Blazing Bull Grill Vs Otto – Why Blazing Bull would be best?

Blazing Bull Grill Vs Otto

Preparing steakhouse quality steaks on the go is now possible with the over-fire salamander-style infrared grills. If you are confused about which one to choose between, Blazing Bull Grill Vs Otto, then you are in the exact place. 

Otto Wilde and Blazing Bull are among the most well-known salamander steak grills for their powerful 1500 degrees of cooking ability and solid design. Otto Wilde has five height adjustment stages, where Blazing Bull has seven height adjustment hooks.

Otto is a portable and lightweight grill, where Blazing Bull is twice as heavier than Otto. However, I prefer the Blazing Bull for the best value and its classical performance. Discover more why I recommend the Blazing Bull Infrared steak grill?

Why does Blazing Bull would be best?

  • Otto Wilde grill comes with a mechanical piezo ignition system, where Blazing Bull has an electronic push-button ignition system that ignites in seconds.
  • Blazing Bull steak grill has two side carrying handles that enable easy transportation. On the contrary, Otto Wilde doesn’t have any side handles, making it tough to move.
  • Otto Wilde has five height adjustment stages, whereas Blazing Bull has seven height adjustment hooks.
  • Blazing Bull’s steak grill doesn’t have any dual burner control feature. The Otto Wilde has a double burner controlling technology that allows different dish cooking in both burners.
  • The Otto Wilde infrared grill has cast-iron grilling grates, where the Blazing Bull steak grill comes with stainless steel grill grates.

Both steak grills have some unique features, and if you consider the overall comparison, the Blazing Bull will stay ahead for its improved features. Though both can heat up to 1500 degrees, Blazing Bull can light up with a blazing battery-packed electronic ignition system.

SpecificationBlazing Bull GrillOtto Wilde Grill
Overall Dimension‎25 inches x 17 inches x 15 inches 16.7 inches x 11.6 inches x 17.3 inches
Assembled Weight62 pounds39.7 pounds
Grate SurfaceStainless SteelCast Iron Coated
Cooking PowerTotal 13000 BTUTotal 18000 BTU
BurnersTwo Schwank Infrared Burnerstwo Infrared burners
Temperature1,500 °F at Maximum1,500 °F at Maximum
Cooking Area12 inches Width x 10 inches Depth12.8 inches width X 10.4 inches depth
Amazon Ratings4.84.2
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What Are The Differences and Similarities Between Blazing Bull Grill Vs Otto Wilde Steak Grill

What Are The Differences and Similarities Between Blazing Bull Grill Vs Otto Wilde Steak Grill

Otto Wilde is an old manufacturer of steak grills from Germany, and it is well-known for its classical steakhouse quality grilling features. Blazing Bull is a new contender in steak grills, which gained much popularity for producing quality infrared grills. Both grills have some unique features, making it pretty much difficult to declare one as the best. Have a look below to find out which one suits you best according to your needs.

Build Quality & Design

Both steak grills come with quality build materials, and their whole body is of stainless steel that gives them a shiny look and durable construction. They don’t have any legs, so you need to locate them on a higher surface or table if you grill standing. If you prefer grilling outside, it is possible with the strong side handles of the Blazing Bull grill.

But the Otto Wilde doesn’t have any side handles. Still, you can move it anywhere since it is more lightweight than the Blazing Bull grill. Otto Wilde has five height adjustment stages, where Blazing Bull has seven height adjustment hooks. That variety provides your steak meat the proper heat that it requires for being a steakhouse-quality juicy steak.

Cooking Performance

Performance in the cooking part is the crucial thing for any steak grills because a slight variation of temperature may ruin the quality of your steak. These two burners grills can heat to the maximum temperature of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, but their BTU is not the same. Otto Wilde has a total of 18000 BTUs, where Blazing Bull has just 13000 BTUs.

Otto grill has isolated temperature control features for both burners, which means you can set different temperatures and cook various dishes. But the Blazing Bull grill doesn’t have any separate control for burners. It directly reaches 1500 degrees; you have to adjust the temperature by adjusting the height of the grate.

Ease Of Usage

Otto Wilde will stay ahead if you consider the portability part since it has a lighter weight and a smaller footprint than the Blazing Bull. Blazing Bull steak grill has nearly twice the weight of Otto Wilde grill. You can go with both of them for traveling, but Blazing Bull cannot be carried for long as it is heavy.

Both have a drip drawer removal feature which allows spill-free cooking as well as easy cleaning. Since both infrared grills are Salamander-style grills, you don’t have to hassle with the assembly part. You can cook with them within 10-15 minutes just by setting the accessories.

Additional Accessories

In the accessories part, the Otto Wilde comes with a handy element named the Clever Lever. You can do a variety of tasks through it quickly. The Clever Lever works for height adjustment and works as a handle for carrying the grill anywhere.

The handle of the Blazing Bull grill can also work great for a helping hand to pull the grate while cooking, and it prevents the burning risks. The included drip pans work efficiently for making sauces/dips for cooked steaks.


The Blazing Bull grill comes with a base price of 1250 dollars, where the Otto Wilde steak grill has an affordable price rate of just 1050 dollars. If you compare the value part, the Otto grill provides more value than the Blazing Bull infrared grill.

FAQs About Blazing Bull Grill Vs Otto

Where to place the grills?

These grills became super hot when they are at max temperature. Besides, they also don’t have any legs; put them on a higher surface while standing. You have to place them on any metal surface or stone.

Is there a cold zone between the two burners?

There is not a single cold spot between the two burners as long as you are using the grill properly.

Can it bake cookies in this too?

Because these grills can be superheated, they cannot go with baking cookies. The cookies will burn out due to excessive heat.

Final Verdict

The final choice depends on you because it varies on the price point and the needs of the individuals. Nevertheless, if you told me I would go for the Blazing Bull, I always stay on the go! But I will prefer Otto Grill considering the ease of usage through the burners and control knobs. Now the choice is up to you, which one you will choose. Both are quality grills; go for one relating to your budget and demands.