Camp Chef Woodwind 20 Review

Camp Chef Woodwind 20 Review

Camp Chef Woodwind 20 (PG20CT) is a newly released lineup of outdoor wood pellet grills loaded with up-to-date features. The PG20CT lineup has three wood pellet grill variations, and the main difference is their cooking space.

Camp Chef Woodwind 20 comes with slide & grill technology, WiFi control, PID temperature controller; a color LED touchscreen panel, sturdy stainless steel built, and much more.

Nonetheless, Users found PG20CT has a quite unique design than other pallet grills. However, pushing the pellet hopper after 10-15 minutes will blow away this issue.

Keep an eye on the Camp Chef Woodwind 20 review to find its noticeable features at a glance.

Noticeable Features Of Camp Chef Woodwind 20 Pellet Grill

  • Woodwind PG20CT has a Slide and Grill technology that allows direct flame cooking with higher temperatures for more significant results.
  • It has a PID temperature control technology, including four separate meat probes that enable precise heat management over the period.
  • Camp Chef 20 inches wood pellet grill ten dial-in smoke level settings for providing convenient smoke control.
  • The Woodwind WiFi PG20CT features direct & indirect heating mode technology along with a louvered drip tray that allows flames to reach the bottom grill racks.
  • With the Ash-Kickin Cleanout system, you can easily dump out the ash residues after every cook with a simple click.
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Compare Camp Chef Woodwind 20 (PG20CT) Vs Z Grills ZPG-700D3

In the world of wood pellet grills, we can name Camp Chef and Z Grills as two of the most leading manufacturers that launch quality pellet grills on the market. Consequently, in the below section, we will undergo a comparison between well-known wood pellet grills from Camp Chef & Z Grills.

Camp Chef Woodwind 20 Pellet GrillZ Grills ZPG-700D3 Pellet Grill
 Camp Chef Woodwind 20 Review Coyote C1P36-FS Pellet Grill
Camp Chef PG20CT jumps with a decent 506 square inches main cooking surface for holding meals of small families.Z Grills ZPG-700D3 has a larger 697 square inches total cooking area that can hold more dishes than Camp Chef 20.
It features an extensive temperature range from 160 degrees to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.The ZPG-700D3 stands a bit inferior with a bit restricted temperature range from 180 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
Camp chef woodwind wifi 20 pellet grill has a decent 10 lbs hopper capacity that can run for more than 30 hours.The Z Grills wood pellet grill has an updated 20 lbs hopper capacity of more than 50 hours.
The PG20CT has a PID temperature control technology, including four separate meat probes that enable precisely (+/- 5ºF) heat management.It has a lower (+/- 10ºF) consistent heating technology where an internal temperature sensor keeps the heat constant.
From the overall measurement, it stands 35 x 24.5 x 21 inches and weighs about 90 pounds.It has a heavier weight, 132 pounds, and it measures broader and longer than the Camp Chef PG20CT with a measurement of 48 X 22 X 51 inches.
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What Are The Key Features Of Camp Chef 20 WIFI Woodwind Pellet Grill?

What Are The Key Features Of Camp Chef 20 WIFI Woodwind Pellet Grill?

PID & Smoke Control

PID controller is one of the most moving features of pellet grills nowadays, which works efficiently for achieving preciseness in temperature control. The majority allows setting grill’s temperature in 10°F to 20°F increments; the Camp Chef PG20CT offers 5-degree increments for the ultimate precision. The Woodwind 20 has 1 – 10 dial-in smoke levels that enable you to set how smokey foods you want.

Camp Chef Connect

The product name contains ‘WiFi’ which describes what “Camp Chef Connect” is! Camp Chef woodwind wifi 20 pellet grill has WiFi connectivity technology that lets you grill and smoke on the fly. With the innovative mobile app, you can control all the aspects of your Woodwind grill. Thus, it has smoke levels, internal food temperature observation, temperature incrementation, and all that requires for perfect cooking.

Slide and Grill Technology

A more significant number of pellet grills come with a convection fan cooking system that gathers pellet smokes into the meat. But Woodwind PG20CT comes with a Slide and Grill technology where your porks/ribs get direct heat. Direct heating is a handy feature if you want crust of crispiness on the outside of your flesh.

Ash-Kickin’ Cleanout

Most pellet grills get loaded with ash wastes after a cooking session, but Camp Chef PG20Ct will not let that happen. Camp Chef smoker has specially built an Ash Cleaning system into the Woodwind pellet grill lineup that cleans ash residue in a hassle-free way. You have to pull out the knob that moves the ash waste into a removable pot placed at the bottom of the grill.

Attachments & Warranty

Camp Chef Woodwind 20 includes two side shelves, a sear box(side burner able to reach 900 degrees), a sidekick griddle, four meat probes, etc. The manufacturers offer this Camp Chef PG20Ct grill with a three-year warranty covering nearly all the parts and covers.

What Users Are Saying About Camp Chef Woodwind 20 (PG20CT) Grill

Jumping out of the box, the Camp Chef woodwind wifi 20 was pretty much hassle-free and straightforward to assemble. It would take just about 25 to 30 minutes to get ready for cooking. It takes a little space inside your backyard, which has enough space to feed your small family.

One key selling point of this Woodwind 20 grill is the direct flame feature and PID temperature control technology. It works flawlessly in searing meats, and you can blow up without a sear box.

Unlike others, it does have some flaws to mention, which are not so significant at all. The flawed design may suffer you from pellet movement issues. However, you can fix it just by checking your hopper while cooking. The smartphone app is great, but it sometimes delays the start-up after updating.

When it is cold, the PG20CT takes 5-8 minutes for preheating, which can be a headache for few users. After all, the price appears pretty much expensive considering the features and other configurations. In the end, Woodwind PG20CT comes with qualitative attributes that make it worthy.

FAQ About Camp Chef Woodwind 20 Wood Pellet Grill

Does it require to use of electricity for operating?

The PG20CT is a wood pellet grill that requires wood pellets for cooking. But for running the auger and the display, Woodwind 20 requires 110 Volts of electricity.

Can this accommodate a turkey?

Camp Chef 20 has a closed lid height of about 9 inches, has the capacity of holding up to 10/12 pounds at maximum.

Does it support a sear box?

The manufacturers say it does the job for quality searing by the direct flame and heating technology.
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Final Verdict

If you want the most precious gem in the grilling world, the Cam Chef Woodwind wifi 20 pellet grill can be one of them. It furnishes all the hard-gained grilling attributes and specifications that a grilling enthusiast will love to have. Regardless of the price tag, it has some unique features that come with only flagship pellet grills. So, if you want the premium touch of outdoor grilling, don’t forget to give it a shot!