is comparable to Nexgrill’s six-burner on a similar range of heating performance and quality. In short, this product is a direct competitor to the latter.

Looking at both devices, you’ll be able to take note of their similarities. Construction and design are almost competitively the same as the latter. In fact, you could not even quite identify one from the other upon first glance. Specifically, both have a comparable cover or lid, a storage cabinet, and side spaces for food preparation.

However, upon scanning carefully through it, you’ll notice that the Dyna Glo Grills is quite bigger. It has a bigger cooking space extending to 600 square inches as compared to the latter with only 560 square inches. It has also wider heat output at 66,000 Btu compared at only 60,000 Btu the latter.  Apart from that, the Dyna Glo is less heavy upon just examining one from the other.

If you’re looking for versatility, then you should take a shot with Nexgrill. It has a rotisserie option that the latter doesn’t have. Apart from that, it has a built-in thermometer and flame tamers to ensure uniform and precise heat distribution. It has also empowered with a 15,000 Btu infra-red sear burner for heating or cooking options. Also, its entirely convertible from propane to natural gas tank as needed.

Though both are quite durable and imported mainly from China, it seems that the Nexgrill seems to be more compactly made. Its heavier with more stainless steel and metal components as compared to Dyna Glo. Both are not corrosion-resistant so you’ll really have to be careful on exposing them to moisture or oxidation. It’s best to find a suitable cover to prevent this from happening. Both companies endorse their own grill cover products for rusting.

Installation is quite not easy with the two devices. You’ll really have to call some help from any technician or specialist to assist you with assembly. Though, we find the Nexgrill a bit easier as compared to Dyna-Glo’s product.

Currently, Dyna-Glo’s six-burner gas grill is on sale at a most convenient price as compared to Nexgrill’s six-burner. There’s at least a hundred-dollar difference between the two devices.

Overall, we’ll settle our decision based on one’s preferences. If you’re looking for a versatile and sturdier one, then choose Nexgrill’s. In contrast, if you’re up for heat output and cooking space, then the Dyna Glo seems to be a suitable option.

Final Verdict

Nexgrill’s line of cooking grill products is one of the best in the industry. They have been on the business for more than ten years with sufficient expertise in developing grilling equipment to suit everyone’s standards and needs.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to know that each line of purchase doesn’t have any accessories or propane tanks. Any subsequent purchase from propane tanks, grill cover, grill toolset, or grill brush should be separately transacted.

Also, you should take note that all Nexgrill products have a one-year overall warranty. Specifically, it has an eight-year burner warranty and a one-year grate warranty.

Whatever you want, there’s definitely a particular Nexgrill grill equipment that matches your preferences. Nevertheless, if you want the best, then their flagship six-burner gas grill is a must-have. However, if you seeking a robust and well-built device, then the Nexgrill Fortress or the Evolution two-burner propane gas grill is the most convenient option. Though, it has limited grilling space intended for most specific utilizations.

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