Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill PG24WWS Review

Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill PG24WWS Review

If you are searching for a pellet grill the quality of meaty goodness that you have been craving for, no doubt that the Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill is the best option for you. In order to see if this device is worth all the hype that surrounds it, let us take a close look at the features that come with the Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill PG24WWS model. We will pay attention to features such as the sizing and spacing offered by this grill, and see if it is the right fit for you and your family.

Noticeable Features of this Device

  • 570 square inches of cooking area
  • It comes with a pellet hopper cleanout
  • This model comes with a patented ash cleanout which makes cleaning up easier and more convenient
  • It features both digital temperature control and automatic auger feed pellets which maintains the heat
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Compare Camp Chef PG24WWS vs. Camp Chef SmokePro Pellet Grill

Both of these models come from Camp Chef, which explains some similarities in their features. One thing that differentiates both, however, is that the PG24WWS grill features more advanced features, including a Smart Smoke Technology and Convection Heating, which ensures the consistency of heat produced by this grill.

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill
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Even though certain features are similar, such as the use of clean-out ash, the Woodwind Pellet Grill features a huge cooking area. The SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill only comes with a 573 square inch total rack surface area, while the Woodwind model comes with a 570 square inch cooking area, which means that it is bigger, allowing you to cook more food simultaneously.

Key Features of the Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill PG24WWS

Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill PG24WWS

Large Capacity Cooking Area

This grill comes with a large capacity for a cooking area. It features 570 square inches of cooking surface area, along with a detachable upper warming rack that will provide you with enough room to prepare food for a lot of people. All you have to do is to load the grill up with brisket, whole chicken, jerky, and a whole lot more.

Pellet Hopper Cleanout

If you want to change your hardwood pellets in order to get a new flavor, the process of doing so is relatively easy. All you have to do is to open the pour sprout and empty all of the pellets into a bag or a bucket. In just a few minutes, you can already start cooking using a new wood flavor.

Ash Cleanout System

This cleanout system is patented, making it unique to this model. Cleaning in between cooking is very easy. You just need to pull a lever, made possible by the presence of its exclusive ash cleanout system. This system is unique in this grill. This can also mean less time in dealing with the vacuum, and more time spent in enjoying delicious food with your loved ones.

Amazing Versatility

There are a lot of cooking possibilities that you can anticipate from this grill, including grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, and barbecuing all of your favorite foods using high-quality wood-wired flavor in a single grill. You can simply cook the way you want it using a huge temperature range, between 160 degrees Fahrenheit and 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Smart Smoke Technology

This unit features digital temperature control and an automatic auger that feeds the pellets right into the grill in order to keep the heat while cooking. It also produces just the right amount of smoke during the process. All you need to do is to set it and allow it to be, with no need for any tending to it.

What Users Saying About Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill PG24WWS

In Amazon, this model comes with a rating of 4 stars. This is a good thing in terms of the quality of this model. This reputation is also backed up by the positive comments coming from actual users of this grill. One customer said that this model makes it possible to get the temperature to a level that is needed for cooking.

Reviews also mentioned that this grill provides a consistent and correct temperature, allowing them to cook a wide range of different meats and food. Another feature praised by users is the smoky flavor that it gives to the food being prepared. This comes as a result of using wood pellets that fuel the fire, giving the meat that authentic wood taste that cannot be expected when using gas or charcoal.

What is the Disadvantage of the Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill PG24WWS?

There are a number of disadvantages reported with the Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill. One is the possibility of error with its temperature probe. Some customers experienced the thermometer not working at all.

The manufacturer mentioned that it was a common issue, though a replacement is also sent out to those who request for it. Even though customer service was praised because of their efficiency and politeness, there were some issues as well, such as having the need to wait for a long time for resolution.

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Final Verdict

All in all, the Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill PG24WWS model is a good option that you can take into consideration. Despite having some issues in terms of features and temperature probe, overall, it produces high quality food. The most eye-catching feature of this pellet grill is its electric autostart ignition, allowing you to simply leave your stove while cooking even when you are away. You just need to adjust the settings.

The settings of the grill are also easy to handle, that even if you are not familiar with how it works, you can still accomplish a lot. Once again, Camp Chef has proven, yet again, that they are a force to reckon within this industry. The overall quality of the grill, as well as the reputation of the company, and its customer service team, makes this model a recommended option for you.

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