Emeril Pressure Air Fryer Vs Ninja Foodi – Which is best?

Emeril Pressure Air Fryer Vs Ninja Foodi

Emeril and Ninja Foodi are two widely known household appliance manufacturers who are competing to outdo each other. Their air fryers are versatile and equipped with great features. Today we will compare some top Emeril pressure air fryers vs Ninja Foodi digital air fryers. And, find out which one suits your budget and provides you with the most value. 

I found Emeril every day 6 QT and Ninja Foodi OP302 are the two best multifunction air fryers at their price point. They are inexpensive, versatile, and user favorites. 

However, even though they are standing on equal ground, I prefer Ninja Foodi OP302. So, let us find out.

Why Is Ninja Foodi OP302 Better?

  • The Tender crisp technology of Ninja Foodi op302 enables you to cook ingredients faster and then gives your meal a crispy golden finish. Emeril 6QT also has the technology to do that. 
  • Pressure cooking with op302 is 70% faster than a traditional pressure cooker, and air frying uses 75% less fat than traditional frying methods.
  • Although the Ninja op302 is only a half quart bigger than Emeril 6QT, visually, it is more spacious, and the cooking pot is wider. 
  • It includes a dehydrator function to prepare yummy homemade snacks and cookies. 
  • Ninja Foodi comes with a one-year warranty covering the essential parts under home use. On the other hand, Emeril comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee only.
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Without a handful of features, you won’t find any differences between these two devices. Their price point is also the same. But, the Ninja has a more extended warranty than Emeril, which increases the reliability of this cooker. 

Emeril Pressure Air Fryer Vs Ninja Foodi – Specs of Ninja Foodi OP302 And Emeril 6QT

SpecificationEmeril 6QTNinja OP302


Emeril 6QT
Ninja OP302
Editors Rating4.6 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Dimensions 13.3 x 14.5 x 12.814.25 x 16.75 x 13.1
Manual Programs96

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What Are The Similarities And Differences Between Emeril 6QT And Ninja Foodi OP302?

What Are The Similarities And Differences Between Emeril 6QT And Ninja Foodi OP302

Despite being from different bands, These two multifunctional devices share several similarities. Both of them can – pressure cook, air fry, cook rice, slow cook, steam, sous cook, steam, sous vide, make yogurt, bake, roast, saute, grill, or broil. 

Now let’s go deep to see more similarities and differences between these devices. 


Both of these devices are pretty bigger than regular pressure cookers on the market. It’s understandable, too, as they are several machines in one device. 

Ninja OP302 measures 14.25 x 16.75 x 13.1. It is more significant than Emeril 6QT, which is 13.3” (D) x 12.8” (W) x 14.5” (H). They both take a considerable amount of space on your countertop.   

Plus point having a bigger size, you can cook enough food for a large family. For that, the Foodi comes with a 6.5-quart ceramic-coated pot, a 4-quart cook, and a crisp basket that can contain up to 5 lbs of chicken. 

The Emeril Everyday Pressure air fryer has a little less capacity than the Ninja op302. It has a 6-quarts stainless steel cooking pot, which is PTFE/ PFOA-free. An XL air fryer basket also comes with the device. 


Buying separate devices for pressure cooking, air frying, and steaming wastes money and space. But, Ninja op302 and Emeril 6QT chase this problem by including versatile functions. 

Ninja op302 simplifies several machines into one device with programmable functions. Now, it can be used as an oven, steamer, roaster, dehydrator, and slow cooker. Moreover, Tender crisp technology makes cooking faster. 

On the other hand, the Emeril pressure air fryer advertises itself as a 12-in-1 appliance. It has 44 present functions available, making it an expert for every situation. And, you can do more with it than Ninja op302. But is having more options better? To know this, we have to consider-

User Friendliness

Usually, any multifunction devices are hard to operate for everyday folks. Same with these devices. They are more complicated to operate than other top pressure cookers.

The Ninja has simplified its functions and engulfed them in a few leveled buttons and a knob. On the other hand, Emeril 6QT is overwhelming with functions and options and making it complicated for beginners.

And, the majority of users won’t even use all the functions even once. In the end, only a handful of functions are going to be used daily. So, the 6QT is not even close to Ninja op302 in terms of user-friendliness.


