Camp Chef Electric Smoker Reviews

Camp chef smoke vault 18 Review

Want to know a smoker that can smoke any type of meat with the right flavor that you want? Then you come to the right place where we will cover a review on Camp chef smoke vault 18.

The main feature of it is to have the two racks where you can keep almost everything as there you will find a huge gap between them. Hence, tucking the whole chicken won’t give you a hard time. Interestingly, the racks come to the adjustable feature as well.

Camp chef smoke vault 18 Review

So when you will keep the racks of rib or the whole chicken, you don’t need to worry a lot about heating and cooking in the right order. Because, its temperature gauge makes it viable to bring the food at even temperature also, you can do this using easy dial temperature settings.

Noticeable Features

  • The adjustable racks provide enough space to the versatile meat to cook
  • You can track the temperature between 50 to 550 degrees using the read door thermometer
  • It allows easy clean up using the removable porcelain base tray
  • One can easily start up the smoker by the matchless snap ignition system
  • The burner drum is protected for ensuring the maximum heat controlling and has a temp gauge as well

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The FAQ of Camp chef smoke vault 18

Q. Can you fit a good size turkey in the smoke vault 18?

Well, it depends actually like what would be the size. We tried out the 18 Ib turkey fits perfectly and then we marinate it with soy sauce and butter.

Q. How much propane does it use and does the tank come with the smoker?

Only the connections, not the propane tank comes with the smoker. And, we use almost 5 gals of propane tank that takes twice for the 15 hours of cooking for the 170 deg on fish. By the way, still, we have a lot of remaining in our tank.

Q. How long would a 20lb tank last?

Very simple to answer. As you know that a 20lb tank has somewhat the 430,000 BTUs and the camp chef 18 can burn almost 18000 BTUs on high flame then it will take 24 hours. But when you will toggle the flame at medium level then it lasts even more.

What users are saying about Camp chef smoke vault 18

We come to know a number of users’ experience in which we settle it as a reasonably well built for cash. But there is a con as well, and a few users encountered with the thermostat failure. However, the manufacturer will take responsibility if it fails at the initial stage of support.

What users are saying about Camp chef smoke vault 18

Many users claim it to be a great piece of the smoker for easy assembling as well as portable. More or less maximum users love this smoker for an affordable price and it has somewhat the maximum features within this price. The limitations of it are not a great falters, so one can keep it right away.

Compare Camp chef smoke vault 18 vs Masterbuilt MB20070210

Not too many differences we encountered with the camp chef smoker and the Masterbuilt MB20070210 smoker. Space and size and smoking quality all are the same except the only one stuff, the fuel of them.

Masterbuilt MB20070210 MES 35B Electric Smoker Review

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All you need to make choices either the electric smoker or a propane smoker? The camp chef has a better fuel and most powerful indeed as a propane ad-on to run this smoker and makes it mightier than the masterbuilt smoker. Therefore, it comes inexpensive only for electric corded power.

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Key features of Camp chef smoke vault 18

Camp chef smoke vault 18

Heavy gauge steel wood chip tray

No more worried about the holes and no more splits from the repeated denting. This type of typos is in the lighter trays. Thanks to the camp chef manufacturer that their wood chip tray is made of heavy gauge stainless steel so no need of denting them. On the other hand, all types of wood chips can easily get access to it and bring wood fire smoky flavor.

Door thermometer reading

You must see the thermometer almost every smoker so this one won’t surprise you. The thing that makes you surprise or make you love this little smoker is to have the accurate temperature reading between the 50 to 350 degrees. The perfection of temperature reading let your cook even better with juicy flavor.

Easy to clean & remove the porcelain base tray

A good smoker not only smokes and cook well it will give you the less hard time when it comes to clean it up. Hence the porcelain should be easily removed to the base and easy to clean. The camp chef pellet grill meets the standard to it so it can easily collect the drippings at the bottom of the smoker during the cooking process goes on. On the other hand, this cleanup process is a must to retain the flavor of future cooking and the durability of the smoker

Three Adjustable Damper Valves

You will never know in which direction the wind will come and falters the cooking effort. Also, the factors remain with the wood moisture, shining sun at the top of the sky and the temperature requires to be vented to the expected level. To make up this condition the three adjustable damper valves are the real weapon in the arsenal, and congrats to you that you are gonna have it soon!

How worthy compared to the features and performance

Camp chef smoke vault 18 has all features that an ideal little smoker should have within this price. We find it to be reasonably well made and worth of money. However, the thermostat would be somewhat more performing and durable. Some users faced the falter with the cheaply made thermostat, and we suspect it’s price limitation. By the way, this limitation could be avoidable. The cooking performance of it is up to the mark and it fits correctly at the backyard and supports a professional chef for his roasting the grill keeping the smoky flavor intake.

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Final Verdict

Buying a smoker is not an easy game, it takes years of experience and then a professional blindly make a guess. We write this review for the newbie, who wants to kickstart their cooking career using a friendly smoker that is easy to use. No big talks and no big feature come to the Camp chef smoke vault 18, but whatever it persists would be good to go for you to begin your journey. As the price worth it and there is not a big surprise, even it falters a little.

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