Huntington Grill 30030HNT Review – Truly How its Considerable?

Huntington Grill 30030HNT Review - Truly How its Considerable?

To get the best-grilled food results, food should be cut correctly and seasoned with the best spices and sauces. It’s also crucial to use a good grill and when it comes with the best grill, propane gas grills like the Huntington 30030HNZT Liquid Propane Gas Grill is a good choice.

The Huntington Grill 30030HNNZT is one of the most popular propane grills in the market with features that you might be looking for in an efficient grill. Find out if this Huntington Grill is the right one for you as we get to know its many impressive features.

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Noticeable Features of This Liquid Propane Gas Grill

  • Made from strong die-cast aluminum with powder coating for the front panel and cart
  • With large side shelves for more food prep space with tool hooks
  • Comes with a heat-resistant handle
  • Large capacity grill space
  • With a large-capacity cart and large metal wheels for easy transport
  • Long-lasting paint with 5-stage quality enamel paint

Key Features of the Huntington Grill 30030HNT

Key Features of the Huntington Grill 30030HNT

Very durable

This grill has a durable body with the oven made from die-cast aluminum so this is strong and will withstand constant use. The control panel, front panel, and cart are powder coated so this will withstand messes, oil, and grease which can affect the ignition system and the instructions in the front panel unreadable.

The entire cart body is also made from very strong materials which won’t rust and warp. Consider these features since you will likely leave this cart outdoors.

Large food prep shelves

The food prep shelves on each side are huge. You can place food, dishes, tools, sauces and everything you need to cook. These shelves may be folded if you need to keep your grill or when transport. And the shelves are Perm Mold shelves which means these will last for a long time.

With the EZ-Q-Cart design

This cart has a unique EZ-Q-Cart design that is easy to transport, easy to take anywhere with big wheels so you can roll it anywhere on the grass and the ground. This cart also has a large shelf where you can store the tank, food, and tools. Keeping the cart is easy; simply roll it away when you’re done.

With heat-resistant handle

The handles are large and are heat-resistant. The grill cover can get hot but with this large handle, you can open and close the lid without hurting your fingers and hands. The knobs are large as well so it’s easy to ignite the burner when you’re ready to cook.

Large cooking space

This grill has ample cooking space for a family. It only has two burners but it can cook two large chickens, six burgers, sausages and two large racks of ribs. The large cooking area lets you grill, smoke, roast, BBQ and bake. It is also easy to controls and the burners are very durable.

What Users are Saying About the Huntington Grill 30030HNT

Users say that this grill works as expected. The grill is hot, the burners work well and there were no flare-ups. Many agreed that it is worth the money because it can perform well or as what a two-burner grill can. The lid is large and will cover the grilling area well while the cart is large with plenty of space to store the tank and other cooking items.

Still, there are some users that are not happy about their purchases. Some say that this grill is hard to assemble and it took them a lot of time to do it despite an instruction manual and video that came with their purchase. Some users say that their grill gave up and stopped working after two years of occasional use.

Compare Weber Spirit E330 Vs Huntington Grill 30030HNT

This Huntington Grill and a Weber Spirit E330 are two grills with an almost similar design. However, the Huntington is a simpler model with only two burners; the Spirit has three main burners and an extra side burner. The Spirit has a larger cooking space while the Huntington Grill has a large cart.

Compare Weber Spirit E330 Vs Huntington Grill 30030HNT

The Huntington Grill has a more efficient cart with larger wheels to move this easily on grass and dirt and a larger storage area to place the tank and other materials. The Spirit E330 is for a larger family while a Huntington is a basic grill for a smaller number of people.

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Both grills have large and heavy hoods, durable burners, easy ignition and easy to clean and maintain systems. Both have side shelves but the Spirit E330 has a side burner which may be covered if not in use. These grills are easy to take anywhere and can be used indoors or outdoors.

What is the disadvantage of a Huntington Grill 30030HNT

The Huntington Grill 30030HNT is easy to use a grill with good features however, there are some disadvantages to its use. First, this grill needs assembly on initial use. Some said that it was easy to set up while some are not happy with it.

Another flaw is the alignment of the parts. Some users have noticed that there were manufacturing flaws and have called the attention of the company for this.

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Final Verdict

The Huntington Grill 30030HNT is a grill that is made from very strong materials, has a clean and sleek surface and has pre-mold shelves on each site. It has two burners which provide good heat and excellent performance. This has a large cart with ample space to store the LPG tank and your cooking supplies.

You will stay safe with the heat-resistant handle and easy ignition system. This was made from durable materials with black powder-coated panels, cart and front panel. But despite its impressive features and parts, this grill also has some flaws and the most common is that it is very hard to assemble.

We recommend the Huntington Grill to people new to grill and for seasoned users. If you think that this gas grill is the right one for your needs.

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