Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker

If you want to bring out the natural taste and flavor of food, there’s only one way to do it and that’s to smoke it. Smoking enhances the delicious qualities of food plus will give that wood chip flavor you have always wanted. Only a smoker like the Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker can give you that smoked food satisfaction.

This Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker is a smoker that’s easy to use, made of durable materials and one of the most popular electric smoker models. It has other impressive features but also has some disadvantages. Find out if the Masterbuilt 20073716 is the right electric smoker for you.

Noticeable Features of This Electric Smoker

  • The powerful heating element at 1,400 watts cooks all kinds of food
  • With ample chrome-coated smoking racks
  • Easy to transport and set up anywhere with strong smoker legs
  • Easy to read temperature gauge in front
  • Made from strong and durable materials
  • Versatile electric smoker for camping, road trips, and tailgating
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Compare Masterbuilt 20073716 vs. Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Digital Smoker

Compared to a Masterbuilt 20070910, a Masterbuilt 20073716 electric smoker is smaller and made for portable use. The 20070910 is larger with four chrome-coated smoking racks but with a heating element with lower power at 800 –watts.

Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Digital Smoker
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Both are electric smokers but the 20070910 has digital controls, with a thermostat for even cooking and digital timer. There is a side loading wood chips door for added flavor and an air damper located on top of the smoker to enhance air circulation inside the smoking chamber.

Both smokers are easy to use but the Masterbuilt 20073716 is a portable model with seamless design and style. Therefore, if you are looking for a portable model with simple controls and design the Masterbuilt 20073716 is for you but for a larger and more sophisticated model, the 20070910 is the best choice. 

Key Features of the Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker Review

Powerful heating element

The Masterbuilt 20073716 is an electric smoker with a 1,400-watt heating element making it perfect for smoking all kinds of food. It is an electric smoker that efficiently keeps the temperature inside its smoking chamber to ensure that your food is cooked completely and at the right temperature. Meanwhile, a temperature gauge is at the door of the smoker to let you monitor internal cooking temperatures to make sure that your food is cooked well.   

With chrome-coated smoking racks

You’ll get ample space to smoke all kinds of food. This comes with two chrome-coated racks which can efficiently retain heat to cook food well. And because these are chrome-coated, these racks are easy to clean and maintain.

Take note that this is a residential electric smoker and not a commercial-sized smoker so expect that it has a medium-sized smoker capacity.

With easy to use controls

This is a no-fuss electric smoker that’s easy to use. Just plug it in and set it on high, medium or low-temperature settings. Of course, a low-temperature setting is for longer smoking hours while higher temperatures are for quick results. To prepare this smoker for use, place water in the water pan and plug this in. Wait for this smoker to achieve the best smoking temperature and load your food.  The temperature gauge will tell you when to place your food for optimum results.

Easy to clean

The Masterbuilt electric smoker is easy to clean because you don’t use wood chips, wood pellets or charcoal to smoke. It comes with a removable drip tray which is washable and efficient in capturing grease, dirt, and grime from the food inside the smoker.

More flavor with a water pan

The water pan adds moisture to food being cooked or smoked. The flavor is better, juicier, not at all dry. You and your family will enjoy deliciously smoked meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, seafood and more.

Transportable smoker

This smoker may be smaller than other smokers but it is transportable. You can take it anywhere, set it up anywhere you want to smoke or cook. There are handles on each side of the smoker so you can easily hold it and transport if. There are smoker legs that fold in when it is transported or kept after use. The legs are made from strong metal that can withstand regular use.

What Users Saying About the Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker users have a lot of positive words about this smoker. First of all, they love the way that this smoker is portable because they can take this camping, tailgating or anywhere they wish to smoke. They also liked its efficient heating element because despite being an electric smoker, they were able to cook/smoke meats, poultry, sausages, vegetables and fish with ease.

Still, there are some negative comments as well. Some users were not so happy about the smoker’s size and said that it can’t accommodate the amount of food that they want to smoke at a time.

What is the disadvantage of a Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker

The Masterbuilt 20073716 is a portable electric smoker with impressive features but is not free from flaws. It has a smaller capacity because it’s designed to be transportable and easy to set up anywhere. It does not have a woodchip loading system. The controls could use a little upgrade but despite these flaws, it is a simple, portable smoker that anyone can use.

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Final Verdict

The Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker is a smoker that has a small smoking capacity and has very simple controls. It is designed to work anywhere because it’s a portable, transportable smoker. It is made from durable materials with easy-to-clean smoking racks, a water tray,s, and a wood chip tray. It may not have the fancy digital controls, wood chip feeding system, and top dampers but it remains a good portable low-capacity electric smoker system.

We recommend the Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker. And if you think that this is the ideal electric smoker for you.

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