Cuisinart CTOA-122 review – Notable Feature At A Glance

Cuisinart CTOA-122 Review

I tend to gravitate towards appliances that most culinary enthusiasts use for cooking. The Cuisinart CTOA-122 Air fryer toaster oven is the best of both worlds.

This appliance includes three different cooking modes: broil, toast, and air fry your favorite foods with just a simple dial switch.

With its crisp golden exterior, you can feel great that nothing has been deep-fried ever while still getting the tastes closer-to-home flavor! At 1800 watts of power, heat quickly penetrates any recipe without going all out on the oil.

The biggest pro about the Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven. It’s built for convenience even when not in use. Lift it from one side and fold down two cool-touch handles not only to slide it into and out of sight but also to protect against accidental burns or fires. Let’s get started with the Cuisinart CTOA-122 review.

Cuisinart CTOA-122 review – Notable Feature At A Glance

  • Cuisinart CTOA-122 features seven cooking functions along with a convection cooking technology.
  • It comes with a stylish gray stainless steel outer part that gives a classical appearance on countertops.
  • A non-stick cooking interior cooks food without gathering waste and enables easy cleaning.
  • Its interior has a bright light, and the front glass door also ensures a clear view of inner cooking.
  • Cuisinart has Toast Shade Selector-Timer and Whisper Quiet Operation features that make usage convenient.
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Compare Cuisinart CTOA-122 Air Fryer Oven With Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Oven

Cuisinart CTOA-122 Air Fryer OvenCuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Oven
 Cuisinart CTOA-122 Airfryer Oven Cuisinart TOA 60 air fryer 
 Cuisinart CTOA-122 is an 1800-watt air fryer that gathers heat & cooks food quicker than regular ovens.Cuisinart TOA-60 is also an 1800 watts air fryer that uses powerful ultra-hot air for healthy oil-free cooking.
It features seven cooking functions: bake, roast, toast, air fry, broil, convection, etc.It features six cooking functions, and it missed out on the keep-warm function.
A large 0.6 Cubic Foot Interior can AirFry up to 3 lbs, toast six slices of bread, and bake a 4 lb chicken or 12 inches pizza.TOA-60 also has a 0.6 cubic feet cooking interior that can cook meals for a small family easily.
CTOA-122 comes with an adjustable 60 minutes timer and an auto shut-off feature.Cuisinart TOA-60 also has a similar 60-minute timer and an auto shut-off feature.
It measures 15.5 x 16 x 14 inches and weighs bulky 25 pounds for stainless steel construction.Overall, it stands 15.5 x 16 x 14 inches, and it weighs a bit lighter, 21 pounds, despite its stainless steel built.
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What Users Are Saying About Cuisinart CTOA-122 air fryer Oven?

The CTOA-122 air fryer oven is a significant achievement among its users. They love this appliance for the following reasons:

  • First, it cooks healthy foods with little or no oil while still getting that deep taste of comfort food.
  • Second, It has three different heating modes, which are toast, broil, and air fryer.
  • Third, it’s effortless to use and comes with an instruction manual that shows the different ways you can use this machine.
  • Finally, it has a non-stick interior making it very easy to clean. With all these excellent features, many users are impressed with this air fryer oven.

The major complaint among its users is that this machine gets very hot very fast. So, you will have to be careful when using it around children or anyone who does not know how to use this appliance safely.

They also complain that it’s a little bulky and people had to get a spacious cabinet to accommodate this machine. We all know that Cuisinart is one of the best kitchen appliance manufacturers, so when they built this air fryer oven with 1800 watts of power, there was no doubt it would heat up quickly.

What Are The Key Features Of Cuisinart CTOA-122 air fryer oven?

What Are The Key Features Of Cuisinart CTOA-122 air fryer oven


You are getting a lot of value for your money because it is an all-in-one appliance that you would have to purchase individually if you didn’t want to make the splurge. This has both air fry and convection oven functions in a tiny appliance!

Three Different Cooking Modes

You can now cook, bake and toast all in one machine. This versatile Cuisinart CTOA-122 convection toaster oven is not only an appliance to make delicious meals for the family, but it’s also a way to save you time and money.

Aside from its air fryer mode, this machine also has a toast and broil function that allows you to enjoy more versatile cooking with just one simple switch of the dial.

Non-Stick Interior

With the non-stick interior, it makes it very easy to clean up after you’re ready using this Cuisinart CTOA-122 air fryer oven. It also includes a detachable crumb tray to make sure your machine stays clean all the time.

Another thing I love about this appliance’s double-sided rack, which makes it easy to place large recipes inside without sticking out of the cooking chamber.

Efficiently Cooks Foods With Little Or No Oil

Cuisinart CTOA-122 has 1800 wattage, and fans circulate hot air around foods, faster cooking time. You can now fry your favorite foods with little or no oil at all. The CTOA-122 is a healthier alternative to deep-frying, cooking, and baking your food with a minimal amount of fat.

Best of all, this machine does it without any oily taste! This feature alone makes this air fryer oven a must-have in your kitchen!


Control dial with three options, broil, toast, or air fry, to prepare food the way you want.


With its metallic exterior, this appliance will probably last forever. It’s also resistant to accidental burns because of cool-touch handles built into the machine itself.

Easy To Clean

The trays are removable for easy cleanup, and the crumb tray is dishwasher safe. It has a non-stick interior which makes it easier to clean.

This air fryer toaster oven also allows you to adjust cooking time and temperature from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal cooking results.

But the downside of this machine is since its tray is not removable, users find it a little challenging to clean. They have to wipe it down, which can be pretty time-consuming.

FAQ About Cuisinart CTOA-122 Air Fryer Oven

Does it have a timer?

No, there is no timer on this machine.

Is the exterior metal or plastic?

It’s mostly come with stainless steel & some plastic parts where you attach your utensils.

How much food it can prepare at a time?

It varies on the size and weight of your food, but this machine can cook about 3 to 4 servings of french fries or chicken nuggets at a time.

Does it cool down quickly after cooking?

Yes, this machine does cool down quickly.

Is it a good choice for you?

If you need a multifaceted tool that can toast, bake, and air fry foods to perfection, then this Cuisinart CTOA-122 air fryer oven is definitely for you. It’s also a great pick if you want to make healthier food choices because it lets you cook foods with minimal oil!
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Final Verdict

The Cuisinart CTOA-122 is an excellent convection toaster oven that helps you save time and money. The three different modes that this versatile machine offers help it become one of the best air fryer ovens out there in the market today.

It’s simple to use, easy to clean, and safe around children because of its cool-touch exterior. Because of its low price and handy features, we have chosen Cuisinart CTOA-122 as our Top Air Fryer Oven.