Camp Chef PG24STX Smoke Pro Review – Does it worthy enough?

Camp Chef PG24STX Smoke Pro

Do you want to have a family pellet grill with a unique ergonomic design? Then let’s start covering the review on Camp Chef PG24STX, which has a smoky flavor digital controlled pellet grill. It can produce food with smoky flavor and the smoke pro-STX series is reliable to deliver this to you. When it comes to you, you can get started with it after just a few minutes to assembling it.

Don’t be afraid of having a pellet grill for a hard time during cleaning up. Because it has patented ash clean-out, you just need to pull the lever and utilize the ash clean-out system. The grilling area is 429 sq. where you can grill whole chickens, ribs, jerky, and hamburgers so it is a great versatile cooking surface. The main attention of it is to have the automatic auger feed pellets so this one is easy to track while grilling.

A Pellet grill is good to have at your home as it brings great smoky flavor food and even heating. Here we are letting you know some features of camp chef smoke pro

  • It comes with the advanced digital control and probe that track on the automatic auger feed pellets
  • You can enjoy grilling for your family with 429 of grilling surface
  • This is easy to assemble that takes less effort and a few minutes to set up the parts
  • You will have patented ash cleanout system so you can easily empty the debris from the hopper
  • Roller wheels are for great convenience especially experiencing the mobility while bringing it at the backyard
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Compare Camp Chef PG24STX vs Camp Chef SmokePro XT

Both of the products of Traeger come as pellets grills and these have somewhat the same build materials and other similar features. Interestingly, there would be a difference between these two, and I will let you know.

Camp Chef Smokepro Xt (PG24XTB) Review
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Let me tell you about that which is about the grilling areas. Camp Chef PG24STX has 429 sq. in on the flip side Camp Chef SmokePro XT grill has somewhat the same grilling surface. By the way, in Camp Chef SmokePro XT you won’t find the leg wire shelf. But it is ahead of the PG24STX as it has auto-start ignition technology.

Key Features of the Camp Chef PG24STX

Camp Chef PG24STX Smoke Pro Pellet Smoker Review

Digital temperature control

With a pellet grill precision cooking is a must, in that case, having a digital temperature control seems to be a perfect feature. So we put this feature in the first place. The stainless steel meat probe is also come to add with it. Besides, when the automatic auger feed pellets start functioning and producing huge smoke then there is no choice except this sophisticated digital control board.


It is a great versatile pellet grill so that you will experience great flexibility with it. For that, you can have tons of options to cook and bring any dishes to cook. A lot of consumers are tired of sticking to the limited spaces and most importantly their grills are lack versatility whereas, this can offer many things at one stop. Hence, you can now enjoy the roasting, braising, baking within this pellet grill. This is why we recommend you to bring it home right away.

Easy cleaning

You need to focus on the surface of Camp Chef PG24STX, especially for the easy cleaning stuff. Unlike conventional charcoal, you don’t need to worry about the ashes so it won’t give you a hard time with that. It comes with the patented ash cleanout system so you can simply remove the ash container and clean out all the debris in a minute.

Organic hardwood pellets

Having 100% pure hardwood pellets paves the way to get the more smoky flavor inside the food and bring more taste and addictive to eat. Here you can toss the best pellets that burn at a great pace just because of having the smart smoke technology.  The adjustable chimney top is set right above the grill where the huge smoke cover over and it becomes only possible to have the organic pellets.

How worthy compared to features and performance?

The camp chef grill is not only a pellet grill but also has a great sophisticated add-on. The STX feature is viable to have a digital temp probe at the same time, there you find a metal probe. That two features actually make it worthy in regards to the performance.

The STX feature allows perfect temperature reading and the metal probe allow it to have great materials. Finally, having an efficient pellet grill is the final reason to consider where you can explore the best smoky flavor.

What are users saying about Camp Chef PG24STX

When we surf the many blogs and amazon reviews, we have see most of the consumers are delighted to have this easy assembling feature. By the way, the newbie comes to find it easy to assemble and, thus use it as a first-timer.

They didn’t find any flimsy material or poor stuff. But thankfully it seems still affordable compared to the other expensive pellets grill. The grilling area seems just perfect to them however, some of them want to have a larger space, but still, it is not a con.

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FAQ About The Camp Chef PG24STX

What is the thickness of this pellet grill?

It is not possible to accurately determine it but we can give you a rough idea on that. This one is with the  1/16 or 3/32 level of coating in regards to the outside. The steel seems heavy considering the weight of it so it may last for years too. On the other hand, it can withstand low and high heat while smoking that means the coating is performing indeed.

Does it have the convection fan for even heating during grilling?

Yes, you will glad to know it has a convection fan. But it is not placed in the cooking is just like the convection oven, rather it is placed in the burn chamber. Hence, it is easy to move the smoke right into the cooking area at the same time keep the pellets well regulated.

What is the advantage of being an STX model for this grill?

STX is the latest feature that has a digital readout system, earlier the SE version didn’t have so. On the other hand, it is called a digital temperature probe that can precisely read the temperature from inside and outside.
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Final verdict

After reading between the lines of Camp Chef PG24STX SmokePro Review, you have hopefully come to know every corner of it. Since the brand value rise the expectation it has both sides. The price would be the con for some consumers but the good thing is they will have all the important features that every pellet grill should have.

However, I do believe and already proved that it has almost everything that an ideal pellet grill should have. Depending on that, many people are now bringing it at home, so it is your turn.

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