Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe Vs Elite – Why I Prefer The Elite?

Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe and Elite

As a replacement for stoves, selecting the ideal grill for your kitchen top is not a straightforward task since choices alter from person to person.

I’m here with a showdown between Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe Vs Elite, two of the most distinguished 6-in-1 griddles from the ancestry of Cuisinart. 

In the specifications part, both are nearly identical with a group of standard features. Cuisinart Griddler Elite leads with a back-lit digital display and intelligent temperature control with a precise timer which Cuisinart Elite lacks. The Deluxe has a brushed stainless polish, where the Elite has silver furnish.

Anyway, I will go for the Cuisinart Griddler Elite. Hold on to find out why?

Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe Vs Elite: Why I Prefer The Elite?

  • The Elite features a digitalized display that offers accurate temperature on both plates while cooking. On the contrary, Cuisinart Deluxe has knobs for temperature control.
  • Cuisinart Elite provides a smart timer with an auto shut-off feature, where Deluxe doesn’t have a timer. You have to observe the cooking stages manually.
  • The Deluxe has a brushed stainless steel polish, where the Elite has a similar stainless steel body, but a silver furnish. For modern kitchens, Cuisinart Elite can be more suitable.
  • For more precision in cooking, Cuisinart Elite has an embedded heating element that Deluxe doesn’t have.
  • Set your timer and go away. The Elite provides hassle-free cooking with a 60 minutes timer.
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Compare The Best Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe Vs Elite

Differentiating these two griddles is a bit tough since there are hardly any noticeable differences except for the control panel. Though this is not the only variation between these two, their outer finish is also nonidentical. I know this is not a significant one, but yeah, this one exists.

SpecificationCuisinart Griddler DeluxeCuisinart Griddler Elite
Image Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe Cuisinart Griddler Elite
Dimension(L x W x H)18.18 inches  x 9.84 inches x 16.30 inches19.25 inches x 10.87 inches  x 17.13 inches
Total Grilling Area240 square inches(120 when closed)240 square inches(120 when closed)
Cooking Power1800 Watts1800 Watts
Nonstick PanelThree folding hard-anodized panelThree folding hard-anodized panel
DisplayNot AvailableBacklit LCD
Weight16 pounds17.85 pounds
Temperature Maximum 450 ˚ F (500 ˚ F when searing)Maximum 450 ˚ F (500 ˚ F when burning)
Cooking Functions6 6
Amazon Rating4.74.6
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What is the Differences Between Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe Vs Elite

What is the Differences Between Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe and Elite

Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe GR-150 and Griddler Elite GR-300WS are like two friends from the same family. These two are so much familiar with one another that you may have to break a sweat to find out any differences other than the display & timer.

Nevertheless, I have put on immense hard work to differentiate these two, and I’ll share my views on which one has the best value.  For your convenience, you may review the Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven also consider Cuisinart toa 60 vs toa 65.

Design & Construction

Upon unboxing and comparing the two models, the Cuisinart Deluxe GR-150 and the Cuisinart Elite GR-300WS, one can notice that their body construction is quite similar. Both models are roughly the same size and weight, and they feature overhead covers with adjustable handles for accommodating dishes of different sizes.

One of the noticeable differences between the two models is their temperature control mechanism. The Cuisinart Deluxe GR-150 features buttons and knobs for temperature control located on the frontal side, while the Cuisinart Elite GR-300WS has a digital display with buttons and knobs for temperature management.

Temperature Control & Timer

Both the Cuisinart GR-150 and the Cuisinart GR-300WS have dual-zone temperature control, allowing for separate heating on both sides. However, there are some differences in how you can control and monitor the temperature.

With the Cuisinart GR-150, you must manually set the temperatures and check them after some time. Since it does not have any set timer feature or digital display, you have to observe the heat manually.

On the other hand, the Cuisinart GR-300WS features a digital display and a 60-minute timer. This means you don’t have to worry about monitoring the cooking process as closely. Simply set the timer and temperature, and the Cuisinart Elite will automatically cook your food and shut off after your dish is perfectly made.

Versatility In Cooking Functions

This Griddler elite vs deluxe has the same functions all the way, except the timer of the Elite I mentioned before. Since both are 6 in 1 grill, they have six cooking features.

They are full & half griddling, full & half grilling, panini press, contact grilling, etc. So, it means you can now let your stove rest and cook all menus in your Cuisinart Griddle.

