DeLonghi EO241250M Review – What feature makes it worthy enough?

DeLonghi EO241250M Review

Ovens have become a part of our daily cooking life. You may prepare several things in a crockpot, but you can’t toast or broil. In this DeLonghi EO241250M Review, I will tell you about this beautiful mini convection oven, which is the size of your mid-size microwave.

DeLonghi EO241250M oven is a well-engineered, robust machine. It not only toasts your food but also bakes, grills and roasts. Thanks to its convection feature, the temperature in all moods are exact and even throughout. So, whatever you cook, you get evenly and deliciously cooked food.

There are also many convenient features with this oven. And, you will know all of them in this DeLonghi EO241250M Review. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start with –

Noticeable Features At A Glance DeLonghi EO241250M Oven

Spacious Capacity: With a large 24-liter cooking capacity, cook for a large family meal in one go.

Fast & Even: The European Convection design allows the machine to cook food up to 40% faster and more evenly.

Versatile Functioning: Does not only toast but bake, grill, and roast in just one machine.

Multiple Cooking: Four adjustable rack positions allow you to cook various foods at once.

Time Saver: Preheats up to 60% faster than any full-size convection oven.

Presets: Presets programs help users to cook without adjusting anything.

\Comparison Between DeLonghi EO241250M And Calphalon Performance Oven

DeLonghi EO241250M Countertop Oven Review

What Users Are Saying About DeLonghi EO241250M Countertop Oven

Most of the Delonghi kitchen appliances are loved by users. Same with this EO241250M convection oven. Users like the machine for several reasons.

The first would be its streamlined layout. The exterior is sleek and modern, made of stainless steel, so robust and beautifully finished. The door of this oven is double glazed and well insulated, just like all other components. So, it doesn’t leak temperature, and the exterior stays cool.

What Users Are Saying About DeLonghi EO241250M

Also, it provides a decent capacity for users to cook meals for their whole family, despite its compact appearance. And, its cooking performance isn’t less than any premium quality ovens.

Lastly, this machine is easy to operate. Cleaning isn’t a problem either, as the interior has a safe non-stick coating and a removable crumb tray. But, the problem is the machine is quite expensive. So, many people can’t afford it.

Key Feature Of DeLonghi EO241250M Livenza Countertop Oven

Key Feature Of DeLonghi EO241250M Livenza Countertop Oven


The design of this machine is something that attracted many people toward it. Stainless steel housing with pretty durable controls proves the reliability of the name: DeLonghi. Moreover, with this sleek and modern design, the machine is also compact.

It takes the space of a mid-size microwave oven on your countertop, measuring 19 inches in width, 17.5 inches in height, and 12 inches in depth. And, weighs about 11.5 lbs and is extremely easy to move around. And, thanks to its ‘advanced thermal insulation technology, you can place it under cabinets.

On the exterior, you get a mini display with three knobs on the right-hand side for different purposes with the machine.

From the inside, the device oven utilizes different modern technology to cook your food at its best. For cooking evenly, it has three heating areas. And, the insulated technologies keep the heat inside the machine.

Cooking Functions

Cooking functions add up several kinds of food to prepare with your oven. DeLonghi EO241250M offers some great cooking functions, making your preparation versatile and flexible.

You can not only toast but also roast a chicken, make a pizza, bake a cake, make cookies, defrost, keep warm. There are also fan convection and heat convection for more flexibility.

Cooking Capacity

Although the DeLonghi EO241250M Livenza Oven isn’t a spacious convection oven, it still can hold a decent amount of food. And, thanks to four adjustable position racks, you can cook multiple types of foods at once.

24 liters or 8 cu. feet of cooking capacity allows you to toast six slices of bread, bake a 12 inches pizza, make a cake, or grill a 14-pound turkey at once. With it, you can easily prepare a family meal faster.

FAQs About DeLonghi EO241250M Oven

What is the temperature setting of the “Keep warm” of the oven?

The temperature in keep warm mood is set at 175 degrees F, and you can’t change it.

What does the meaning of ‘SOFT’ showing on the display of my machine?

It means that there is an error with the software program with your machine. By restarting the oven, You can solve this problem.

The beep alert is a bit annoying to me. Is there any way to mute it?

No, there’s no way to mute the sound of this machine.

What Power does the oven utilize?

It uses 1800 watts of power. And, thanks to that, it heats up pretty faster.
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Final Verdict

This is all about DeLonghi EO241250M. The oven is aesthetic, pretty compact, durable, and shows beast-like performance. It has everything you can hope for from an oven. Moreover, the capacity it provides is also decent.

That being said, the machine is also expensive. But, it’s understandable as you are buying a premium-grade machine from one of the most reliable home appliance manufacturers. So, that’s all for this DeLonghi EO241250M Review. I loved this product and recommended anyone to buy it.