Char broil ignitor troubleshooting (Updated guide)

Don’t regret it at all if you are not enjoying the electronic ignition from your Charbroil grill. We know how it feels when one can see the electric light isn’t working anymore, but the good news is you will find some solutions in our article of char broil ignitor troubleshooting guide.

Normally, when you have just bought the Charbroil grill, it doesn’t bother you, especially with the electronic ignition. After passing a few seasons, you may experience the failure of it. However, there is no evidence to occur this incidence for every user unless the person is unlucky!

Char broil ignitor troubleshooting (Updated guide)

Preparation period

You need to know where the problem is actually, as you need to sort out a couple of things before you go to the troubleshooting of it.

First of all, focus on the owner’s manual as the troubleshooting slightly changes based on the model. Don’t forget to ensure the tank has to fuel while the main valve is open too. Besides, when you can see that the automatic system doesn’t perform, make sure to light up using a match. Keep in mind that the grills have a lightning port and a metal match holder, so when you can see the grill lights with a match, then the problem is with the ignitor.

On the other hand, the fuel won’t reach the ignitor when the debris is found in the lighting tubes. Don’t forget to see whether any insects inhabited and block the tubes or not.

There are so many things you need to check before you blame the electricity ignitor. First of all, check out the battery first; possibly, a new battery can fix the problem. You need to gently push the battery maintaining the plus and minus position properly, so check the manual properly.

Secondly, when you find the battery position set properly into the system. If you can not set it properly, then the module contact may have moisture. On the flip side, you didn’t clean it properly. So clean the module contact using a q-tip and rub it with the alcohol. It helps to remove the moisture or dirt so the ignitor will come back to its full functionalities.

Troubleshooting (A)

The following situations are with the replacement of the electronic ignitor when you find these problems. 

Char broil ignitor troubleshooting (Updated guide)

Step 1

Since we have told you that you need to light up using a match in the preparation period, then do it here; before that, make sure that there is propane in the tank. Afterward, ensure the connection is ok with attaching the regulator. After lighting it, then turn it off too.

Step 2

Check out the electronic ignition by pushing the tip of the electronic ignition’s electrode. Did you see the blue light when testing the ignitor? Try to ensure that the tip of the electrode is one-fourth inch deeper than the port opening of the burner. Now clean the electrode using alcohol and then try again.

Step 3

If you have an electronic push-button system, you probably hear a rapid sound that clicks*click*click*click*click* whenever you will hold down the button. Unfortunately, if you do not hear this type of noise, ensure that you have replaced the battery. Once you have replaced it and didn’t get any result, it’s time to replace your electronic ignition module controller.

Troubleshooting (B)

This part is a little bit tricky for troubleshooting. When you don’t see the blue light after examining the ignitor, then follow these steps here:

Char broil ignitor troubleshooting (Updated guide)

Step 1

You need to examine a few things and to make sure of that; first of all, remove the ignition button and battery. After removing it, examine there whether you can find any rust over there or not. If you can see the rust alongside the battery compartment, use alcohol or spray WD-40 on a cotton swab and gently rub the compartment’s base. When you are done with rubbing and cleaning, replace the ignition button and battery and try to light the grill.

Step 2

The number 2 step is to check out the ignition wire and ensure that it doesn’t touch the metal. If it does, then reposition it properly.

Step 3

The tip of the ignitor’s electrode is normally one-fourth of an inch from the port while opening the burner. You need to clean it first with alcohol and then try to light the grill one more time. If you don’t find it workout not, it is probably high time to contact the Charbroil customer support or buy a new electronic grill ignition kit.

Wrapping up

The article we have brought to light about the Charbroil ignitor troubleshooting guide helps you fix the ignitor. Hence, first of all, you need to clean the junk over there and try it again. Also, we recommend you check the battery whether it has the juice to run the ignitor or not. Besides, some other tips will finally allow you to fix the problem finally and, if not, we suggested you in both of the A & B troubleshooting to replacing the ignitor.

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