Blackstone 22 Vs 28 – Why Should You Choose Blackstone 1517?

Blackstone 22 Vs 28

Blackstone 22″ griddle and 28″ griddle, both are highly recommended by users and experts. But, what if we need to choose one of them? I would recommend the Blackstone 28″ (1517) model. Here’s.

Why Should You Choose Blackstone 1517?

  •  Firstly, 1517 has a larger cooking space which is 470 square inches. Contrary, the 1833 (22″ griddle) offers 330 square inches. 
  • Although both of the griddles come with H-shape burners, the 1517 model can accumulate more BTUs. It can create a total of 30,000 BTUs, whereas the 1833 model can create 24,000 BTUs.
  • For extra cooking area and heat, Blackstone 1517 can cook some foods, which are impossible in 1833. 
  • 1517 has a larger side rack for prep work and a bottom storage shelf, which is not available with 1833. 

These are some common advantages the 1517 model has over the 1833 model. Moreover, Blackstone 1517 provides more value. So, it is wiser to go with 1517. Anyway, for the larger cooking area, you have to sacrifice portability with 1517.

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SpecificationBlackstone 1833Blackstone 1517
Image Blackstone 1833 Blackstone Griddle 28
Height22.5 inches19.5 inches
Bruners2 burners  2 burners
Cooking Area330 sq. in.470 sq. in.
Weight64 pounds75 pounds
Fuel TypePropanePropane
Amazon’s Rating4.64.7
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What is the Difference between Blackstone 22 Vs 28 Griddle

What is the Difference between Blackstone 22 Vs 28 Griddle

Without a handful of differences, these griddles share many characteristics. Blackstone 1517 has a larger cooking area, generates better heat and is suitable for a wide range of different recipes. But, it lacks portability. In any case, let’s see in detail. 

Built and Capacity

A bigger Blackstone Grills griddle can bring many additional advantages. First, you can cook for many people at once. Second, larger griddles have more burners, allowing you to adjust the heat on different spots independently. 

Thus, you can cook on one side and warm things on the other side. Although both griddles have two H-shaped burners, the cooking area of the 1517 model is larger. 

So, it not only increases the amount of food that can be cooked but also the number of different food types. You can cook for about 10 people on it. 

On the contrary, the 1833 model is small and offers limited food recipes. It can hold food for 6 people at most. But, this griddle is quite portable, which we’ll discuss later. 


Both models are equipped with two burners. 1517 put out a total of 34,000 BTUs; accumulating 17,000 BTUs per burner. 

[Note: BTU is a British way to measure heat. It’s also a conventional method in the US]

Moreover, the burner’s heats are separately controllable. For instance, if you can sear meat at high heat on the right side, and crispy onion on the other side at low heat. 

On the other hand, 1833 models total accumulated 24,000 BTUs,  a huge gap! Therefore, it can cook limited food recipes. Though its burners are adjustable individually, for lack of space you can’t have convenience like 1517. 


Portable griddles are always famous. Although for the pandemic, most people are avoiding camping parties, very soon those griddles will get their place back. 

Both grills are mobile. You can easily wheel Blackstone 1517 around as it has wheels at one side. But, lifting it requires manpower. However, tailgating it won’t be a problem as it’s foldable. 

The 1833 model was made for outside camping parties. The lags are removable, and the main body is relatively light. It is perfect for tailgating and carrying at a long distances. 

Grease Management

The upgraded models of Blackstone griddles come with a rare grease management system. A small part of the cooktop has an opening. Residuals after cooking can be pushed through the opening and lead to an oil cup. 

Thus, the remaining leftovers and oil don’t stick on the top. And, keep the cooktop safe. 

However, don’t forget to clean the grease and other materials after every use. Also, empty the oil cap otherwise it will be unexpectedly overfilling. 

Only 1517, which got a recent upgrade, has this useful feature. And, I believe 1833 will soon get it. 


From the reviews on Amazon, one might think the seasoning is tricy. But, it is actually a simple process. Moreover, it impacts the longevity of your griddle. 

If you don’t want your griddle to rust, seasoning is a must after every use. The guidebook has a clear instruction on how to season properly.


With a griddle you need accessories. There are many useful tools required depending on what you’re thinking of cooking. But some basic stuff is an absolute necessity. 

One thing to keep in mind, no additional accessories come with the Blackstone griddle. You have to buy it separately. Blackstone has an excellent basic tools kit pack, which I bought. 

The kit has two heavy-duty stainless steel spatulas, which are required to flip and turn foods. Among them one is quite heavy and another one is light. I dedicated the heavy one for meat, and the other one for other foods. 

Without that, a stainless steel scraper and two bottles come along. These tools are also necessary. 


It’s normal for the bigger griddle to be pricer. Same here the 1517 model cost more money than the 1833 model. But, the difference is quite large. 

However, you’ll find discounts with the 1517 model most of the time. So, overall value is great with it. And, the materials it is made of are also top-notched. 

FAQs About the Blackstone 22 Vs 28

Will the grill rust easily even after covering up?

Normally not, but if you live in an area with alot humidity, then there’s a chance. To keep it away from rusting – clean it after each use, and apply a coat of Blackstone. 

Is the hood of the 1833 model removable?

Yes, the cover of 1833 is removable. It’s attached to the main body with 2 screws. 

Old model of 1517 had round burners, but now have they changed?

Yes, with the last update, Blackstone changed the round burners with H-shape burners.
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Final Verdict

From the very beginning, I preferred Blackstone 28″. It’s bigger, creates more heat, and offers more recipes. But lack in probability. This griddle is perfect for those who don’t need a super big griddle, just want to enjoy delicious food in the backyard, like me. 

On the other hand, if you love grilling on outdoor camping and want to carry your griddle also. Then, my friend, Blackstone 22″ is without a doubt a better choice for you. So, that’s all about this article. Choose wisely which one has the ability to fulfil your wish.