Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Troubleshooting Guide 2023

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Troubleshooting: Masterbuilt electric smoker is one of the advanced grilling and smoking appliances commonly used in outdoor feast festivals. Your outdoor activities may turn out to fail if you can see the electric smoker get stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

Normally, the machine is reliable and doesn’t occur any trouble. However, improper usage of it may cause trouble. So, the burning question is how to stop that and fix the issues? Proper maintenance of it may save your time and money and also avoid fixing it.

Ok, let’s discuss the Masterbuilt electric smoker troubleshooting and to know it thoroughly, grasp the full article, and save your electric smoker for a lifetime.

What are the major problems, and how do you cope with them?

The most common problems are with the electric smoker that it doesn’t open up, and sometimes it gets damaged, jammed, or is not burning properly. Besides, the smoker gets so tired to smoke the food properly. It occurs due to inappropriate smoking and fails to keep abreast with proper temperature.

Masterbuilt electric smoker troubleshooting guide

Double-check the problems and fix them from here:

Startup problem & solution:

What if it happens if the smoker gets stuck at the kickstart? A common but easy to troubleshoot. First of all, make sure that the power plug of the smoker has been plugged appropriately. After that, the connection needs to be established depending on certain things to do. Hence, it would help if you connected with the machine tightly, and the power breaker of the electric connection box should be good to go. And, then finally, check the fuse and, if necessary, replace it with the new one.

Fixing up the Jam, damages or not burning properly with Solution:

Electric smoker maintenance will save you from many problems. First of all, always keep it neat and clean and avoid rust formation. As a result, you can stay free from any jams or damage. When the rust begins to grow, the probability also comes to the smoker for damage day by day. Therefore, clean it before you find your smoker damaged. Bring sandpaper or a wire brush and clean it in every time after you have cooked something.

Do you ever care about the wood chip? Wood chips are commonly used in an electric smoker, and to make sure a good amount of smoke, the wood chips need to soak in liquid properly and completely. Conversely, the dry chips will burn. It doesn’t produce the required amount of smoke to burn your meat. As a result, you will fail to cook it in the right manner.

Now the question may cross in your mind that what type of wood chips are the best? It’s a relevant question to stop the problem of a burning issue. First of all, stay away from the softwood as it is hard to reliable for burning properly, and these types of wood are Pine and Fir. Hence, it would help if you are looking for cedar, plum, alder, cherry, maple chips, or hickory for your electric smoker. Don’t worry about getting them, as it is pretty common in any hardware or grocery shop, and you can buy them online.

When the electric smoker is not smoking the food with solutions

Time is a great thing that you need to invest while preparing food in an electric smoker. Hence, the normal temperature of it would be around 200-250 degrees. So be patient get the smoker some time after inserting the food to reach the optimum temperature.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Troubleshooting Guide - When the electric smoker is not smoking the food with solutions

At the same time, when you insert the food inside the smoker, make sure you have placed it in the right manner. Always track the machine whether the smoke heat is trying to escape or not to avoid it keep the damper close there. Besides, please don’t place the smoker in a windy environment and let it burn the food at a constant temperature.

I have already told you to place the food inside the smoker in a proper manner. You can avoid uneven heating so the food will get the heat in all the edges and corners of it. Finally, you can have a total roasted grill that would be the professional type of cooking indeed!

Beat the bad weather and burn your food:

Different type of weather comes to us in different period of the year. Sometimes it is foggy, rainy, and windy, and more or less, all of it is not good to go for outdoor cooking.

So make sure you are following these solutions:

The worst weather is foggy or snowfall situation. The temperature constantly is falling and gives you the challenge to burn the food properly.

In the case of a snowfall situation, fix a proper time, and have patience. After a particular time later, check out the inside of the smoker and don’t open up before that. Because every time you open up before the right time, you ruin the burning temperature level. As a result, it takes more time to burn.

You can easily cope up with the foggy and rainy weather. You need to cover the machine with plastic or any water-resistant cover. On the other hand, you can set a tent, and under the tent, you can prepare your food.

Masterbuilt electric smoker troubleshooting guide

Final tips and tricks:

  • Use a brush and clean it once you have done cooking. Therefore, you can avoid jamming or damaging your electric smoker.
  • Unplug the power and switched off the power, and let your machine calm and cool
  • When you are setting a trip outdoor, cover the smoker or place it somewhere inside. As a result, you can extend its average lifetime.
  • Don’t ever think about submerging the machine into the water for cleaning purposes.
  • When you are avoiding cooking oil, it is bad for the cooking and deters to extend the total lifetime of the electric smoker. On the other hand, six months later, make sure you are oiling your smoker but see the manual on how to do that stuff.
  • Don’t wear dirty clothes for cleaning purposes.
  • Do not cover the trays and racks with aluminum foil.
  • Keep your machine away from the children.

Final Verdict

We have tried to bring some common issues of the Masterbuilt electric smoker troubleshooting that every new user faces when they bring it for the first time.

If you make sure the above hacks and maintain your electric smoker accordingly, you can avoid many problems. Most importantly, try to clean the rust regularly and choose the best wood chips so that you will be half-done to take care of your machine.

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