Black and Decker TOD5035SS Review – Noticeable features at a glance

Black and Decker TOD5035SS Review

Black+Decker is well-known for its expertise in producing quality tools, apparatus, and home appliances of over a century. I’m here with the Black and Decker TOD5035SS Review, a countertop oven with a unique cooking methodology and a plethora of handy features.

Featuring stainless steel built and shiny stainless steel furnish that stands over your kitchen top with delicacy. With a gathering of ten pre-setting cooking programs and 1500 watts of cooking power, B&D TOD5035SS delivers evenly cooked delicious foods 85% faster than conventional ones.

Yet, the heating elements miss a splatter over it, which causes extra drippings and residues during pizza or air frying. However, covering foods with a splatter screen will simply solve this issue. Step forward to Black and Decker TOD5035SS Review to comprehend further about it!

Black and Decker TOD5035SS Review – noticeable features at a glance

  • With Expert Temp Technology, it doesn’t require any preheating. Thus you can start cooking without waiting for the oven to preheat.
  • Black and Decker TOD5035SS comes with a convection cooking technology that cooks food evenly 85% faster than traditional ovens.
  • It features a large room for cooking up to eight bread slices or a 12 inches large pizza, roasts, casseroles, etc.
  • TOD5035SS comes with a Stay-Open door design that keeps the door open when inserting and pulling out foods.
  • Black and Decker have a backlit LCD control panel with three knobs that ensure convenient usage from one place.

Compare BLACK+DECKER TOD5035SS Toaster Oven With Hamilton Beach 31190C Toaster Oven

Convection ovens are among the most admired countertop oven varieties because of their specialized and efficient cooking technology. So, we are also here to compare two convection toaster ovens by different manufacturers. Ply your look over the comparison chart below to possess a clear conception of the best one!

BLACK+DECKER TOD5035SS Toaster OvenHamilton Beach 31190C Toaster Oven
What Are The Key Features Of BLACK and DECKER TOD5035SS Toaster Oven
Hamilton Beach 31190C Toaster Oven
BLACK+DECKER TOD5035SS comes with a total of ten cooking pre-sets, including bake, toasting, air fry, roast, broil, pizza, bagel, etc.Hamilton Beach 31190C falls behind with just six cooking programs, and it missed out on reheat, bagel, and pizza functions.
It comes with an extended timer of up to 120 minutes that allows precise and perfect cooking.It lags far behind with a shorter 30 minutes timer, restricting preparing foods requiring a more extended cooking period.
B&D TOD5035SS features a large room for cooking up to eight bread slices or a 12 inches large pizza, roasts, casseroles, etc.The 31190C can hold a 12 inches pizza pan, but it cannot fit eight slices of bread like the BLACK+DECKER oven.
It comes with an Expert Temp Technology and a Convection feature that doesn’t require preheating and cooks food quicker than ordinary ovens.It also features a convection cooking technology, but it requires a decent time for preheating, which can be inconvenient. 
BLACK & DECKER oven measures 21.2 inches in length, 16.2 inches in width, 14.2 inches in height, and it weighs about 18.16 lbs.In overall measurement, Hamilton Beach 31190C stands 12 inches in length, 18.8 inches in width, 14.92 inches in height, and weighs about 17.15 lbs.

What Users Are Saying About Black and Decker TOD5035SS Convection Oven

Black and Decker is a cheaper option in the collection of countertop convection toaster ovens that delivers quality cooking and keeps you healthy. Right out of the pack, it requires no hassling assembly, and the package included all the necessary accessories. Since it has an innovative heating technology, you can go cooking without preheating.

Moreover, this one can heat up to 450 degrees at maximum, and it features convection airflow cooking technology for precision in cooking. Over the deck, it has a digital backlit display and three large knobs in the control panel. If you take proper maintenance of this black and decker TOD5035SS oven, it can last up to 2 years without significant defects.

Not to mention, the knobs are digital that moves front and back freely. If you are a blind or aged person, using the knobs might be a little bit tricky. Moreover, lack of a splatter basket causes drippings and splits into the heating elements when cooking pizza and air fries. The wastages make the cleaning of heating elements a lot challenging and hassling.

What Are The Key Features Of Black and Decker TOD5035SS Toaster Oven

What Are The Key Features Of BLACK and DECKER TOD5035SS Toaster Oven

Built & Design

With a solid and sturdy stainless steel outer construction, the TOD5035SS black and decker come as a hero on your countertop. Moreover, the stainless steel outer furnish looks like a classical piece of art on modern kitchen tops.

At the front, there is a glass door that ensures a clear view of the inner cooking. At the right, there is a control panel consisting of a backlit LCD and three large knobs. The three knobs indicate time, temperature, and functions along with start & stop operations.

Cooking Performance

Black and Decker TOD5035SS oven leaves no space for asking any questions when it comes to cooking performance. With Expert Temp Technology, it instantly gets ready for cooking without the need for any preheating.

Moreover, fan-based convection cooking ensures rapid hot 360-degree airflow, and it makes your dishes crispy outside & juicy inside. You can prepare varieties of recipes with the ten pre-set programs from the control panel.

Smart Control Panel

A large & transparent backlit display on the control panel includes all the functions, pre-sets, cooking progress, time, temperature, and much more. Straight down to the LCD, there are three digital knobs connected to the display, indicating time, temperature & functions. The free-moving large knobs will allow you to cook food to your customizable taste manually.

Additional Utilities

Black and Decker TOD5035SS features a large room for cooking up to eight bread slices or a 12 inches large pizza, roasts, casseroles, etc. It features ample space for cooking up to eight bread slices or a 12 inches large pizza, roasts, stews, etc. It also comes with an extended timer of up to 120 minutes that allows precise and perfect cooking.

Included Accessories

You don’t have to agonize about seeking pans to fit inside the Black and Decker oven. The manufacturers have included an air fry basket, baking & broiling pan, and a faultlessly accommodating rack. All that accessories intend to make it easy to insert and remove items.

FAQs About Black and Decker TOD5035SS Convection Countertop Oven

What’s the actual inner dimension?

The internal dimensions of this toaster oven measure about 12.5 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 5.5 inches long, including the rack on the lowest shelf position.

What settings use only the bottom element?

Black and Decker toaster ovens come to where the top heating element will illuminate with any setting. The process has been going on for many years at this company, and there is no way to bypass this feature.

What is the oven’s maximum temperature?

You can set the BLACK+DECKER TOD5035SS Convection toaster oven to a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Final Verdict

If you come to this far of Black and Decker TOD5035SS review, you have acquainted with all facts of this one. It retail at 150 dollars, which is an inexpensive option if you consider the utilities & performance with the price tag. However, if your requirements and piggie bank suits this one, go for this BLACK+DECKER oven without hesitation.