Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 Review – What makes you think about it?

Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 Review

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, clean exterior and well-performing air fryer toaster oven? If not an exception, you will surely like to read this Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 review.

Impressed by the time I took it out of the box, Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 has almost everything you can ask for from a toaster oven. Different cooking moods and large temperature control ranges let you cook a vast array of foods. Industry-standard technologies provide you the top-notch results.

The GTH12A09S2EWAC18 isn’t a small device, so it offers an enormous capacity to cook several types of foods at once. And, the eight presets make it convenient enough. However, what makes you think about your decision for a few more minutes.

But, don’t worry, in this review, all of your answers will be cleared, and you will be ready to make a selection. So, let’s go with it.

Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 review – Noticeable Features At A Glance

Totalfry 360 Technology: Ensure better, healthier, and better-tasting foods with this new technology of Galanz.

Spacious Interior: Prepare the whole meal for your family at one go at the 26-quart wide cooking surface.

Preset: Cook your favorite dish in just one touch with the eight presets.

Beautiful Exterior: The clean but beautiful stainless steel look complements any kitchen decoration.

Fast Cooking: With the 1800 watts powerful motor, cook your food at a quicker rate.

Large Display: Switch between functions, time, and temperature with the large LED display.

Interior Light: The light inside lets you see what your food is doing, even in a dark environment.

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Comparison Between Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 And COSORI Air Fryer

Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 AirFryerCOSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo
 Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 air fryer COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo
Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 ‘s 26-quart cooking surface can hold 9 inches of pizza, almost all pizza pans, and six toast slices.The Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo with 32-quart capacity can fit six slices of toast, a 13-inch pizza, or an entire chicken.
It can provide eight cooking services: air fry, dehydrate, pizza, toast, convection, broil, bake, and keep warm.You can do 12 types of cooking with the machine, including roast, air fry, toast, bagel, bake, broil, rotisserie, dehydrate, keep warm, and more.
With 1800 watts of powerful cooking motor, this convection air fryer cooks pretty quicker than ordinary countertop ovens.Utilizing an 1800-watt motor and five heating elements, the Cosori Air Fryer provides the fastest result among its peers.
The 90-minute dual-timer feature offers automated cooking, including the stay-on and auto shut-off features.It also offers a digital timer, auto shut-off, and after-cooking notifier features for hand-free cooking.
It stands at about 18.27‘’ W X 16.30‘’ D X 11.22‘’ H in overall dimension and weighs around 16 pounds.The unit’s overall size is 20 x 16.5 x 12 inches in WDH and weighs around 19.60 pounds.
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What Users Are Saying About Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 Air Fryer

It’s obvious to be impressed by a good machine. The same goes here. Users on Amazon are pretty optimistic about the device. You can see, it has got a 4.5-star rating from over six hundred users.

The first thing to notice about this Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 is its outstanding but straightforward appearance. The streamlined stainless steel exterior is also tough. Similarly, the control panel is also apparent with a big display.

Cooking done by this machine is pretty decent. You may know, this Galanz comes under ninety dollars. So, there are a few low-budget limitations. But, using technologies like Totalfry 360, this unit has been able to keep up its performance. Thanks to this feature, foods are evenly cooked and have a crispy lair over.

There are many things to brag about the best air fryer toaster oven if you want to. But, let’s stop here and see what the drawbacks users have faced with it. Firstly, the top and back outer surfaces aren’t insulated. So, it radiates a lot of heat here are there.

What is the Key Feature Of Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 Air Fryer

Key Feature Of Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 Air Fryer


Jumping out the box, GTH12A09S2EWAC18 Galanz gives off a majestic look with its clean but attractive outer appearance. I can’t say the machine is small, but still pretty compact. And, its hefty weights ensure the high-quality materials used in the machine.

The dimensions of the machine are 18.27‘’ in width, 16.30‘’ in depth, and 11.22‘’ in height. And weights over 16 lbs. The front pull-down glass door has a cooling handle for convenience.

From the inside, the top and bottom are stainless steel. But, the sides and back are only painted in black. And nothing has a non-stick coating.

Versatile Cooking

Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 offers versatile settings of a standard toaster oven with eight cooking functions. You can enjoy regular fried foods or bake a cake, roast a chicken. The functions include air fry, dehydrate, pizza, toast, convection, broil, bake, and keep warm.

Every one of these functions is demanded by a kitchen. Thanks to its ample cooking space, users can cook their favorite tasks at a bulk rate. With the racks, prepare multiple dishes at once.


The 1800 watts powerful engine, convection technology, and the Totalfry 360 technology make the machine one of the fastest air fryers on the market. Moreover, the device doesn’t require any preheating, thanks to its convection feature.

Besides being fast, the Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 air fryer provides a consistent and precise temperature. Totalfry 360 ensure foods are cooked evenly from every side. And, its 60-minute dual timer offers automatic cooking. Along with the presets, cooking with the Galanz is simple and extremely easy.

FAQs About Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 Air Fryer

Do both top and bottom heating elements turn on while backing?

Yes, while you bake, both heating elements operate. And only one stays active while boiling.

Can you fit a 9×13 inches pan inside it?

The interior is 13.5″ wide and 12″ deep. So, 9×13 inches pan without a pan can fit barely.

What is the condition of the interior? Does it make stainless steel?

The top and bottom of the interior are stainless steel. Whereas the sides and back are only painted in black, but not non-stick cooking. And, the included rack is stainless steel.

Does any recipe books come with it?

No, at this moment, it doesn’t come with recipe books. But, the manufacturers said to add one. And, you can find many recipes on their social media sites.
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Final Verdict

So, what makes the Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 so worthwhile? Firstly, it is a pretty compact convection toaster oven that comes at a price tag. But, different from the cheap machines, the cooking quality and performance are outstanding. You won’t discover this quality of air fryers on the market much.

It also cooks a large amount of food. Diversity is also a great feature of the unit. But, it has quite a few flaws, but not a dealbreaker. So, if you are looking for a decent machine at a low cost, Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 is the best choice for you. That’s all for this Galanz GTH12A09S2EWAC18 review.