Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162e Review

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162e Review

The most considerable part of a quality smoker is its ability to deliver proper airflow and even heat along with advanced heat control settings. Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162e Electric Smoker puts the best focus on both aspects to let you have the perfect cooking experience with superior control over temperature and heat distribution.

The model is designed for outdoor cooking in which you can cook meat, vegetables, meals, and anything you want. The smoker will ultimately enhance your cooking capability by offering easy and convenient assembling and usage. So let’s get to know more about how this smoker will help you in the long run.

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Compare Smoke Hollow 30162e vs Masterbuilt MB20070210 MES 35B Electric Smoker

In this Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Reviews, we would give you a clear idea of the comparison between Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162e Electric Smoker and Masterbuilt MB20070210 MES 35B Electric Smoker. Both the smokers have heat and air control settings. But the first one controls it with 3 different settings, and the second one controls it with an adjustable air damper.

Masterbuilt MB20070210 MES 35B Electric Smoker Review
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If you compare the smoking racks or cooking grids, you will see that the first one comes with 2 cooking grids, and the second one comes with 3 smoking racks. But both are effective in giving you almost similar results.

When we look at the power source of these models, we notice that the power source of the first model is electric, and the power source of the second model is corded electric though both the system works perfectly every time. Hopefully, you are clear about the difference between these two models. However, if you like to compare your desired smoker with other models, you can read this article on Best Electric Smoker Under 200.

Key Features of the Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E

Masterbuilt smoke hollow 30162e Electric Smoker

Versatile Temperature Settings

One of the best aspects of an electric smoker is its versatile temperature settings. If you want to have the power of the best cooking experience, your smoker must contain variable temperature settings. With 3 multifunctional temperature settings, Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162e Electric Smoker allows you to control the proper heating while cooking your food. The insulation and heating elements of the smoker work so perfectly that you get the end result as like as you want.

Space inside

This smoker comes with a larger space inside so that you can cook for your whole family members without any tension. If you even use the entire space for cooking, you don’t need to compromise with the taste, texture, perfection of your cooking. With 2 chrome-plated cooking grids and multiple adjustment levels, you will get a fully customized cooking experience all the way.

Portability and Convenient Assembling

The smoker comes with 2 side handles that let you carry or move the smoker easily and effortlessly. Apart from this, you can set the smoker up without any difficulty or any special skills. You simply follow the included instruction and get it ready for proper action.

Quality Construction

The construction of this smoker is of very high quality. Not only the entire body but also the additional parts and accessories are made of incredibly durable materials. The wood chip box of this smoker is made of painted steel, and the water pan of the smoker is made of porcelain-coated steel. These elements increase the durability of this smoker a lot.

What users saying about Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E 30

If you go through the user experience section or user review section of this smoker, you will understand how this product added an extra benefit to their cooking habit. Most of them like the end result of their food and the extra space inside the smoker. They said that the temperature gauge of this model is easy to use and maintain the temperature very well.

Though some mixed reviews come about the inside measurement of this smoker, we think it would not be a great issue for you at all. Because before making a purchase decision, you have the advantage to see the proper measurement of the smoker mentioned on the box.

Another issue some users addressed that the door of the product sometime doesn’t seal completely. The fact is probably with the improper adjustment of the door while using. If you use the door with proper attention and care, you can eradicate the problem easily.

Overall, this electric smoker meets all the expectations users have in their minds. It can deliver cooked food with proper heat distribution and the perfect texture of the food. Except for some simple issues mentioned earlier, Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162e Electric Smoker would be the perfect smoker you are looking for.

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How worthy Smoke Hollow 30162e compared to its performance?

When the question is whether the Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162e Electric Smoker worth the price or not, then we would say that the smoker obviously worth it. This is not the fact that we are saying so because we are reviewing this smoker. This is for the fact that how perfectly cooked food the smoker can produce.

If you talk with them who have practically used it or if you go through the review who have already bought the smoker, you will see that there is hardly any negative thought that comes from the users regarding its cooking perfection. We all know perfection only comes through better quality.

Moreover, using and managing this smoker is very easy, with versatile features and accessories. Because of all these facts, we have recommended this smoker for all types of users.

FAQ About Masterbuilt smoke hollow 30162e

After about a year of use, the heating element started tripping any GFI plugin. I am looking for a replacement element and thermostat. Where can I found it?

The manufacturer can help you out wonderfully in this regard. If you contact the manufacturer for the parts of your smoker, they will tell you what to do next. Usually, you will get your parts within a few days after your order. Their service is very helpful, os you will have no difficulty to solve your problem.

Can I use wood pellets also in this smoker, or is it only wood chips?

Yes, you can use both in this smoker. If you prefer the pellets for longevity, you can use it or either.

How long do the heating elements of this smoker last?

The heating elements of this smoker are so durable that you can use them year after year. In most of the cases, users will not face any issue regarding the heating elements. However, if you come to such a situation, unfortunately, then you can contact the manufacturer, or you can get it managed from outside also.
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Final Verdict

If you want to have a smooth experience using any product, you should first focus on the user experience and quality. In terms of the comfortable use and long-lasting durability, Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162e Electric Smoker stands ahead of others. At this price range, no one can offer you a better smoker than this. Almost everyone is satisfied using this, and we assure you would also love this smoker a lot.

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