Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 Review

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 Review

Whether you are an experienced smoker or a beginner, Camp Chef Smoke Vault is a simple and effective gas-fired option. The Camp chef smoker is extremely well constructed.

The assembly instructions of this smoker are very clear. This unit heats up quickly and it holds the temperature well – just put the things and close the door.

This Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 comes at a very reasonable price and if you are seeking the best Camp Chef Smoker then this should be your choice.

Why you should choose this, we’ve put everything together, just keep on reading to know.

Noticeable Main Features of Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24

  • Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 has two cooking grids including one jerky rack.
  • 600 sq inches are for two racks while 300 sq inches is for the jerky smoking tray.
  • The door is made from low-grade stainless steel that is powder-coated steel construction.
  • This smoker provides three adjustable damper valves.
  • It has a read door thermometer from 50 to 550 degrees.
  • Camp chef provides snap-ignition.
  • You will get a recipe book including cooking tips as well.
  • It provides using wood chips, chunks and pellets too, besides it has a water pan.
  • Per hour, this smoker produces 18,000 BTUs.
  • It comes with 3-years of warranty from the date of purchase.
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Compared Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18” vs 24”

Here we’ll compare two Camp Chef Smoke that provides the best smoking performance. Both are identically almost the same smoker, and from the name, you can relate the difference.

Compared Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18” vs 24”
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They provide the same 3 years of warranty and are made from the best quality material. The assembly is just perfect for these two smokers. They provide two adjustable cooking racks, and they have the same read door thermometer.

When it comes to firing up the smoker, they have the convenient snap-ignition feature for easy operation. These two Camp Chef Smoke has a heavy-gauge steel wood chip tray including a water pan that produces a delicious flavor – with these two simpler smokers the users can cook low and slow meat they want.

They provide the customers using the grill for versatile purposes. And the cooking temperature of these two smokers varies from 160-400 Degrees F.

So everything is almost the same for these two smokers, then what is the difference? Well, the Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24″ comes with a Jerky Rack while the Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18” doesn’t have this feature.

For this feature, the Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24” is a little pricey than the 18”.  If you do not have any budget issues then choose the 24” which is considered the big brother for the 18”.

Key Features of Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24

What Users are saying about the Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24

Easy to Assembly

Compared to any other smoker, this unit is very simple to assemble. Also, this comes with easy instructions. However, this takes thirty minutes to an hour approximately to set up the smoker.

This smoker is converted to natural gas as well. You don’t need a propane tank, using natural gas, and cook without worries about running out of gas.

Cooking Space

The Camp Chef 24” Smoker cooking space is 900 sq inches that fit 35 steaks together. So you can use this smoker to prepare food for the whole family.

The three damper valves

You don’t know what the weather will do. Your cooking is a challenge especially when you smoking outside. With this damper valve system, you are in control of the wind and without any hassle, you can use the smoker.

Easy to clean

The racks of this smoker are removable that making the cleaning a breeze. Use hot soapy water to clean the racks and make sure to dry the unit properly.


This provides a 90-days return policy and the warranty is 3-years from the date of purchase. The warranty is perfect for the price range of this smoker, this can last for more than five years if you handle the machine with care.

What Users are saying about the Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24

Camp Chef is an excellent smoker for the money, this the opinion of these smoker customers. This unit is better than any pellet smoker since operating this smoker is very simple.

Temperature control is not a problem anymore but when its high winds and cold temperature, this will surely present a much greater challenge. On the other hand, the control dial of this burner is hypersensitive.

The build quality of this smoker is amazing which makes the smoker a durable smoker. However, as outdoor smokers, the users are very satisfied with the purchase.

The customers recommend others to purchase this smoker if they are in the market for a smoker that will take a little space.

FAQ About Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24

How well does this smoker hold temperature in 225 degrees F?

It holds temperature very well from 225 to 235 but if the weather is windy then it’s a little tough.

Does this come with a hose connector?

Yes, it has a hose connector, you just need the tank and wood chips to ready for the smoke.

Do you use a temp probe and how does this pass the temp gauge?

It has air vents on the side and you can run the probe through it, make sure to close the door since this is not an airtight fit.

Can I use this at the 160-degree range?

Yes, this smoker can be used at a 160-degree range. You just need to adjust the flame to keep it in your desired temperature range.

What is the size of cooking racks?

The cooking racks are 14 x 22. These are big enough that can fit a full rack of ribs front to back.
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Final Verdict

The downside of this smoker is – the door thermometer only shows the temperature for up to 350 degrees F. This is not a big issue, you’ll be used to with the smoker once you start using the smoker.

By now hopefully, you understand why we said this would be your best bet. If you are seeking the best smoker under $500 then this could be your best bet.

We’d recommend you buy this unit and convert the smoker with natural gas instead of a tank.

Happy Smoking!

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