Fuego F24C Professional Propane Gas Grill Review

Fuego F24C Professional Propane Gas Grill Review

Looking for a gas grill with a different design? Try the Fuego F24C Professional Propane Gas Grill, a  round gas grill with a compact footprint. It has many impressive grill features but some disadvantages as well.

It’s an unlikely shaped grill, something you won’t find in a regular home or even from a local kitchen appliance outlet. Find out if the Fuego F24C Professional could be your next grill or it may just be another garden ornament.

Noticeable Features of this Grill

  • Large grilling space with main grill and warming shelf
  • Can accommodate 20 hamburger patties at a time
  • It is compact and ideal for cooking in a small apartment, condo or rental
  • Needs assembly but you only need to spare 20 minutes to do everything
  • With 26,500 BTU double-zone burner useful for direct and indirect cooking
  • Cover has a hinged design for easy drop through
  • Cleanup is a breeze because of this grill’s size
  • With a clasp-door closure system
  • With hinged propane tank door
  • Comes with electronic ignition
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Large cooking space despite the size
Compact ideal for small spaces
Hinged lid
Easy to clean
Easy to take anywhere
Needs assembly
Thin grill walls

Compare the Fuego F24C Professional vs Smoke Hollow 205 Tabletop Propane Gas Grill

Many compare the Fuego F24C to another surprisingly small Smoke Hollow 205 stainless steel gas grill. The reason for the comparison is that both grills appear to be small but has a large cooking space when unraveled.

Smoke Hollow 205 Tabletop Propane Gas Grill
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However, the Fuego F24C has a larger cooking space compared to only 205 square inches for the Smoke Hollow grill.  The Fuego grill is a grill with a stylish cart while the Smoke Hollow is a tabletop grill that folds like a suitcase. And all-in-all, the Fuego F24C is your grill for an upright, cart-type grill while Smoke Hollow is for an easy-to-carry/transport anywhere grill.

Key Features of the Fuego F24C Professional Propane Gas Grill

What Users Saying About the Fuego F24C Professional Propane Gas Grill

Large cooking space despite its size

The Fuego F24C looks like an alien spacecraft, small and unlikely a kitchen appliance. But when you open the grill lid, you’ll find a large cooking area at 525 square inches (main area and warming rack) which can grill up to 20 large burgers all at once. It has a compact design, a large lid, and is ideal for smoking and grilling in a small apartment space, balcony or RV.

Versatile smoker/grill

This is a versatile smoker that will not just smoke food but will also grill, broil, bake, and more. It comes with a combined 26,500 BTU which is powerful enough to cook different foods in many different ways.

Stylish appearance

No doubt that this grill looks stylish. You might even mistake this for a work of art! You won’t mind adding this to your modern-style backyard or patio or even store it inside in case the weather becomes awry.

Easy to clean

One thing about small grills is that they are easier to clean. Even without some kind of convenient grease drainage system, you can use this more efficiently and clean quickly. The lid of this grill also helps make cleaning easier. It has a 45 degree hinged lid to avoid reaching over and this is easier to clean with a drop-through grease and residue removal feature.

Easy to keep away when not in use

Because of its size and design, it is very easy to take away and keep. If you are done the cooking, clean the grill and store it away. Assembly is easier too. You only need to screw everything in place using 20 screws to assemble the grill.

What Users Saying About the Fuego F24C Professional Propane Gas Grill

Users of the Fuego F24C Propane Gas Grill is a professional gas grill that’s popular among people who live in a small space like a condo, apartment unit or dormitory. People who have used it were also surprised by the size of its cooking area which was unexpected because of its small size. 

Many agreed that it was easy to use, easy to clean and maintain and easy to store. Meanwhile, those who are not so happy about their purchase say that the reason for this is that the grill is made of very light and flimsy material. It was also a headache to assemble despite the manufacturer claiming that it is easy to do so.

What is the disadvantage of a Fuego F24C Professional Propane Gas Grill?

As there are many great features of the Fuego F24C Professional Propane Gas Grill there are also some flaws. First, it needs a serious assembly. You really need to spend time screwing the parts together. And even with the step by step instructions found on the package, it is a challenge to do so. Losing one screw means you won’t be able to use this grill anymore.

Another disadvantage is that the grill body/walls look very thin, thinner than other grills in the market. This may be a sign that this grill may not be as durable as expected. A thin-walled grill may not be as efficient in maintaining the right temperature and may not be as durable as well.

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Final Verdict

The Fuego F24C Professional Propane Gas Grill is a gas grill that has a unique design. It also looks small but it comes with a large grill body. The grilling area is so large that you can cook 20 burger patties in one go. It also has a large lid, easy to pushcart with locking wheels and easy to use design.

No doubt that this grill looks stylish but it is the right size for grilling at home, in an apartment, small space dormitory or in a balcony.  But there are some disadvantages to take note of as well.

The Fuego F24C needs serious assembly before use. You need to screw the parts together, which is something that’s too complicated to do.  But if you don’t mind assembling parts together and the compact design then the Fuego F24C propane gas grill may be the gas grill you have been looking for.

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