Kenmore Grill Reviews – Top 5 Model in 2023

Kenmore is a trustworthy brand for home appliances and they are doing business for the last 100 years. We are going to show you some best kenmore grill throughout the review. Normally, depending on a few certain things people inspire to buy a gas grill. For example, the grilling surface, body construction, lightweight, portability, the quality grade for cooking, and many more

Apart from the key features, you will have plenty of choices to make while buying a gas grill. To keep it in mind, we sort out a number of Kenmore grill reviews to you. Normally, Kenmore is super durable gas grill and offer many versatile types in the market.

Top 5 Kenmore Grill Reviews In 2023

We tried to sort out the consumers diversified view regarding the gas grill. Based on that, we bring 5 different kenmore grills. More or less this five different choices are pretty common among the mass BBQ lovers. Hopefully, after reading between the lines below, you will get to know one of your preferred gas grills.

1. Kenmore PG-40405S0LA-AM Stainless Steel 4

Kenmore PG 40405S0LA-AM comes with a spacious design and amazing construction. We know very few spacious propane gas grill easily mobilize to the outdoors. But Kenmore brings this model ensuring top-notch portability by dint of stainless steel construction.

Key features of the Kenmore PG-40405S0LA-AM Stainless Steel 4

  • Spacious grilling surface total 621 (Primary surface 459 sq, in & secondary 162 square inches)
  • The edges and the liner are furnished with aluminum along with a warming rack, cooking grates, and side and bottom panels.
  • All the 4 stainless steel-tube burner has 10000 BTU and the side burner has 13000 BTU
  • Stainless steel 4 Burners started from separate electronic ignition so it is easy to start
  • Moveable rolling casters help to take it out and provide great portability
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Having separate electronic ignition in the 4 burners helps to control more accurately. Again the cooking surface accommodated maximum food under the hood therefore, you can enjoy the maximum cooking room.

The caster wheel has a braking system to control the grill device, especially when outside the home. Moreover, the lightweight helps a lot to move around from one place to another place. When it comes to your doorstep, you need to assemble first, set it and then go.

2. Kenmore PG-40406S0L AM Outdoor Patio 4 Gas

This is another hot-running model from Kenmore that can take your cooking experience at its peak. The grill comes with 4 main burners made of stainless steel. Each of the main burners carries 10.000 BTU.

On the other hand, there’s also a side burner that comes with 13,000 BTU. With these, you can use a sufficient amount of heat to cook up to 40 burgers in the wide 644 square inches of cooking space. As a result, serving your big family won’t be a problem at all.

Key features of the Kenmore PG-40406S0L AM Outdoor Patio 4 Gas

  • It has 4 main stainless-steel burners along with a side burner and provides in total 5300 BTU of heat.
  • With the 476 square inches of primary cooking area and 168 square inches of secondary cooking area, you can prepare up to 40 burgers in one go.
  • For easy access to the lower compartment, the product comes with hinged doors.
  • With the aluminum grease cup, you can clean the grill and maintain it easily.
  • The large caster wheels make the product portable,
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Operating this grill is a piece of cake. The individual ignition system fire up the grill automatically and you just need to push the button. After your meal is ready, you can get in and out of the lower compartment easily with hinged doors. For easy clean-up and maintenance, you can use the aluminum grease cup. To give you a taste of portability, the product comes with large caster wheels with stabilizing cups.

Now you may ask how long it will last. Well, the product ensures you enhanced durability. The solid stainless steel body comes with a powder-coated surface and side shelves to withstand the toughest conditions. The cooking grids, on the other hand, are made of porcelain-enameled cast iron. These teams up with the stainless-steel hood that keeps the heat in. In a nutshell, you’re getting a whole package of ultimate durability.

3. Kenmore PG-40409S0LB-AM Outdoor Patio 4 Gas

The Kenmore PG-40409S0LB. comes with stunning stainless-steel body structure, control panel, and side facias. These blend in with porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grids for enhanced durability. To make it last longer, the manufacturers provided a powder-coated finish to its doors.

Key features of the Kenmore PG-40409S0LB-AM Outdoor Patio 4 Gas

  • The stainless steel body, porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grids, doors with a powder-coated finish, and porcelain-enameled lid with stainless steel handle ensure the ultimate durability of the product.
  • The 450 square inches of primary and 162 square inches of secondary space lets you cook a lot of burgers at the same time.
  • For perfect cooking experience, you’re getting 52,000 BTU in total with the 4-main burners and one side burner.
  • The grease cup and pull-out grease tray give you easy-cleaning experience.
  • The swivel casters help you move the grill anywhere you want.
  • The electronic ignition lets you start the grill with ease.
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The product comes with enough space with 621 square inches in total, allowing you to cook about 40 burgers in one go. While cooking, you can also monitor your meal with the exterior temperature gauge.

It has one side burner with 12,000 BTU while there are 4 main burners, each carrying 10,000 BTU to make sure you get enough amount of heat while cooking.

The product is full of easy access and functionality. You can use its electronic ignition to start the grilling process easier, just push the start button. When your work is done, you can clean it up very fast without a hassle, thanks to its convenient grease cup and pull-out grease tray features. Move this grill anywhere on your patio with its swivel casters.

