Masterbuilt MES 130B Review – What’s the Noticeable Features

Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker

One of the highlights of smoking all kinds of food is the tempting wood-fired taste. Everyone who loves to smoke and grill food wants this delicious flavor and taste and the only way to get that perfect natural smoked taste and flavor in food is by using a smoker just like a Masterbuilt 130B Electric Smoker.

Now there are traditional and electric smokers to choose from. Traditional smokers are dirty and pollute your home. With an electric smoker, you can avoid these and smoke different kinds of food with the same ease. This is a review of the Masterbuilt 103 B electric-powered smoker which has received top ratings and recommendations online. This might be the electric smoker that will fit your cooking needs at home. 

Noticeable Features of This Electric Smoker

  • Comes with convenient digital panel controls.
  • With four strong chrome-plated smoking racks for more space to smoke food.
  • Will let you load wood chips on the side of the smoker without opening the door.
  • Offers consistent smoking quality with a thermostat temperature control system.
  • Improves food taste and aroma with a water bowl and air dampers.
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Compare a Masterbuilt MES 130B vs Masterbuilt MES 35B Electric Smoker

The Masterbuilt MES 130 B and the MES 35B are two very popular Masterbuilt electric smoker models. Both come with durable smoker chambers and doors. However, the 35B is smaller with only three cooking racks. The 130B has four chrome-coated racks to cook or smoke more food.

Masterbuilt MB20070210 MES 35B Electric Smoker Review
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The 130B has digital controls including a side loading wood chip tray. Meanwhile, the MES 35B has traditional controls and does not have a side-loading wood chip tray. The smoking chamber is prone to changes in temperature and loss of flavor and smoke when you open the large door each time you add more wood chips.

The 35B has variable temperature controls while the 130B’s temperature, as well as cooking time, maybe by adjusting its digital panel control system.

Key Features of the Masterbuilt MES 130B

Digital control system

This smoker has digital controls for precise temperature control and successful results. This smoker has digital control of temperature, time, and power on and off functions so you simply have to sit back, relax and wait for your food to be ready. This also comes with thermostat-temperature controls to provide even and very consistent smoking results.

Large cooking space

You will be able to smoke more food because this comes with four racks. You can smoke all kinds of food too from different kinds of meats, poultry, fish, vegetables and more. Because this is a high-capacity smoker, you’ll save time and effort in smoking food for your family.

And if you are worried about cleaning and maintaining a large smoker, you don’t have to be because the racks are chrome-coated so these are very easy to clean. No need to brush hard, elbow grease is not required because you’ll be able to remove grease, oils, and dirt easily.

With wood chip loading system on the side

Compared to other electric Masterbuilt smoker models, this smoker has a special wood chip loading door found on the side. This means you don’t have to open the large smoker door to add wood chips and affect interior temperatures.

With a fully-insulated body

The Masterbuilt MES 1308 has a heavy, fully-insulated door that will keep the temperature and all the natural flavors in. This results in smoked food with the best flavor and taste. Food cooks faster with a well-closed door. 

Improves smoking flavor

The Masterbuilt MES 130B has a water bowl that lets you add moisture inside the smoking chamber. Your smoked food will come out juicier, tastier, and with the best texture compared to using smokers with dry heat. The air damper located on top of the smoker also helps improve smoke and temperature. This also indirectly improves the flavor, taste, and tenderness of smoked food. 

What Users are Saying About the Masterbuilt MES 130B

The Masterbuilt MES 130B has brought smiles to people who are new to smoking food. Most new users think that this is the best smoker because this doesn’t require any tending or babysitting your food. Just preheat your smoker, load your food, and set. Your food will be ready in just a few hours. Those who have used it agree that the digital front panel is heaven-sent because it automates smoking.

What Users are Saying About the Masterbuilt MES 130B

But some users were not too happy about their purchase of the Masterbuilt MES 130B saying that the digital front panel gave up early. Some also said that even if this smoker had a large space for more food, it did not have enough smoke to smoke food.

Most agreed that it is a durable smoker with lasting controls, heavy-duty doors, and a smoker body. Many also loved that it is easy to clean, comparable to non-stick cookers.

What is the disadvantage of a Masterbuilt MES 130B

The main disadvantage of using a digital smoker is if the digital panel is broken, there would be no way to control the smoker. This digital smoker, in particular, has digital power on and off controls as well. You need to be careful in operating this smoker or else you might end up damaging its digital control system.

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Final Verdict

The Masterbuilt MES S35B electric smoker has several impressive qualities. It has a large smoking area, digital controls, a thermostat, and side loading wood chips system. It also has a durable body which means this smoker can withstand regular use. 

You will find this smoker easy to use and easy to clean. However, being a digital smoker means any damage to the digital panel will affect the entire smoker. It might not work properly or it may not even power on or off. This is why you must take good care of the smoker’s digital controls at all costs.

Despite this flaw, we still recommend the Masterbuilt MES 130B to first-time and seasoned smokers.

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