When you turn the switch on, this will rapidly heat the cooking area to 450 degrees within minutes. Except for when you go for searing or burning, this can heat up to 500 degrees for two minutes. Preparing multiple dishes at a time has a dual-zone feature that allows sunder temperatures for both cooking plates.

Ease Of Usage

The Cuisinart grills possess a magnificent and chic stainless steel brushed finish that renders them impervious to cleaning-related tribulations after usage. The perk of these grills does not stop there, however. They also flaunt a convenient space in their backside that accommodates drip tray removal, thereby facilitating the cleansing process within the dishwasher.

Notably, it is of utmost importance to underscore that all parts of the Cuisinart grills are dishwasher safe.

FAQ About The Cuisinart Deluxe Vs Elite Electric Griddler

Does the Elite beep when the temperature reaches?

Yes. When you turn on the selected plate (lower, upper, or both), it will beep when the preheat session completes.

Does it come with the waffle plates?

Both of these Cuisinart griddles have their heating elements in the plates themselves. That’s why they don’t come with any waffle plates. 

Are the griddle plates made of aluminum?

The griddle plates of these Cuisinart Griddles are of aluminum built with a non-stick coating.

What are the main differences between Cuisinart Deluxe vs Elite griddle?

There are two main differences between Cuisinart Deluxe vs Elite griddle:
The number of cooking plates.
The surfaces of the plates.
Cuisinart Deluxe electric Griddler has 2 cooking plates (one smooth flat plate and one ridged grill plate), while Cuisinart Elite electric griddler has 3 cooking plates (one smooth flat, one grill plate, and one waffle plate).

What if I have a small space to store it?

We recommend the Cuisinart Deluxe model if you have a small space to store your electric griddle. It is more compact than the Elite one, which is slightly larger. The plates are also not removable in the Elite model (whereas you remove the grill plate in the Deluxe model to store it away).

Can I use the flat plate and grill plate from Cuisinart Elite on the Deluxe model?

The incompatibility of the plates stems from their varying shapes and sizes, rendering them unsuitable for interchangeability. However, all is not lost, as there exists a feasible alternative for obtaining both models with the necessary plates. One may procure a package that contains both models alongside the plates, albeit at a higher cost than purchasing a single unit.

Is there a difference in thickness between Cuisinart Deluxe vs Elite griddle?

Both units get the same results when you cook your food on them. The only difference is that the Elite model has more cooking plates (flat plate, grill plate, and waffle plate) than the Deluxe model (flat plate and ridged grill plate). You can still make waffles on the Deluxe model.

Can I use an extension cord with an Elite griddle?

You cannot use an extension cord with an Elite electric griddle because Cuisinart does not recommend it (and some users say this is dangerous).
The more power you use with some models, the faster your unit gets too hot. There is a potential fire hazard (although Cuisinart electric griddles are very safe, this happens if the power goes beyond its capacity). You can either use your unit without an extension cord or an extension cord that offers the same amp value as your griddle.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, both units are dishwasher safe. The plates will fit most dishwashers.

Which unit is more durable?

There are no differences in durability between Cuisinart Deluxe vs Elite griddle. Both units are of the same quality, and they stand very well in the test of time. Both units have stainless steel housing; they can last for years without getting rusty or chipped.

Which unit is more expensive?

There are differences in prices between Cuisinart Deluxe vs Elite griddle. The Elite model is slightly more expensive than the Deluxe one (prices may vary depending on stores). However, you will get extra cooking plates with the Elite Griddler that compliment your cooking needs (flat plate, grill plate, and waffle plate).

Can I preheat the Elite griddle to 375 degrees?

It is possible to preheat the griddle to a temperature of 375°F (190°C). It is important to note that Cuisinart, the manufacturer, advocates for cooking with lower temperatures rather than higher ones. However, in instances where one requires a fast cook or desires to sear their meat, high heat settings are permissible. It is crucial, however, to exercise caution and avoid surpassing the 375°F (190°C) limit, as this may result in burning the surface of the griddle.
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Final Verdict

To wrap up the comparison between Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe Vs Elite, I would like to say that the final decision is up to you because every individual has different needs and budget requirements.

I prefer the Cuisinart Griddler Elite because it has the digital display & timer features that are absent in Deluxe. If you consider the budget fact, then the Cuisinart Deluxe is the best value. But if you prefer additional features, go for the Cuisinart Elite!