Bradley Smoker BTDS76P Review

Bradley Smoker BTDS76P Review

Imagine you threw a lawn party during a pleasant spring evening with flowers blooming around and delightful weather.

You have got your closed ones around. But you are not able to spend time with them because you are glitched up with the barbeque charcoal grill set.

Chill Out, Bradley is here with a wide range of electric smokers. And here we will be reviewing the Bradley Smoker BTDS76p – 4 Rack Digital Smoker.

Bradley Smoker BTDS76p 990216 is a cabinet-shaped smoker with a straightforward setup. One does not need to have numerous amounts of experience in smoking meat, pork, or anything when it comes to working with Bradley electric smoker.

Being a digital smoker, you get a control unit that can be adjusted and pop off easily and smoothly. This way, you can dismantle the control unit from the smoker when not in use and prevent it from damaging from the weather. A chimney stack is also provided which gets adjusted on the top of a control unit.

This btds76p Bradley digital smoker uses wooden bisquettes which smoke up for 20 minutes. They can be purchased or made at home. Apart from the traditional smoking with an auger, sawdust pallet, and other drum styles, these bisquettes give you the exact idea of the number of pieces needed for smoking.

This can be better suited for a person’s particular needs. Place these bisquettes in a chimney and throw in a couple of rings to push them to the burning plate.

Once everything is set you have to start smoking by turning ON the unit control. Make use of multiple control panels to set your oven timer, smoke timer, and oven temperature.

It is extremely easy to set the smoker up and just roam around. One can say, it is a crockpot for smokers.

Noticeable Features

  • 4 rack electric smoker with digital technology
  • Time, temperature, and smoke control in your hand
  • Perfectly suited for fish, meat, pork, and even for cheese, nuts, and vegetables
  • Utilizes flavored Bisquettes for a smoke with 12 discrete flavors
  • Bradley Smoker Weather Covers available
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Compare Bradley Smoker BTDS76P vs BS611 Smoker

Bradley has a wide variety of smokers. They started with the Original Smokers. There is not much difference between the above smokers. Bradley smoker btds76p 990216 is the updated version of Bradley BS611 Original Smoker with two individually controlled heating elements and technical updates in the control panel.

Compare Bradley Smoker BTDS76P (990216) vs Bradley Smoker BS611 Original Smoker
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With the Digital smoker, the thermometer will help you to set a particular temperature and the heat will automatically be handled in the smoker.

This upgraded version allows you to set the time of smoke, the temperature and the amount of smoke to be set for food.

When the oven or smoke timer is set off, the smoker automatically switched off resulting in a great smoking experience.

What are users saying about Bradley Smoker BTDS76p

The customers say that Bradley smoker model btds76p is for long smoke sessions. This smoker is easy to use, portable, has minimum monitoring, has easy temperature control, and has a wide variety of smoke sources.

What users saying about Bradley Smoker BTDS76p

The primary advantage is you have a total degree of control over your smoke. They let you set your own time and temperature. However, the LED display is a little hard to read as you need to bend over to operate the buttons.

The bisquettes have a variety of flavors resulting in simple and delicious food. The smoker automatically pushes the empty bisquettes to the water in the bowl when the work is done

The ability to remove the control panel to prevent damage control in any weather conditions is considered to be the plus point to investing in this smoker.

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Key Features of Bradley Smoker BTDS76P Digital Smoker

  • The entire solid cabinet is engineered from stainless steel. It is finely isolated from the inside so that no smoke is leaked outside.
  • The thermometer is placed in the door to check the temperature of the food
  • The burner and oven can be used separately
  • This digital technology smoker helps you control the way to cook the food. The detachable control unit helps you set the smoker timer, oven timer, and oven temperature
  • It consists:
  • Of spots for 4 racks with a vent on the top, the heating element on the bottom back, and a reflective tray on the bottom-most surface of the cabinet.
  • A drip tray for dripping
  • A bottom rectangular tray consisting of a drip bowl is filled with water that catches coal when they are done cooking.
  • Besides, you will receive three cables. First for the temperature sensor, second for power to the heating element at the back, and third for the main power that plugs into your core.
  • Smoker’s weight: 45lbs
  • Exterior Dimensions:  14”L x 17 ¾ ”W x 31¾”H
  • Interior Dimensions:  11.5”L x 15 ¼ ”W x 25.5”H
  • Useable smoking area: 19” H above the drip tray
  • Cooking temperature: max 320°F (160°C)

How worthy compared to the features and performance

The auger and the sawdust pallets do not work effectively in moist and wet weather. The moisture can get in the pallets and initiate mildew resulting in bad smoke for the meat. This use of sawdust can be eliminated by Bradley flavor bisquettes which work perfectly in any kind of weather.

The Bradley Smoker BTDS76p can be used in any kind of weather and it can handle everything. Whether you cook fish, chicken wings, brisket, ribs even cheese and nuts, it can handle anything.

The four-rack allows you to smoke a lot of food items at the same time. This can be easily used for a big BBQ party with your friends and family

FAQ about Bradley smoker btds76p 990216

What material are the – 4 racks digital smoker made up of?

The smoker is entirely constructed of stainless steel

How many bisquette does a feeder tube hold?

At least 20

Do they provide probes with the set of Smoker BTDS76p?

No. You have to buy it separately
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Final Verdict

Bradley Smoker BTDS76p is a perfect choice for the people who are initially starting their barbeque experience. It comes with a user guide and a recipe booklet that will take you through the whole process, from installation to platter.

The 4 racks Bradley smoker btds76p 990216 can consume lots of food items at the same time. This is easy to clean and the parts can also be washed in the dishwasher.

So, if you are in search of a Bradley electric smoker you can go for a digitally advanced Bradley smoker btds76p review.

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