Char Broil analog electric smoker Review

Char Broil analog electric smoker Review

If you are looking for an Electric Smoker within the best affordable deal then this Char Broil analog electric smoker would be a perfect match for it. Because it delivers the best features within the price it offers to you.

The main attention of it is to have the insulated cooking chamber along with the large capacity of the wood chip box and finally, it maintains an even temperature to deliver the smoky flavored dishes to you.

In terms of durability, the cooking grates are chrome-plated and can burn the items for your whole family to feed. And, space would be 544 sq. in where the chrome-plated grates spread out.

The fuel comes up from the wood chip box that is sturdy enough for ensuring hours of smoke which runs a lot in just one refill. Now guess what is coming next to this smoker? To know them to make sure you read the review on this analog electric smoker.

Before digging inside to the char broil grill review, let’s share you with the main features of this smoker here:

Noticeable features

  • This smoker is powered by the 1200-watt of the heating element
  • Feed crowd with the help of 544 of cooking surface
  • Quality cooking grates are team up with the chrome-plated formation
  • It comes with the insulated chamber with a temperature gauge for keeping the temperature just perfect
  • Steel water pan are aluminized and avoids meat from drying out so retain the juicy flavor
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Compare Char broil analog electric smoker vs Masterbuilt MB200702

Both of the units have somewhat the same features, and we feel the one would be the doppelganger from others except the design.

Masterbuilt MB20070210 MES 35B Electric Smoker Review
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The Masterbuilt MB200702 makes the difference here with the Char Broil in regards to the heating system. If you are quite unhappy as you don’t see the thermostat feature in the char broil analog smoker then you will find it on the Masterbuilt smoker.

So you are getting the thermostat temp control unit in Masterbuilt MB200702, which is the only graving difference with the Char Broil analog smoker.

Key features of Compare Char broil analog electric smoker

Key features of Compare Char broil analog electric smoker

Grilling area

One of the best reasons to buy this is to get a huge space that gathers your family and you can feed them well. The 544 of grilling space nailed it and due to the insulated chamber, the cooking becomes even and fantasitic. More importantly, the grilling surface team up with the chrome-plated cooking grates for that it burns well and fits well the food without any issues and whatsoever.

Built construction

Why people find it the best deal? The reason is quite simple and due to the heavy construction where the drippings and heating system all regulated perfectly. The insulated cooking chambers fit perfectly for the cooking without letting the air out or come in and the dual heavy duty door latches accelerate the process as well. The water pan sits perfectly and made of Aluminium alloy. It avoids the meat to get dried out and keeps the food juicy. On the other hand, the drip tray and water pan are removable and easy to clean also.

Heating system

You may not get the best heating system as long as you are not paying the manufacturer a good price. Surprisingly, with this smoker, it saves your money with the heating system.

However, it may falter after six months later but still, it is replaceable and inexpensive. Due to the analog system, the temperature unit is not as easy to read like the digital unit and it may take time for a newbie to understand how it goes. But after a few days of smoking, you can come to know and get used to it. Overall, at this price, it is a great smoker with an efficient heating system.

How worthy compared to the features and performance

What we can expect from the hundred bucks of the analog electric smoker? The grilling area of 544 is a good space first off, and secondly, the wooden smoky flavor retains due to the double insulated chambers along with the exhaust ports. The dripping is good to go and easy to remove and clean. The falters would be the replacement, and at this price you won’t expect to keep it for years.

Besides, it falters also with the airtight features, and to be frank no smoker with such price can provide you so. Fortunately, it may cause the increase of cooking hours only and does not affect on the overall mouthwatering juicy smoky flavor.

What users are saying about Char broil analog electric smoker

We reached out to the real users and brought some real scenarios of the char broil electric smoker. More or less every user won’t find the best features that an electric smoker comes at a great price. But the consumers who are from the satisfied line-up they love it for the affordability of it.

They find it as the best one within this deal and as long as they can prep the cook keeping the minimalistic features, they are happy to bring it home. More importantly, it has a durable set up as well as the dripping pan, insulated chamber, and cooking grates. and they are fit for in a good position after using it for many days. Moreover, the parts of it have good returns that the users find it so.

The FAQ of Char Broil analog electric smoker

May I use this smoker keeping on the wooden floor?

Yes, you can and we have already tried it out to keep on the wooden floor and didn’t face any issues whatsoever. Furthermore, it is well insulated inside and you can touch the outside of the box and face no trouble of burning your head.

How many times should I need to refill the wood chips?

Normally it depends on your cooking, and for regular cooking, we refill it twice a week.

Can this smoker sit out in the weather?

It is not recommended to sit it out in the weather especially when you don’t have the cover. The electrical connector located on the bottom side and the temp gauge may cause harm while doing so or the other part of it may break down as well.
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Final verdict

Want to look for the best electric smoker under 200? Then you are the right visitor here who read the whole review on Char broil analog electric smoker. Here we showed up all hacks about this inexpensive smoker, and now it is your time to make a move. This smoker is a perfect one for the newbie, who doesn’t want to face the trouble of a propane or gas grill at the early stage of a grilling career. So if you feel in the same way, then this is hight time to bring it at home.

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