Calphalon Cool Touch Countertop Oven Review

Calphalon Cool Touch Countertop Oven Review

Are you up to a higher-end countertop oven at a comparatively expensive budget tag for the ultimate culinary perfection?

Today we are with Calphalon Cool Touch Countertop Oven Review- a feature-packed oven with a unique cool-touch exterior technology & premium glass construction.

Boasts all cooking tasks with efficient quartz heating elements and keeps the exterior 75% cooler than ordinary ones. It jumps with a total of 12 cooking presets, and Calphalon’s Step Cook technology allows cooking two back-to-back programs altogether. But it lacks an operating manual which can be inconvenient.

Are you worried about the space? It has a 30% smaller footprint than most ovens out there on the marketplace. It retails at around 300 dollars, and it is considered an expensive option for countertop ovens. Is this unit suitable for you? Is it worth spending your bucks?

We’ll find out the answer beneath this Calphalon Cool Touch Countertop Oven Review. Let’s dig into it!

Calphalon 2106488 Oven Noticeable Features At A Glance

  • Calphalon 2106488 countertop oven features a Quartz heating technology that ensures 40% faster preheating and even cooking.
  • The Calphalon Performance Cool touch oven keeps the outer part 75% cooler than its standard oven version.
  • With the Step Cooking feature, you can cook multiple dishes back-to-back without staying in front of the oven.
  • It appears with a High-Contrast LCD & Touchscreen Interface that renders inherent cooking expertise with outstanding control.
  • It furnishes a premium glass door design that provides a contemporary and satin look for any kitchen countertop.
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Compare Calphalon TSCLTVCT2 Cool Touch Oven With Cuisinart TOB-135N Deluxe Oven

Nowadays, countertop ovens have become a must-have appliance in modern kitchens. These newly arrived inventions can add healthy dishes to your meals conveniently. Below we have illustrated a comparison chart between two well-known countertop ovens, where you can find the best one for you.

Calphalon TSCLTVCT2 Cool Touch OvenCuisinart TOB-135N Deluxe Oven
 Calphalon Performance Oven Calphalon Performance Oven
Calphalon TSCLTVCT2 comes with 12 cooking presets, including bake, broil, toast, roast, dehydrate, proof, and much more.Cuisinart TOB-135 Deluxe lags with just seven cooking functions, and it missed out on the defrost, warm, proof functions compared to Calphalon.
It is a 1400 wattage oven that features Quartz heating for rapid preheating & quicker cooking.It furnishes a cooking power of 1800 watts that swiftly preheats and evenly handles heavy culinary loads.
Calphalon features a large cooking interior capable of fitting up to a 12 inches pizza pan without hassles.It also has an equivalent cooking capacity that fits six slices of bread or a 12 inches pizza, respectively.
It appears with a High-Contrast LCD & Touchscreen Interface that renders inherent cooking expertise with outstanding control.The TOB-135N features a large backlit display, a batch of knobs & dials for decent temperature control.
Calphalon 2106488 Oven measures 21.6 inches in length, 20.3 inches in width, 15.8 inches in height, and it stands bulky with 36 lbs weight.In overall dimensions, it stands 18.5 inches in length, 15.35 inches in width, 9.84 inches in height, and weighs 17.75 pounds.
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What Users Are Saying About Calphalon 2106488 Performance Cool Touch Oven

Some of the key selling points of this calphalon cool touch countertop oven are the smaller footprint, more extensive interior, and cool-touch exterior.

There is a cooling fan inside the oven that runs and keeps the exterior safe to touch. Overwhelmingly, Calphalon 2106488 delivers foolproof cooking with a mouthwatering flavor to delight your taste buds. It will awe you with its precise temperature control and quicker dish preparation.

However, many users possess positive reviews, and some split users have reported a few minor errors. The operating manual is not available with the package, and that causes users an extended period to comprehend the overall functions & controls.

Except for this one, we also found no drawbacks or any flaws to mention about this oven. Calphalon cool touch countertop oven is a kitchen champ to rule over your countertop.