4. Kenmore Elite PG-40415S0LC Stainless Steel 4 Burner

Who wants to have a traditional dull grey or steel-colored grill burner? If you want to stand out from the crowd then think about a gas grill having a gun-metal finish. Kenmore Elite PG-40415S0LC proudly introduces this color and that is impressive when the sun goes down.

Key features Kenmore Elite PG-40415S0LC Stainless Steel 4 Burner

  • Huge grilling surface that is 664 sq. inches and the primary surface contain 580 and secondary has 174 sq. in
  • It comes with 90% pre-assembled and the rest of it is easy to assemble
  • 12000 BTU for each burner and it can prepare tons of food
  • Halogen lights and LED Lighted Panel bring the festive mode at the late-night cooking and partying
  • It has convenient features like Smooth roll out tank tray, self-closing doors and the fuel gauge on regulator makes it easy to use.
  • Convertible to the natural gas
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The main burners of it are solid enough and protected by stainless steel grates. The manufacturer focuses on more on the side shelves that an absolute win and can withstand in any condition.

When it comes to your doorstep, you will find it in assembled order except for the side shelves. Thus, it will save a few hours of time and effort at the same time. Afterward, when you will be ready to cook the auto-start ignition button definitely allows you more ease of use.

5. Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AM

Kenmore designed  Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AM gas grill as stylish, spacious, and lightweight. This type of gas grill is for those who love to cook an adequate amount of food or have a small family.

Key features Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AM

  • It has a 3 stainless steel patio burner that can easily accommodate 33 burgers
  • The folding shelves allow more space to place it at home and ensure ease of use.
  • Electronic ignition easily lights up the burner in no time.
  • 522 square inch of grilling surface along with primary (408 and secondary (144
  • Opening up the propane is really easy compared to the other propane gas.
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If anyone loves to buy this model then he loves the portability of it. Because it is the lightest model out of total Kenmore gas grills here. It is brilliantly designed for portability and lightweight that’s why you may find it as less grilling space along with burners.

If you compare it with the construction with others, you won’t be depressed at all. One of the major reasons, it has porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates that is amazing to retain the heat and even cooking. Moreover, the stainless steel shelves make it durable and anyone can use them year after year.

How to consider the best fas grill ?

Buying a gas grill requires making sure a few certain things. Excluding the quality material which is a must, there would be a lot of variation a buyer can see while visiting the market. Depending on the budget they can focus on the grilling surface, ease of cleaning, burners limit, digital controlling board, auto ignition, and many more.

Let’s talk about on this and elaborate on how to consider the best gas grill. Hopefully, you will read between the lines and check out the tips in detail:

Grilling areas

Grilling areas is the first and foremost thing to know while buying any gas grill. Depending on the size of it, you can prefer any of it. The price of a gas grill largely depends on the grilling areas. So the larger the grilling area would be the better price you need to pay. Normally a standard grilling surface in any gas grill should be between 400 sq. into 1000 sq. in. The small family or who don’t cook tons of food are likely to have a less grilling surface whereas, bigger families and partying people love to have bigger space.

Burners unit

After grilling areas, the burner unit is the second most important thing to consider. There is a direct relationship between the grilling area and the burner unit. Bigger grilling areas normally have more number of burner units. Normally, having 3 or 4 burners are a moderate number in regards to the expert.


The construction of a gas grill directly relates the durability. Nobody wants to have weak grill. More or less we all want to have a nice construction within our budget constraints. In this review, we have covered the same manufacturer grills whereas the gas grill are made of stainless steel. So far stainless steel would be the best, no doubt of that.

However, some gas grills add powder-coated features and porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates. The powder-coated feature is really the best option if you want to keep it rust-free. Afterward, the porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates make the grill non-sticky and easy to clean.

Measuring BTU

Many people may believe that the more BTU is for faster cooking and better cooking stuff would be done. However, it is not true, rather the lower BTU means the chamber is large enough and retains the heat for longer hours. Therefore, more heat generation tells you that the chamber leaks out the heat. On the other hand, the higher BTU causes less evenly heat distribution. A moderate BTU level is at least 7000 to 10000 for every burner so make sure of it.


One of the main attractions of any gas grill is having the portability feature, however, one needs to compensate for other stuff too. If you have a portable gas grill that means your gas grill would be lightweight and has some amazing caster wheels along with braking gears. Sadly, the more portable the less grilling area would be in a gas grill. But the manufacturer are trying to minimize the distance between them. So when you will find portable gas grills and grilling areas would be sufficient then this would be the best gas grill, no doubt of that.

Final Verdict

At the end of the Kenmore grill reviews, we come to one point that having a better specification is not enough to buy a gas grill. At the same time, one needs to focus more on durability to keep it year after year. We sort out this problem from many users as they are fed up with their gas grill while wearing out a year later. Don’t make the same mistake.

In this review, we recommend Kenmore PG-40406S0L-AM Outdoor Patio 4 Gas for having the powder-coated feature which makes it last for years after years. Again, the porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grids make it unbeatable with the rest of the five. It has bigger grilling space but at the same time, swivel casters make it portable too. The body parts are extremely durable, to be honest like the stainless steel handle, powder-coated doors, and the porcelain-enameled lid are vivid to your eyes as the durable master blaster gas grill. So if you can afford it, don’t wait anymore.

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