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10 Gas grill regulator problems and Solution

You’re going to prepare a party outside your home and get to know the flame is not coming out through the gas grill regulator, what else you can do to fix it? Before you know about the types of problems, let’s introduce with the gas grill regulator first.

The regulator directly comes out from the cylinder and allows gas to go to the burners of your gas grill. When it works well, you will get adequate gases and never fall short to cook your favorite dishes. Therefore, to keep a regulator that works perfectly is mandatory. The problems are obvious, and you can sort it out. However, you may need to replace with the new regulator.

Gas grill regulator problems and Solution

Today, we will show you how you may fall in trouble with the regulator and from this article you will get to know every single gas grill regulator problem, so keep reading from below:

Anatomy of gas grill regulator

Regulator brings gas from your LP tank and connects to your gas grill, this is a common function of it. It looks like a silver-colored disc and it has two part, one part end connects up to the propane tank and the other part’s end hooks up to the propane grill.

Gas grill regulator problems and Solution

So normally it works hooking up to the LP cylinder, where you can see popliteal fits and a sprint of the diaphragm inside there. It means, the spring pushes forward and there you will find an adjusting screw what is located underneath of it.

Types of regulators

Normally regulators come with two types one is single-hosed, and the other is double-hosed. The single hosed regulator is the most common that we can see in the used parts on grills and it comes with 60,000 BTUs of gas.

On the other hand, if you have a side burner, you will need the dual-hosed regulator. It forms like a Y shape like two hosen are coming directly out of the regulator itself and joining together. This both part can be work together and also, interchangeable.

Whenever you have more than three burners; then you will need a high flow regulator to work. In that case, the Y shaped double regulator comes in handy to let out up to 90,000 BTUs of gas.

Common problems you can sort out

There are some common problems relate to the regulator that every user can find when they will undergo using it over some time. Let’s discuss it below here:

Gas grill regulator problems and Solution

  • First of all, you need to examine a few things and start with low heat functioning. Do you have a low heat that is coming from your burners? Besides, when you turn it on a high level, you don’t find the flame that much’ right? In that case, first of all, have a visual check on your burners first, and then there are no holes. So when you are sure about that the burners don’t have any hole and the burners look good then, it is high time to change your regulator, not your burners.
  • Secondly, if you can examine that the burners light up unevenly, for instance, the burners stand on the far away from flickers or it hardly lights up and the middle burner comes with low flame, the left one has an average looking flame then it is high time to change the regulator with the new one.
  • Thirdly, over the period from the pre-heating situation, your gas grill doesn’t get enough hit, and it goes up from this week to next-next week. Suppose, this week it takes like 12 min to get proper hit, and then it increases up to 16 min to the next week then it is time to bring with the new regulator.
  • Finally, you may face a problem with the bypass valve. The bypass valve is the internal part of a regulator may become stuck. When it happens, you can see that the gas fails to reach the burners.

Anonymous cases

There are some uncommon and special gas grill regulator problems you may find, and in those circumstances, you won’t find the regulator work. They are:

Gas grill regulator problems and Solution

  • When the hosed manifold in your grill or join to the valve and in that case, you can not unscrew the hose from the grill. Therefore, you need to contact your manufacturer and take help from them to replace the entire valve system.
  • The male fitting hose is another uncommon situation that connects the grill.
  • When you are using a natural grill, hence there is no regulator available.
  • A regulator that comes with more larger or the smaller pipe measuring 3/8″ flare. Besides, that translates  5/8″ inner diameter measurement. However, the good news is it is the easiest and cheapest gateway to fix it, so don’t worry at all.

Precautions and solutions of regulator problems

Not all regulators are coming from the same quality and some of them are low quality and cheap. So the probability goes up to break-in easily and lasts shorter than you have expected. There is some precaution you can take to lessen the problems and some solution there would solve them. What they are? Let’s discuss it below:

Precautions and solutions of regulator problems

Gas Leaks

Most of the time, user find the gas leak in their hose. In that case, shut down the valve on and remove the regulator from the tank. The gas leaks from it may occur for several reasons. Whenever you outside make sure that your pet doesn’t chew it or do something that causes it.

The solution to it is simple, and you don’t need to bring an expert. Plunge it on soapy water at the same time ensure that the burners are off and then if there is any leak in the regulator, the bubbles will make sure of it. After that, confirm the location of leakage.

Make sure the tightening

Gas regulators can use manually attachable and detachable from the gas tank. Therefore, you need to be responsible to tighten it properly using a wrench. On the flip side, whenever you see them, it is stuck and doesn’t open up then spray a liquid lubricant over the threads. The lubricant will help to loosen it, but it takes an hour to penetrate, so take your time.

Regulator replacement

When the handmade job isn’t working to fix the problem, then, go for the replacement. Whenever you can see the steps shown above don’t work, then you should replace the regulator. Hence, you can purchase the regulator from the nearest authorized retailer for your particular type of gas grill. On the other hand, you can get the universal type of regulator too.


When you buy a gas grill keep in your mind once in a lifetime, you will face a problem of gas grill regulator. We have already discussed all of them. Try to buy a gas grill in which you will get quality parts, so the regulator tends to remain good and lasts longer. Also, make sure some precaution, and follow our tips to avoid gas grill regulator problems. The overall performance of a regulator is at your own risk, so never forget it.

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