What Are The Key Features Of Calphalon Cool Touch Countertop Oven

What Are The Key Features Of Calphalon Cool Touch Countertop Oven

Design & Built Quality

The Calphalon performance cool touch countertop toaster oven is a quality oven with a modern design that regenerates attention with glass construction.

The black finish makes this one more elegant, and the glass door & handle fulfills the design. At the front, there is a High contrast LCD control panel with all the controls included. Straight under the display, there are two large knobs indicating functions, temperature & time.

Cool-Touch Exterior

One of the most highlighted features of Calphalon is its cooling feature that makes overall oven usage far more hazard-free & safe. A cooling fan inside the oven runs and keeps the exterior 75% cooler than regular ovens.

So, even if you are worried about any unwanted burning issues of your hand or countertop, all these will not happen to Calphalon cool touch oven.

Quartz Heating Technology

Quartz Heating is an efficient way of heating the ovens with fan-based heating elements and other heating tubes. Calphalon Performance 2106488 features Quartz heating technology as the heating power. It works super fast, heats 40% quicker than average convection ovens, and delivers flawless results within no time.

Numerous Functions

If you are looking for an oven that can fulfill your cherished cooking versatile dishes, then this one is the tool you will love to have. Calphalon 2106488 countertop oven features 12 versatile cooking functions and all preset requiring just one touch to kick off. The cooking programs are bake, toast, roast, broil, dehydrate, warm, pizza, cookies, proof, and much more.

Easy To Clean

Additional specialties of Calphalon cool touch countertop oven include a non-stick interior that is easy to clean. Moreover, it has two rack positions for more definite cooking and inner light to trace the cooking process. Calphalon performance cool touch oven included some additional accessories: a baking pan, a dehydrate basket, a 12-inch pizza pan, a crumb tray, and a wire rack.

FAQ About Calphalon TSCLTVCT2 Performance Cool Touch Countertop Oven

What are the overall dimensional measurements of this oven?

This Calphalon Cool Touch Countertop Oven is 20.3 inches in width on the exterior part. The height and depth are typically along the same line. The interior width measures approximately 17 inches.

Does the oven have convection fans on both sides or just one?

There is only one fan inside the Calphalon 2106488 Oven, and it is on the right side facing the oven.

How hot can this oven get?

Calphalon Performance can go up to 450 degrees at maximum, and the maximum cooking time is nearly 4 hours. The overall parts and sides of the oven do get hot, but it is not burning hot.

What can it bake or broil?

This countertop oven bakes and broils a variety of foods, including more significant cuts of meat, casseroles, delicious desserts, appetizers, and more. It has a removable cooking rack that can be used for broiling or additional space during cooking. The oven is also large enough to bake two 12″ pizzas at the same time.

Do the oven feet have bolts?

Yes, the oven feet have bolts. The oven is pretty heavy, so you might not want to move it with food or risk spilling your cookies.

How many racks do it have?

Two racks can be adjusted at different heights to accommodate a variety of foods and positions within the oven.

How long is the cord?

The length of the cord is about 21 inches.

What are some positive and negative points for cleaning?

Yes, the oven becomes cool quickly after use – you can wipe it down with a damp cloth or paper towel. The surfaces are also dishwasher safe.

Are the racks easy to remove and replace?

Yes, one rack comes out very quickly with a button push near the front. The other rack is not as easy to use and does require you to pull it up and put it in place.

How big of a pizza can I make with this?

The oven is large enough to cook two 12″ pizzas at once.

Are there any safety features for this appliance?

Yes, the oven has a reset button if it overheats, and it will automatically shut off when open. It also has a detachable crumb tray for simple cleaning.

How does it heat up so fast?

There are two heating elements under the top and bottom. The temperature of both elements is separate, so it heats up quickly but not too hot.
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Final Verdict

In this Calphalon Cool Touch Countertop Oven Review, we have tried our utmost to yield the key facts. With a base price of over 300 dollars, the Calphalon 2106488 Oven appears like an expensive countertop oven option for most users.

But we guarantee you that the purchase and your investment won’t disappoint you at all. If these features meet your requirements and your budget, we highly recommend you give this one a shot!