Hamilton Beach Air Fryer 35070 Review – What recent users saying?

Hamilton Beach Air Fryer 35070 Review

If you love to cook in different ways but don’t want to mess up your countertop with multiple appliances, then you are in the right spot! Today I’m going to introduce the Hamilton Beach Air Fryer 35070 – a multifunctional air fryer oven with extensive cooking capabilities and, a compact design.

Hamilton Beach 35070 comes with the capability to replace six countertop appliances by itself alone. It features eight one-touch preset programs within an easily controllable LCD control panel.

With three rack positions for three mesh trays, it can cook large family meals while consuming minimal space on your countertop.

Nonetheless, after an average usage, one of my friends found that the instructions and presets given on the guide for manual functions are inadequate to comprehend for freshers.

However, this is a pesky problem that isn’t troublesome if you cook with the presets from the control panel. Let’s find out more at this Hamilton Beach air fryer 35070 Review.

Hamilton Beach 35070 Review – Notable Features At A Glance

  • Cook a variety of dishes with the power of six appliances and eight preset cooking functions through Hamilton Beach 35070 air fryer.
  • With an easy view glass window and an interior light, you can keep an eye over your foods from the safe zone.
  • Hamilton Beach air-fryer oven features a powerful hot airflow circulation technology that makes crispy air fries with minimal oil.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use LCD control panel that allows hassle-free temperature, time & function management.
  • Hamilton Beach 35070 includes a set of necessary accessories (3 Mesh Shelves, a drip tray, rotating basket, rotisserie lifter) for convenient usage.
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Compare Hamilton Beach 35070 Air Fryer Oven and PowerXL HF-196DT Maxx Air Fryer

If you need to comprehend air fryer toaster ovens comprehensively, I may assist you. Here I’ll concisely present two quality air fryer ovens with nearly equivalent specifications. Let’s have a glimpse at the comparison chart below!

Hamilton Beach 35070 OvenPowerXL HF-196DT Maxx Air Fryer
Hamilton Beach Air Fryer 35070 Review
PowerXL HF-196DT Maxx Air Fryer
Hamilton Beach 35070 features a 1700 wattage powerful air circulation engine that quickly and efficiently makes tasty dishes.PowerXL HF-196DT also has 1700 watts of cooking power and rapid air technology to deliver multiple dishes quickly.
It comes with a customizable timer for up to 60 minutes so that your favorite dish preparation doesn’t get stuck in the middle.The HF-196DT doesn’t mention any specific timer, but it does work precisely for the preset functions.
The Hamilton Beach Air Fryer 35070 furnishes a whopping 11.6 Quart cooking interior that works excellent for preparing large meals.It stands slightly backward with a 7-quart cooking interior for meal preparation for small to middle families.
It features eight preset cooking functions, and they all are easily accessible & customizable from the bright LCD control panel.Power XL Classic features just seven cooking presets, and it missed out on the function of a dehydrator.
Hamilton Beach 35070 is 13.53 inches in length, 12.74 inches in width, 15.4 inches in height, and weighs about 5 pounds.PowerXL HF-196DT Maxx Air Fryer is 18.6 inches in length, 14 inches in width, 14 inches in height, and weighs approximately 3 lbs.

What Users Are Saying About Hamilton Beach 11.6 QT Digital Air Fryer Oven(35070)

Straight out of the box, Hamilton Beach 35070 air fryer gets ready for cooking. It requires a minimal assembly for included accessories and about 3-5 minutes for preheating. When it comes to cuisine, the versatility of eight presets and accurate temperature control pleased the users. From air frying to baking or broiling goods, it stands still with quality performance.

In extra features, it offers roasting, toasting, and dehydrating options as well. However, you have to rotate shelves while cooking for even cook, and I think that’s fine. You’d have to do the same in a large oven too. You need to flip some foods too, and that is okay because you have to do the same in a frying pan. Except for these tiny issues, Hamilton Beach 35070 is the best Air fryer under 100 dollars price tag.

What Are The Key Features Of Hamilton Beach Air Fryer 35070

What Are The Key Features Of Hamilton Beach Air Fryer 35070

Design & Built Quality

Hamilton beach 35070 11 Qt air fryer furnishes a compact and portable design with a smaller footprint that fits most modern countertops easily. It has a black hardened plastic outer part, and the inner part comes with a non-stick stainless steel panel.

On the top, it has a widespread LCD lit control panel containing all functions and modes. The inner part has three shelf positions, and they can fit dishes of multiple appliances. The black furnish gives it an elegant look in modern kitchens.

Versatile Usage

The Hamilton Beach Air Fryer 35070 stands out with eight preset cooking functions and many convenient settings in terms of versatility. It can make crispy french fries, bake beef & fish, roast chicken, dehydrate veggies & fruits, etc.

Three mesh shelves, a rotisserie rack, baking pan, crumb tray, and accessories add magic to your versatile dish preparation. It’s a robust air fryer, toaster stove, roaster, pizza furnace, dehydrator, and sandwich producer all in one.

Cooking Performance

As mentioned earlier, the 1700 watt powerful engine circulates hot airflow throughout the interior and prepares food with little to no oil. Moreover, Hamilton Beach air fryer 35070 features a superheat 400-degree Fahrenheit maximum heat for quick cooking.

It has a decent 60 minutes timer along with the presets over the control panel. Besides, if you require a specific temperature & timer for preferable recipes, you can easily customize them in the middle. The interior light & easy-view window allows you to get perfectly browned results every time.

Ease Of Usage

The Hamilton Beach 11 QT digital Air Fryer is very smooth to use. It has three shelves which will cook quite a bit at the same time. The metal-made drip or crumb tray is effortless to clean. The food arrives crispy on the surface and delicate & soft on the inside. After all, the easy-to-understand control panel is the thing that adds hassle-free cooking.

FAQ About Hamilton Beach 11.6 Quart Air Fryer 35070

Does this air fryer have an automatic shutoff?

Once the timer goes off, cooking time ends. You can safely leave it plugged in on the counter when not in use.

How to use the pizza oven feature?

If you are preparing your pizza dough, it would fit one of the mesh shelves or a small pan providing the oven. If you place the pizza on the mesh shelf, using the thin paper liners would be best to set the pizza on.

What About the manufacturer warranty?

This appliance will include a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer will include warranty details in the provided use and maintenance manual.

How long does it require to turn on?

After 2 seconds of plugging in, the screen should light up and beep. Then the power button stays lit to touch it and set the temperature and time for the item you are cooking.

How many heating elements and where are they located?

Hamilton Beach 35070 has one heating element, and it is at the top of the oven.

Final Verdict

Retailing at just under 100 dollars, this Hamilton Beach Air Fryer 35070 is a mini conqueror of your countertop. With my thoughts, I’ve combined recent customer opinions from Amazon as well.

I haven’t found any significant flaws, but a few users reported some since they may have received bad ones, unfortunately. In a nutshell, Hamilton beach 35070 is a must-have kitchen appliance if you want to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously.