Masterbuilt MB20050716 Review – What inside placed the smoker?

Masterbuilt MB20050716 Review

Preparing meats with a vertical gas smoker is simple which adds great flavors and combines with affordable price tags to offer. Just skip the hassles of temperature monitoring for longer and simply prepare smokey foods with the Masterbuilt MB20050716 propane smoker.

Masterbuilt MPS 330G jumps with a TempoTemp feature that lets you set the temperature and go away. Forget the issue of thermometers, since they don’t have any thermometers. Features a thermostat placed inside the smoker that regulates airflow for maintaining the set temperature.

It does have some flaws, which we will discuss in the following sections. Apart from flaws, let’s find out the features, pros & cons, user opinions, and other key facts about Masterbuilt MB20050716 Smoker.

Notable Features Of Masterbuilt MB20050716 Propane Smoker

  • Features a Dial-In thermoTemp technology that allows patented thermostat-controlled temperature management without the need for manual controlling.
  • The MPS 330G comes with 4 chrome-coated smoking racks which are adaptable and allows you to embed the food you want to the smoker regardless of the size.
  • It has a safety valve that shuts off Burner if the flame is exterminated to protect from any unwanted flame issues.
  • For easy accessibility, the Masterbuilt ThermoTemp MB20050716 has a stainless steel wood chip tray mounted on the lower door.
  • Enables easy cleaning since it has a large door latch for one-handed usage and a Side-mounted grease tray for quick cleanup.
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Compare Masterbuilt MB20050716 With PIT BOSS 77435 Propane Smoker

Propane smokers are one of the smartest options for conveniently smoking your favorite dishes. But due to the myriad of smokers available in the market, you may become perplexed to choose the best one. We have picked two vertical smokers and placed them into a head-to-head comparison below.

Masterbuilt MB20050716 Propane SmokerPIT BOSS 77435 LP Gas Smoker
Masterbuilt MB20050716 Review
PIT BOSS 77435 Vertical Lp Gas Smoker
The Masterbuilt MB20050716 has a wide temperature range from 175 F to 350 F, the range includes both faster and slow cooking.PIT BOSS 77435 features a two-sided burner system that ensures a temperature range from 100 F to 350 F for versatility in smoking meats.
Has a smartly built heat diffuser that can evenly distribute heat for up to 57 hours at a heating power of 7500 BTUs per hour.Comes with 4 stainless steel burners which can combine a healing power of up to 12500 BTUs in total and each burner can produce 3500 BTUs heat.
It has a total cooking area of up to 715 square inches which can smoke up to twelve chickens, six rib racks, sixteen fillets, and much more.It has three porcelain coated grids which all hold up to 800 square total cooking square.
You don’t have to cook and set temperature with any guesswork since it has a smart fuel level gauge to accurately indicate fuel status.This LP gas smoker has a wide viewing window for letting you have a look at your foods all the way you want.
The Masterbuilt 30 inches Thermotemp smoker has an overall measurement of 17.32 inches in length, 18.31 inches in width, 26.18 inches in height, and weighs 75.9 pounds.PIT BOSS 77435 LP Gas Smoker has an overall measurement of 21.5 inches in length, 23 inches in width, 47 inches in height, and weighs 52 pounds.
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What Users Are Saying About Masterbuilt MB20050716 MPS 330G Smoker

The Masterbuilt MB20050716 is a smart propane smoker with a solid build quality that runs pretty much well in the outdoor environment. Initially, after the unboxing, your setup can be a hassle if you’re a beginner, but the user manual does the task simply within half an hour. A thermostat placement in the backside works transcendently for the temperature control without letting you stick with the smoker.

Some say they have faced the heating issue and the smoker doesn’t light properly after the immediate setup. For long-term slow cooking, you may have to keep an eye over the burners to keep them lit. Though these issues are not for all, so you can go for this smoker which is a smoking champ for under $500 dollars, you may also consider another popular model Masterbuilt mb20071117.

Key Features Of Masterbuilt MPS 330G Vertical Smoker

Key Features Of Masterbuilt MPS 330G Vertical Smoker

Easy To Use

A hassle for the users for cooking with a smoker is the issue of temperature control. For simplistic usage, the MB20050716 has a thermostat that allows automatic temperature adjustment. You just set the temperature and go away for a walk. Moreover, the thermostat does all the work without the need for electricity. 

Large Capacity

For having a large stack of meals for the whole family it has four shelves and the grates consist of a large cooking area of nearly 715 square inches. The 30 inches thermo temp smoker from Masterbuilt can hold up to 6 racks of pork ribs or 12 large chickens. Four chrome-coated smoking racks are large enough to bust up your dishes at parties.

Smart Performance

With built-in temperature sensors, heat management is a breeze. Thermostatically all the heating elements are controlled for the best quality propane smoking you wish. Comes with a Type 1 regulator, fuel level Gauge, and hose that indicates the amount of propane in the tank.


You can prepare all you want within a single smart and compact device. It can work as a 5 in 1 device which can smoke, braise, BBQ, bake, and roast. Just turn on the burners, set up the heat level and you are ready to fire up!

FAQs About Masterbuilt MB20050716 Propane Smoker

Does it have a double-wall cabinet?

It appears to have double-wall construction, in that there is a black metal exterior wall and a stainless interior wall, with a total thickness of about 1/2 inch.

Are the seams welded?

The top and bottom portion of the smoker can be separated and is not welded. The seams of the separate components are welded.

Does it have a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, The Masterbuilt MB20050716 has a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty works for any deforms, defects, or other technical issues, not for any issues with painting or rusting.
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Final Verdict

If you are searching for an outstanding Masterbuilt propane smoker then this one is a must-have item for your smoking checklist. The patented thermostat technology makes it a great investment for your smart cooking window. This cool buddy is a propane smoker that comes with smart features where you don’t have to waste your electricity as well. For 300 dollars, the Masterbuilt MB20050716 smoker lets you play with your favorite dishes in an effortless way.