7 Easy Steps Of How To Use An Electric Smoker

Now -a -days people are overwhelmed about party. Most people spend their whole night by doing parties. For throwing a party there is a need for a smoker if it is an electric smoker then it would be comfortable for a user.

Are you looking for a certain type of electric smoker? which will be the fastest smoker with excellent technology for facilitating the process of grilling which is 50% better than a traditional smokers.

Once we all were habituated to the old form of grilling which is using Charcoal or wood grill. But over the course of time several companies Masterbuilt discover electric smoker for thinking about people’s demand and convenience. Electric smoker gives you an excellent balance between ease to use and flavor.

Who wants to use an electric smoker but is unaware of how to use it in the simplest way can overlook this review.

7 Easy steps of how to use Electric Smoker

Easy Steps Of How To Use An Electric Smoker

1. Choose an Electric Smoker

There are numerous Electric Smoker in markets. So it is hard to choose an Electric Smoker among them. By observing all Electric Smokers features, pros and cons you can choose an Electric Smoker. Before purchasing you should think about the food size you are wanting to make, availability of Electricity , good plug connection of electricity.

You should know what kind of electric smoker will be best for you. Plumb electric smoker is very expensive but it works great in warm weather. You can use them only warm weather because they will not sustain the same temperature in colder temperatures.

So you should bear all the things in mind when you would choose an electric smoker.

2. Reservation of electric smoker

Many people make mistakes to keep the smoker in right place. Users should keep the smoker in a safe and dry place. Otherwise, a lot of smoke can be harmful to you. It would be better to keep the smokers outside. There are many electric smokers. Some are suitable for outdoor and others for indoors.

You can keep the smoker in the roofless area in the backyard of the house or garage when you aren’t using it. Your electric smoker can be damaged if it gets wet. So you should keep it dry during all weather and keep it in a protective cover.

3. Observe the Right Temperature

Turn on the power button to activate the smoker. This will make your smoker into a standby mood. The power button is very easy to allocate. It is placed in front of the smoker. Before pressing the power button you should plug in. If you forget to plug in then you will waste your hours and the pound of meat at the same time Then you will set the smoker to the desired temperature value and wait to reach the level.

The temperature will depend on the tenderness of the meat and the types of food. Such as –

  • Salmon- 200 F – 2.5 to 3 hours.
  • Shrimp – 225 F – 1 to 2 hours.
  • Chicken (whole) – 200 F – 1 hour
  • Turkey (whole) – 225 F – 30m – 35 m

4. Collecting The Right Wood Chips

In the maximum model, the wood chip tray is located on the lower right side of the machine. You can purchase wood chips from the super shops, online, and grocery shops. Wood chips is the primary object of smoke. We called it wood pallets sometimes. While you use the smoker notice its wideness.

How many wood chips is needed to smoke. Always try to use hardwood chips like mesquite, apple, pecan, birch, or hickory. Softwood like fir and pine burn fast before smoking.

You can use 4 cups (600g) of wood chips in every 3-5 hours of smoking. If your smoker has a water tray then sometimes you can throw water into it. This will keep the meat nice and moist for a long duration.

5. Equip The Meat

You have to marinate the meat. Then put the food into the smoker. But you have to do it quickly. If you are smoking for the first time then take a look at the smoking racks before starting smoking then you would know about its space and where will you put food. Then keep the food in a hurry.

Don’t open the smoker’s door frequently because by doing it you can lose the real taste of the food wanting of right heat and temperature.

6. Preheating your Smoker

Approximately, electric smokers can take 30-35 minutes to heat up from cold. The first thing you have to add some cups of wood chips before turning on the smoker. Then turn on the smoker and preheat it. If you realize that your smoker do not produce smoke then add more chips to keep a nice balanced smoke over your meat, which will give your smoke a new taste.

If you add 1 cup of wood chips in an hour then once your smoker produces nice and toasty smoke. 225 F is the ideal temperature to smoke out the majority of meats.

7. Refresh your smoker After Every Use

Clean your smoker after using. Before begin cleaning your electric smoker check and make sure it’s enough for you to handle surfaces safely. Press the power button to turn off the smoker. then remove the plug from the electric connection to make sure it’s running electricity.

If you fail to unplug the smoker then you could fall in a danger like electric shock even if you turn off the smoker. So before cleaning safety should be prioritized.

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Final Verdict

Traditional and electric smokers are almost the same thing. They both smoke up the food in the same way. However, they have some differences in the basis of Agustus and timings. Some electric smokers have Wi-Fi connectivity and LED screens. Electric smokers are full of privileged than traditional smokers.

Those who don’t know the proper use instructions of an electric smoker can overlook this review. Several companies launch several electric smokers but almost all electric smokers use the steps you can find in this article.

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