Both the Ninja op302 and Emeril 6QT are more expensive than other top pressure cookers. But thinking a bit, if you were to buy a pressure cooker and air fryer separately, you would have to spend much more.

In that case, these multi-purpose devices are cost-effective. They are at similar price points. But, you get more functions with Emeril than Ninja. On the other hand, the Ninja is neat, and easy to operate.


The removable parts of Ninja Foodie op302 are dishwasher-safe. Moreover, the cooking pot has a non-stick coating. So, cleaning is quite easy.

However, the base of the cooker needs manual cleaning using cleaning tools. The crisping lid stays clean in the air frying mode. But, if food splatters at it, cleaning it would be an annoying job. Same as Ninja, the Emeril Pressure air fryer cooking pot is nonstick and dishwasher-safe. So, it’s also easy to clean.

Which One is Best Between Ninja Foodie OP302 And Emeril 6QT

Without a doubt, both pressure cookers/air fryers are excellent on their way. Whereas Ninja op302 provides more space and user-friendliness, Emeril 6QT offers more functionality. Price points are the same too.

But, if something has a huge difference is reliability. Ninja provides a three years warranty for actual parts under everyday home uses. On the other hand, Emeril 6QT offers only a 90 days cash-back guarantee.

Moreover, Ninja’s manufacturer company SharkNinja is a US-based company, whereas Emeril is a Chinese-based company. So, customer services are also not at the same level.

So, I recommend the Ninja op302. But, the actual Emeril air fryer is not bad. You can understand this by a glance at Amazon reviews. They are filled with positive reactions.

What Users Are Saying About Ninja Foodie OP302

The Ninja Foodi op302 is one of the top-rated pressure cookers and air fryers at its price point. Customers are pretty satisfied with the product. 

After holding and lifting it for the first time, you may think, what have you brought?  This machine is big and quite heavy. That also ensures the materials of this device are top quality. 

Users love the crispy golden finish of this device. Some praised highly of how easy using the Ninja Foodi AG302 is! It also comes with a cooking book, which has 45 cooking recipes. 

Overall, the device can fulfill its purpose. Although some users complain about getting broken or used machines, contacting customer service would quickly sort out these kinds of uses. Ninja’s customer service is the best.

Some other top-notch Ninja Foodi vs Emeril Pressure Air Fryer

Those two pressure cookers/air fryers are excellent at a low price point. Now, let’s see some other best devices of Ninja and Emeril.

1. Ninja Foodi AG301 Air Fryer

Ninja Foodi AG301 Air Fryer

Ninja Foodi AG301 is one of the most expensive indoor grills and air fryers. But it has a huge fan base for good reasons. 

This Ninja Foodi AG301 indoor grill can do various cooking tasks, but it offers an excellent searing, providing up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit heat. Its BTU even reaches the level of outdoor grills. 

Overall, This Ninja is an excellent grilling machine with air frying capabilities, expanding its usability in various tasks. You can grill, air fry, bake, roast, and dehydrate with this one appliance. 

Features of Ninja Foodi AG301

  • Versatility: Ninja Foodi AG301 is a grill that sears, sizzles, and air fry crisps. 
  • High Heat: The temperature of this indoor grill can reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to sear excellently. 
  • Cyclonic Grill Technology: It makes the food perfectly cooked on the inside and char-grilled on every side. 
  • BTU: With the cooking power of an outdoor grill, AG302 brings outdoor grilling flavor to your countertop. 
  • Fast: You can transform foods from frozen to correctly char-grilled in 25 minutes. 
  • Warranty: It comes with a one-year warranty, and the warranty is expandable.
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Indoor grills are not that expensive. But, if you need a grill more than just a grill, the Ninja foodie indoor grill is worth the extra expense. It is also a good option for anyone who wants an outdoor grilling test, even in the colder months.

The device itself is pretty big but not as big as an outdoor grill space. It has a 10″ x 10″ grill grate, 4 quarts crisper basket, and 6-quart cooking pot. So, it can hold up to four hamburgers, two-three steaks, or five-six thighs at a time. 

As for the disadvantage, the device needs quite a time to heat up, unlike other indoor grills. And, despite featuring smokeless technology, some users complained that it makes their whole house smokey. Other than that, this device is flawless. 

