Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127 – Why old model 31126 is best?

Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127

Hamilton Beach 31126 and 31127, two countertop ovens of Hamilton, were released back to back without many differences. People got confused while choosing them. So, here I’m with these Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127 reviews.

Hamilton Beach 31126 and 31127 have almost no difference (except one or two). Even their price is in the same range. Anyways, if you don’t know, they are two excellent compact countertop ovens. They come with versatile features and do a great job as a substitute for a full-size oven.

I like the older model – Hamilton Beach 31126 as it offers something extra despite being at the same price point. So, with no delay, let’s start with –

Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127 – Why Should You Buy Hamilton Beach 31126?

  • Hamilton Beach 31126 comes with convection technology, which reduces the cooking time by 30% at max. But, the Hamilton 31127 doesn’t have this technology.
  • The roll-over top door of 31126 simplified the access for the food inside the oven. That means you can easily put in or out foods in the oven.
  • Thanks to that, food doesn’t split on the door, and the machine is relatively easy to clean.
  • It is pretty spacious, and easily contains 6 slices of bread and 12 inches of pizza.
  • You get four types of functions with this machine – bake, broil, toast, and convenience for faster air circulation throughout the oven.
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All of these functions are also available within Hamilton beach 31127 except for the conviction. It’s a handy feature to cook faster. Anyways, they both come at the same price ( maybe one or two dollars difference). You can even grab them for under a hundred dollars on sale.

SpecificationHamilton 31126Hamilton 31127


Hamilton 31126
Hamilton 31127
Dimensions10.76 x 16.75 x 19.7615.24 x 18.74 x 9.41
Weight5.9 lbs11.4 lbs
Cooking Functions 43
Temperature (Max)450ºF450ºF
Capacity9” x 11” bake pan9” x 11” bake pan
Editor’s Rating 4.44.3

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What Are The Similarities And Differences of Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127?

What Are The Similarities And Differences of Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127

The ovens are similar except for a handful of differences. Some differences even doesn’t matter. So, let’s dive deep into this, starting with the –


They have the same fundamental design. But, the 31127 is slightly smaller than the 31126 model. It measures 9.41 inches in height, 18.74 inches in width, and 15.24 inches in depth. On the other hand, 31126 is 10.76 x 16.75 x 19.76 inches(HDW). But, strangely, the Hamilton 31127 is double-weighted than 31126. The 31126 is only 5.99 pounds, whereas the 31127 is 11.4 pounds.

Both of them are made with stainless steel and feel the same in quality. But I guess the 31127 is a little better as it weighs so much.

Anyway, both have analog interfaces, just three knobs to control the entire setting; no display, no buttons. That makes it easy to operate. But, I would like a more digital interface oven; still, it’s okay.

Both machines come only in one color – silver. As they have a small footprint, it won’t take a lot of space on your countertop. On top of it, the roll-top door ensures less cleaning.


Despite looking small, Hamilton Beach 31126 and 31127 offer a spacious interior. Thus, its cooking area can contain a lot of things at once.

They offer a 9 x 11 inches baking pan, enough for six slices of toast, or a 12 inches of pizza to fit easily. Two rack positions ensure cooking more food.

Advanced Heating Technology

What makes these Hamiltons better than most other countertop ovens is their advanced heating technology. This heating system is very different from conventional ovens.

In these machines, the heating elements are located on top and bottom instead of the center of the oven. Thus, ensure the food is heated and cooked evenly. Both machines are equipped with this feature.

But, Hamilton 31126 has a fan to distribute the heat inside the machine. The fan is not available with 31127.

Roll Top Door

The roll-top door makes it easy for users to access the food inside the oven. Moreover, it also ensures your safety.

It’s pretty common for users to get burned with the traditional oven doors. But, this doesn’t happen with roll-top doors, as they are out of your way when you are taking out the food. And, the chance of food splitting on the door is none. So, you don’t need to clean the machine very frequently.

Versatile Cooking

This option is only available with Hamilton 31126, thanks to its convection option. The 31127 can do both traditional and convection cooking without needing any additional add-ons.

Other settings are available in both ovens, like baking, broiling, and toasting. All the features are easy to access, just with a switch of a knob. Moreover, the machines are pretty fast at cooking.


Here is the point which changed Hamilton 31126 from 31127. Hamilton Beach 31126 is a convection toaster oven, while the 31127 is a regular toaster oven.

The difference between a convection toaster and a regular one is that – it has a fan inside the machine which circulates the hot air and cooks faster. A convection oven is 30% faster than any traditional oven.

FAQs About the Hamilton Beach 31126

Does it get hot outside?

No, it’s not getting hot outside, but just warm. The oven has a double wall. But, if you use it at max temperature for an hour or so, the device will get quite hot. And, it’s not recommended with any toaster oven.

What is the wattage it operates?

Both Hamilton are rated at 1400 watts.

My fan makes a loud sound when warming up. Is there any problem with it?

This a common incident with many users. Their machine was nearly silent for 6-8 months and then started making a loud noise. If it happens with you just for 3-4 minutes as the machine is warming up, then you don’t need to worry.
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Final Verdict

The result is clear. Even so, let me sum up everything up until now. First, the 31126 and 31127 are pretty impressive at a budget-friendly cost. And they are similar in every way.

But Hamilton Beach 31126 has the upper hand for its convection feature. This feature helps the device to cook faster and evenly from every side. So, I recommended it to you.