Camp Chef Pursuit PPG20 review – Truly how worthy and why?

Camp Chef Pursuit PPG20 review

Buying a portable grill is not that easy especially when you have some other choices out of the features. But you need to sacrifice the big grilling space and more burners first. However, some of the grills are excellently designed, so you will have an adequate grilling surface. Camp Chef Pursuit PPG20 is one of them and it has a few charming features as well.

When, you want to taste the smoky flavored cooking, and thus use the pellet grill, then this review is worth reading. Here you will come to know about camp chef pursuit PPG20 pellet grill, then you are in the right place.

Before digging deep into the review, let us share the core features of Camp Chef Pursuit here:

Noticeable  Features

  • Camp Chef pursuit is a portable pellet grill that comes with the slide and grill technology
  • The grilling area of this pellet grill is 2,100 cubic inches that measure up to 501 sq. in
  • It has an automatic auger for operation and a simple temperature controlling system
  • To track the system, it offers the dual meat probes and dual-LED temp
  • Never miss the flare-up with the help of an electric auto ignitor automatic auger
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Compare Camp Chef Pursuit PPG20 vs Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill

Let’s not go straight to this and those comparisons between them. Just go to the core of the difference between Camp Chef Pursuit PPG20 and Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill.

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Bronze
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Yes, it is about the Hopper capacity of them. The standard hopper capacity is 18lb for a pellet grill and camp chef smoke pro DLX has this capacity. On the flip side, the camp chef pursuit pellet grill comes with limitations, and it has a 10lb.

The grilling surface comparison is not mentionable and the SmokePro DLX is ahead of the camp chef pursuit only by 70 sq. That means it is somewhat the same space but with more hopper capacity ultimately more fuel-burning power and better grease management.

Key features of Camp Chef Pursuit PPG20

Key features of Camp Chef Pursuit PPG20

Portable grill

The main reason it is built for is the portability so the main feature of it should it. It has a minimalistic grilling surface, but you can take it to outdoor in great ease. Because it comes the easy to roll to the cooking place, just need to hold the handlebar and keep dragging through wheels.

Easy to cook

It comes with a minimalistic surface but it can take more food due to having dual shelf convection cooking. Therefore, you can experience the two different racks and enjoy the huge grilling at the same time experience the portability as well.

Digital Control Probes

Want to track your grill temperature perfectly? Then it helps you as it comes with 2 separate slots for the temp probes. The even heating and get the heat distribution is not just an end to track them is another concern for you and now it is for the camp chef, on behalf of you. 

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How worthy compared to the features and performance

It is hard to verify the features whether it is performing or not, especially when it comes to the smoker or pellet grill. To meticulously bring the real facts, we observe a couple of things like whether the automatic auger is performing or not. The camp chef auger just perfectly brings the pellet and runs them through the burners for adequate fuel distribution. After that, we find the dual convection grill most eye-catchy in regards to the slimming down space within five hundred sq. in.

What users are saying about Camp Chef Pursuit PPG20

Most of the reviewers have mixed reactions and we sort out the real engagements from the real users. Especially, we detect those who are happy with the grilling surface and the key features while buying them. Later on, we found bad reviews about the poor quality.

Surprisingly, we found no such bad review that defines, it doesn’t worth buying for the poor body parts. Here is the main ace in the user’s panel, and the con comes with advanced features like minimum sear the meats or so. The bad feedback roll between the features that do not persist in this item.

FAQ About Camp Chef Pursuit PPG20

How to clean out the as pan?

There is a pulling option that releases the pan and allows the ash pan to make empty. Also, if you find any excess ash then brush it into the cup, if necessary.

Are the grill grates stainless steel or just steal that is chromed?

You won’t find any chromed polished surface, but the body parts come with the stainless steel only.

How do I empty the hopper when I want to switch from Pecan to Apple pellets?

Sorry, there is no pellet dump while replacing them. You can purchase it or fix the problem with a bucket head.
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Final Verdict

We come to the baseline at the camp chef smoker reviews, and you need to know whether it is worth it or not. Why should you buy the pellet grill instead of other choices?

Make it settle first before buying it and then whether you want a portable pellet grill or not. If, your answer comes with positive feedback, then only if you can think about Camp Chef Pursuit PPG20. Now come to the con which is minimalistic hopper capacity below 18lb, what we explained before. And, we believe you can overcome it just because of having the dual convection space that eliminates the space and make it a more portable pellet grill.

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