8 Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting And Guide

Green Mountain Grills have become one of the most famous brands of pellet grills in the market. These grill modes come with enticing features such as the WiFi option and efficient temperature control.

While they are known to be durable and efficient, you should still know something about Green Mountain Grill troubleshooting. This way, you will be able to solve any simple issue that may come along. Being able to fix things on your own will save you money and time.

8 Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting And Guide

Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting

GMG Grill Troubleshooting

Problems do come often at those times you are not expecting them to come along. For instance, you have planned today a beach excursion for tomorrow. The big day comes, and you’re about to use your GMG Prime Grill Davy Crockett only to find that there’s something to fix in it. If you know a little about Green Mountain Grill troubleshooting, you can save yourself from further inconveniences that can stop you from having fun with your loved ones or friends. It’s time to learn now what you can do when your grill is in trouble.

Green Mountain Grill Problems

The following are the common issues that most GMG grill models encounter and how to fix them:

1. Uneven Heat

You can resolve this by adjusting a little bit the heat shield’s position. Slide it to the warm side in 1/4-inch increments and take note of any temperature change. Once you got the ideal placement of the heat shield, measure the space from it to the grill’s left wall. This way, you can repeat the correct positioning if you transfer the grill.

2. Grill Doesn’t Light

This issue can be due to:

  • Insufficient ash in your firebox. Let the ash cool first before cleaning them.
  • Pellets overfilled your firebox. Avoid repetitive turning on and off your grill. The igniter will not light the pellets if the air can’t flow freely within the ignition chamber.
  • Malfunctioned combustion fan. The fan blades should turn freely. Replace them if necessary.
  • Empty firebox due to a defective auger.
  • The igniter is defective.

3. Low Pellet Alarm Constantly Beeps

Disconnect the alarm and reconnect it from the rear of the control panel. If the problem persists, you have a broken alarm. Replace it.

4. No Power to Display

Inspect the power source for a tripped breaker or GFCI. Unplug the grill before checking the parts. Unscrew the head screws in the front control panel, then pull the panel towards you. Allow the panel to hang. Look at the back of the power switch and check for loose wire clips.

If the problem persists, inspect the fuse. Look for a red wire from the key plug on your control board with the black fuse holder. With both hands, twist the fuse holder in the counter-clockwise direction to open it. Check the fuse and see if it’s broken or burnt. Inspect also the filament. Make sure it’s intact.

5. Clicking Sound

Sometimes, the wires under the hopper assembly move and block the auger motor fan. Check the underneath for wire obstruction and move it apart from the auger fan blade. It should stop the clicking sound.

If there’s a clicking sound while the auger is not running, it indicates a stripped gear within the gearbox, and the auger motor needs replacement.

6. Jamming Auger

Turn your grill into a “0” cycle and observe the small white fan connected to the auger motor’s end. If it is not running or ran but eventually stopped, it indicates an auger jam. When the fan rotates even without the pellets feeding to the burn pot, it could mean the pellets bridged up through the intake for auger tube or something damaged in auger assembly.

7. Green Mountain Grill WiFi Problems

The first thing to do is reset the grill and attempting to update it. This is necessary for two reasons:

  • Make sure you have the newest firmware because the previous versions don’t support WiFi mode.
  • If your attempt to update it is a success, it means you’ve got your grill on home WiFi. If the WiFi mode is still not working, it means there is a problem locating your grill.
  • Please confirm these things after resetting your grill and attempting to update it:
  • Be sure you’ve tried resetting the router several times.
  • Ensure that the GMG network’s signal is strong when it stands next to the home router.
  • Be sure that the range is not a problem and the grill antenna is okay.
  • Make sure you use the 2.4 GHz band on the dual-band router.
  • Be sure there’s no “!” in the password or SSID. For security purposes, use numbers and letters only until it works. Older versions don’t accept special characters.
  • Use WPA, preferably WPA2_AES encryption, for your password. WPA is the recent standard and safer compared to WEP.
  • The password should be less than forty characters.

8. Green Mountain Grill Temperature Control

Green Mountain Grills comes with a mobile application. This mobile app is important as it lets you adjust the temperature and remain connected to your unit even while you’re at a distance from it for some minutes.

With this mobile application, you can easily set the timers, control the temperatures for both the food and your grill, make several cooking profiles, and get alerts regarding your grill. GMG grills do come with digital controllers offering several features, such as the low pellet alarm that will alert you if you need to add more fuel.

Also, it comes with the hot start mode when the power fails, a temperature control ranging from 150 to 500 degrees, a food probe that guarantees accurate, safe temperatures, and the end of the cook fan mode that will cool the grill down and exhaust the ash from your firebox for a cleaning purpose.

Sum it up

Knowing how to troubleshoot the simple issues that can occur on your GMG unit will save you from headaches and inconveniences. Keep in mind what you have learned from here today, and you’ll be glad that you did.

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