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Char-Broil 15302030-50 Review – How its performance worthy

Char-Broil 15302030-50 ReviewAre you looking for a one-in-a-million charcoal barrel grill? Probably this article will operate you in the legal way. Char-Broil ‘s newly launched model 15302030-50 American Gourmet 625 Charcoal Barrel Grill is accessible everywhere with multiple convenient functionalities and an affordable price tag. Its top-mounted temperature gauge controls the heat.

So, there is nothing to be panicked about food burning. For easy heat and smoke control it provides multiple dampers. For spontaneous cleaning it offers a super simple removal grate. To know in trifles repose your eyes in it.

At a Glance Char- Broil 15302030-50 Charcoal Grill

  • This Char-Broil grill comes with an extremely large cooking space of 625 square inches.
  • It’s heat resistance feature doesn’t let your food cool down.
  • Not only grilling but also it is capable of cooking, searing and smoking.
  • It’s sturdy materials assure you to last up to years and years.
  • For keeping essentials it features a convenience front shelf.

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Compare Char-Broil 15302030-50 and Royal Gourmet CC1830s Charcoal Grill

Char-Broil 15302030-50 Charcoal Grill Royal Gourmet CC1830s Charcoal Grill
Char-Broil 15302030-50 Charcoal Grill Royal Gourmet CC1830s Charcoal Grill
Char-Broil 625 grill provides you everything that you expect from it. It meets your requirement of charcoal grilling. Royal Gourmet CC1830s appears with dual style bbq that has a combination of offset smoker and charcoal grill. At the same time you can grill and smoke the meats with a wrinkle free.
For monitoring the heat and smoke this Char-Broil grill comes with a variety of dampers. Its dual adjustable dampers assist you to monitor the temperature or heat according to your requirements.
You can fold-away it. Its cast iron grates enhance the cooking space of your grill. On the side there is plenty of space to keep essentials. It has a massive storage in front, underneath and side rack so that you can hang additional accessories.
You can count on this Char-Broil grill for having charcoal flavors experience. As it comes with 2 wheels so you can transport and move it effortlessly in your backyard to kitchen.
From high searing to low it can adjust up to 4 levels with it’s charcoal tray. No other charcoal grill has such a cooking area of 800 square inches. For cooking 438 inches, grilling 183 inches.
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What Are Users Saying About Char-Broil 15302030-50 Charcoal Grill

Char-broil charcoal grill is a peerless brand among the customers. Its 625 series is the most awaited as it has constructed with advanced technology. The manufacturer adds extra dimension in this model. When we came to gather the users feedback amused to see that it has not a single negative review. More or less all the users disclose their satisfaction upon this best char broil grill for making extreme flavorful charcoal grill.

It’s easy to assemble though it takes too much time to cook food. It never frustrates you by offering burnt food. Majority of the grill occasionally burns the food by overheating. But the dampers of this grill control the heat and smoke so you can confide in it. The predecessors highly recommend it for its heart melting performance at a low-cost price.

Key Features of  the Char-Broil 15302030-50 Charcoal Grill

Key Features of  the Char-Broil 15302030-50 Charcoal Grill

Cooking Space

Char-Broil 15302030-50 charcoal grill appears with an extra large cooking space up to 625 square inches. It has an optimal grilling power. Its robust iron cast grates provide 438 square inches of initial space for cooking.

It features a 3 sections warming rack that is appropriate for keeping the food to warm. For being foldable and having dual wheels makes the way facile to move and transport indoor to outdoor. Not only grilling but also searing, smoking and cooking is also allowed. You can cook for 6-8 people.

Easy to Operate

When customers look forward to a grill they hanker after it’s easy to operate features. But very few charcoal grills are easy to install. You can install the Char-Broil 15302030-50 grill by following the user manual or instructions given by the manufacturer. If you feel any issues can contact customer care service centre, they will surely assist how to install effortlessly.

Cleaning Maintenance

This grill’s stainless steel manufacturing quality restrains it from all types of scratches and damage. You can clean it spontaneously without using any detrimental chemicals. Owing to the fact that chemicals and detergent lessens the taste of the grilling.

It supports you to clean it with a damp cloth and water. You can use it for longer if you maintain the cleaning function on a regular basis. Never input too much water in the grill, it can cause bubbling as well as minimizes the durability.


Each single machinery appliance requires longevity enough. According to the previous customers, it operates well up to 5 years when you thoroughly clean it after every usage. It doesn’t use a lot of charcoal to grill the food. It reduces wastage.

FAQ About Char-Broil 15302030-50 American Gourmet 625 Grill

Q: Does it have a flourishing temperature range?

This charcoal grill has an alluring temperature range of 200-600 degree fahrenheit. In that range it grilled the food evenly. With a couple of seconds it grills the large pieces of food.

Q: Does it allow you to store?

Yes, when you are not using it allows you to keep in the store room for protection from rains. If you don’t use the cover your grill will be full of debris and rust.

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Final Verdict

Though very a handful of the customers don’t prefer charcoal grill but at the same time they disable to ignore Char-Broil 15302030-50 model for its functionalities, performance, price and durability. No other brands offer hassle free grills with three penny prices. So, when you read this article you can’t resist yourself from purchasing it. Choosing it for regular use would be a wise decision. Just pick it without a second thought.

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