Krups KJ502d51 Review – Noticeable feature at a glance

Krups KJ502d51 Review

There are several deep fryer brands on the market. Krups kj502d51 is a professional-level deep fryer, which comes with several perks at a reasonable price.

From its build to features, everything is top notched. Today, in this Krups kj502d51 review, here I will explore everything about this deep fryer.

With its professional design, Krups kj502d51 is constructed out of stainless steel and offers a large 4.5 Liters family capacity.

Moreover, cleaning is a breeze as heating elements are detachable, and parts are dishwasher safe.

Also, the Krups kj502d51 deep fryer offers a digital thermostat and timer to keep track of your cooking time.

Despite all of these wonderful features, there are some downsides to this machine. You will know everything in the later parts of the article. So, let’s start –

Krups KJ502d51 Review – Noticeable feature at a glance

3 Frying Baskets: Comes with three frying baskets; a large one for big batches, two smaller ones for frying two different foods simultaneously.

Professional Size: Fits a large capacity of 4.5-liter oil and 2.6 lbs of food.

Preset: Four presets automatically adjust temperature and timer for easy cooking.

Easy-To-Operate: With a large display and few adjustments, the machine is simple to operate.

Odor Filter: Integrated odor filter for cooking without any unwanted smell.

Comparison Between Krups kj502d51 And Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Deep Fryer

Krups kj502d51 Deep FryerCuisinart CDF-200P1 Deep Fryer
Cuisinart Cdf-200p1 Deep Fryer Review
Krups kj502d51 comes in a relatively larger footprint, measuring 7.5 inches in height, 14.6 inches in width, and 13 inches in depth.Cuisinart Cdf-200p1 is a small deep fryer with 12.75 inches in height, 18 inches in width, and 12.5 inches in width.
It offers a large capacity of 4.5 liters of oil container and a 2.6 lbs food capacity.It offers a large oil container of 3.8 liters capacity and a 4 quarts frying basket to cook up to 2.3 lbs of food.
You have versatility with three cooking baskets – either cook in the large basket or two separate for different foods.This Cuisinart air fryer uses 1800 watts heating element for fast heating and heat recovery.
Four preset functions of this machine automatically adjust time and temperature, easing your cooking.Most of the elements of this deep fryer are removable, so cleaning it is fast and straightforward.
There is an integrated odor filter for cooking without unwanted smells in your kitchen.The Cdf-200p1 does lack an anti-odor filter to prevent the burning smell from spreading in your house.

What Users Are Saying About Krups kj502d51

Users are delighted with this deep fryer. First, the machine comes in a beautiful design compared to the flat design of most fryers. This attracted many users’ attention.

The construction of this air fryer is also something users praised. The stainless steel build with beautiful controls gives off a professional vibe.

As for cooking, it provided a great experience to the customers. Some even said this air fryer cooks better than top brands; everything comes out crispy.

And, it utilizes top-tier 1800 watts power to operate. So, the oil heats up extremely fast; the temperature rises to 376 degrees in just a few minutes. Also, the adjustable thermostat and timer features are handy. Four presets allow you to fry without adjusting anything. This will be very convenient if you are in a hurry.

But there are a few downsides with the machine too. The biggest one is – this deep fryer lacks an oil filtration system.

And, there is no easy way to drain oil from the oil container. Moreover, the Krups kj502d51 deep air fryer is pretty large, so draining oil will be hard. But, as the oil container is removable, it eases a little bit of hardship.

Overall the machine is excellent, especially for its build. And, you can reuse oil in the deep fryer. Also, it comes at a pretty reasonable price.

Key Features of the Krups KJ502D51 Deep Fryer

Key Features of the Krups KJ502D51 Deep Fryer


The Krups kj502d51 is large, professional-grade, and dishwasher safe. The machine is constructed out of stainless steel, so it’s sturdy and will last for years.

The design of this machine is eye-catching with a pretty control panel. But, it needs quite a bit of space on your counter panel, as it measures 17.5 inches in height, 14.6 inches in width, and 13 inches in depth. And weights 6.5 lbs.

You can do versatile cooking with three baskets, the large basket for big batches and two small baskets for cooking different food simultaneously.

The control panel on the top contains a small display, with a knob and a couple of buttons for power turn off/on and selecting presets. And, beneath it has a large viewing window.

Cooking Capacity

The Krups 4.5 liter deep fryer is relatively larger on your countertop. But, thanks to that, it also provides a decent cooking capacity. The removable oil container fits 4.5 liters of water. And, the large frying basket can contain 2.6 lbs of food.

Moreover, the two smaller baskets fit together inside the machine. So, you can simultaneously cook different foods. This feature isn’t common in deep fryers.


The Krups kj502d51 deep fryer cooking performance of this machine is outstanding. With the device, you are getting a detachable heating element with 1800 watts of power. That is about the highest amount of power you’ll find in deep fryers.

So, it can cook your dishes super quick, heating oil to 365 degrees in just a few minutes and recover oil temperature after introducing food into the oil quickly also. So, the fries are crispy from the outside and tender on the inside.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are also some of the most straightforward tasks with this machine. The direct heating element is detachable. And, other parts are removable and dishwasher safe. But, be cautious when cleaning the heating element, as there are many electric connections.

The exterior doesn’t need any special care; just wipe it out with your regular solution. It’s recommended to clean your Krups kj502d51 deep fryer after each use; if you don’t, oil can clamp on the side of your machine.

FAQs About Krups KJ502d51 Electric Deep Fryer

Why is battered food stuck in my basket?

You shouldn’t put battered food directly in the basket. Lower the basket into the oil first, and wearing a glove, put battered food directly in the oil.

Can you cook dessert with this fryer?

Yes, Krups kj502d51 allows you to cook all types of food, including desserts: fritters, doughnuts, fruit.

Can I leave the oil in the fryer for the next use?

I recommend storing the oil in the fryer with the lid closed to keep the oil fresh and clean. But, if you are not going to use the machine for a long time, store the oil in a separate container.

Final Verdict

Krups kj502d51 deep fryer is a professional-grade deep fryer with high-quality construction and a beautiful look. It offers some wonderful perks, cooks well and fast. Moreover, cleaning and operating the machine is also easy.

Overall this small fryer is powerful and perfect for portable use and storing small space. Additionally, it comes in at a reasonable price. So, it’s recommended to anyone.