2. Ninja Foodi FD401 Air Fryer

Ninja FD401 Pressure Cooker Air Fry

The highest-rated Ninja Multifunctional device on Amazon has 4.8 stars with over 16000 people rating. This machine is not only highly recommended by users but also highly praised by experts. 

The Ninja Foodi FD401 is significant and can hold a large amount of food. This multifunctional device allows you to pressure cook, air fry, broil, sear, steam, dehydrate, make yogurt, bake, and such. 

Now, let’s see what feature this outstanding grill has to offer –

Features of Ninja Foodi FD401

  • Versatile Pressure Cooker: A deluxe pressure cooker that can also do crisp and other tasks.
  • TenderCrisp Technology: This technology allows cook ingredients faster and gives a crispy, golden air-fryer finish.
  • Large Capacity: It comes with an 8-quart cooking pot and a 5-quart cook and crisp basket.
  • 9-IN-1: This device can handle nine cooking tasks just by itself.
  • Cooking Book: The recipe book that comes with it contains inspiring 45 delicious recipes.
  • Safety features: The Ninja Foodi FD401 rigorous safety features ensure your peace of mind.
  • Warranty: One-year expandable warranty to ensure the longevity of this pressure cooker.
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The Ninja Foodi fd401 is perfect in every angle, without the large size, for me. The device needs a minimum of 16 inches in circumference height. With the crisp lid open, you need a total of 24 inches in circumference.

Because of the lack of space on my countertop, I need to pull it out every time I cook from under the cabinet. Anyways, if you have enough space, you will instantly love this device.

Using the machine is quite simple. Despite being a multifunctional device, Ninja kept the user interface simple. Cleaning doesn’t also require additional hardship.

An excellent cooking book comes with it, which has more than 45 inspiring recipes. Some of these recipes are only possible with the fd401. The model is a little expensive, but considering everything, it’s saving you money.

3. Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360

Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360

The Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360 is an all-in-one cooking appliance with 12 cooking functions in a single gadget. It can make crisp french fries, roast a 10-pound turkey, dehydrate fruits, bake cakes, toast bread, slow-cooking, warming foods, and many more.

It gives foods a crispy, gold finish. And advertised to replace traditional ovens, air fryers, slow cookers, dehydrators, and even microwaves. The machine itself is large and doesn’t require hard effort to operate.

Features of Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360

  • Commercial-oven: 5 all-over heating systems provide commercial-quality oven cooking.
  • Pre-set Functions: With 12 pre-set cooking functions, you can choose what you want to cook and how.
  • Slow-cooking: This device allows you to slow-cook your dishes for up to 10 hours.
  • 360° Cooking: The 360° cooking technology makes your meal cook evenly on all sides.
  • No extras: You don’t need to add extra fats, oils, or unhealthy grease with this device.
  • Versatile LCD display: The LCD lets you know what operation is going on with color changes.
  • Durable Construction: The AirFryer is made of stainless steel to ensure longevity.
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The Emeril AirFryer 360 is quite large, maybe too large for some kitchens. But, you can prepare foods for a large family with it, as it offers 930 cubic inches capacity.

It works with 360° Quick Cook Technology – has five heating elements on every side and a fan to circulate hot air surrounding the food from every angle. And, there are also tons of functions.

Despite all of that, the machine is easygoing because of its user-friendly display. But, one thing you are going to complain about is how tricky cleaning this gadget is.

Emeril Everyday 360 Deluxe Air Fryer Oven

The Emeril every day 360 Deluxe Air Fryer Oven is similar to the previous air fryer without the size of this machine. This model is more significant, has more capacity, and is more expensive.

Rather than that, both devices share similar features and functions. Another difference can be seen in accessories. Emeril 360 Deluxe Air Fryer comes with a complete set of accessories, including all the necessary tools you require to keep your device running.

Final Verdict

Whatever you chose, Ninja or Emeril, both are incredible depending on the user’s perspective. Both bands are well known for their top-quality products.  If Ninja is offering simplicity, Emeril is providing more functionality.

The only thing Emeril is missing – is reliability. Their products are distributed from a long distant South Asia. And, they don’t provide a long-term warranty.

On the other hand, Ninja is a Boston-based company. Their products offer a one-year warranty. Additionally, you can expand the warranty.