Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK Review – What its Limitation?

Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK Review

When you are in need of a compact designed portable grill, you should know some of the best of them. Napoleon Grills PRO285X is the perfect portable grill that has so many stunning features in one place.

Here in this article, we will showcase all the key reasons why to buy this portable grill including some negative critiques and disadvantages too. Hence, you can make a decision about whether to buy it or not. So, lets; read the detailed review of Napoleon Grills PRO285X.

Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK TravelQ PRO REVIEW

The first thing we amazed about Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK is the mind-blowing compact design that allows maximum portability. For that, it is an ideal piece for camping the picnic spots. The cooking area is just perfect as a portable cooker where you can cook up to 20 burgers at once. Afterward, the cooking surface is covered with the iconic cast iron grids for that, you will have the even heat during high or low fame, which also helps to prevent unusual falling through.

Finally, when you cook the whole dish it distinctively looks beautiful for searing marks. This cookware comes with two separate burners to ensure precise temperature control. As a result, you can gently cook roast, getting the most smoke as a flavor that works even in the indirect heat. You will see on it a cast aluminum lid that can easily withstand for roasts, whole chickens, and even the turkey too.

For the ultimate safety, it comes a windproof design that eases you with any obstacles while taking the preparation of cooking. The cart is made of X design for that, you will have incredible stability dealing with the surface. Last but not least it comes with the easy carry handles with the foldable side tables which can easily fold and then set run and go.

Noticeable Features

  • It comes with an adequate grilling area (20 burgers) along with two burners
  • It starts up using the Jet ignition system and never misses to light up
  • Iconic cast iron cooking grids process the even cooking and retain heat
  • Cast iron lid made of aluminum keeps the food within the cookware
  • Portable wheels and compact design maximize the portable experience
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Compare Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK vs Napoleon TQ2225PO Travel Q Portable Grill

Both of these Napoleon grills have good reasons to buy due to having the portable features and minimum grilling surface to enjoy happy cooking. If you see the orange Travel Q, you will find it with less grilling area with 225, whereas the Napoleon PRO285X-BK has a more grilling surface for that you can tuck with 20 burgers at a time.

Napoleon TQ2225PO Travel Q Portable Grill
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The main thing is within this grilling area it can serve as portable as the Travel Q just because of its compact design, like the foldable design with the large wheels nailed it. Whereas, the Napoleon TQ2225PO Travel Q may come with foldable legs but the wheels are not as efficient and easy to drag like the PRO285X-BK ensured.

Key features of Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK

Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK Review

Powerful Propane grill

The main feature of Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK is to have the propane tank or the propane grill in overall circumstances. For that, it becomes highly efficient, small but powerful, as a result, one can easily prepare his meal within the quickest time. On the other hand, the power of a propane grill maximizes the high heat generation, which paves the way to prepare meals within searing meats at high voltage.


It is a beautifully crafted portable propane grill that can easily bring anyone’s attention. The foldable propane grill with the larger wheels allows you to mobilize it anywhere you want to go, at the same time, it can withstand the obstacles too. It weighs just 52 pounds which seems like ten pounds due to having the easy-to-carry handle and the wheels under it.

Build Quality

It has cast iron cooking grids that are a feature of the commercial grill but it is great to find this within this portable grill. Due to the cooking grids, it can withstand the high flame and at the same time retain that heat to prepare heavy dishes, also it allows indirect heat reservation in the long run. The upper lid is made of aluminum for that it can hold the inner air and obstruct to let in the outer air. The body is mostly made of stainless steel that can sustain for years after years.

Grilling areas

It is not a distinguished grilling area since it is more prevalent with the portable feature. Therefore it comes with the minimum grilling surface and keeps the portable feature more vivid to the users. One can keep up to 20 burgers at a time on the surface that seems perfect for the family grilling outside like 4 to 5 persons.

What users say about Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK

Most users love to have this grill and among many features having a propane grill astonishes them a lot. The propane is the highest efficient grill that allows more green fuel while cooking. And, when the portable features add to it then consumers love to buy it.

The build quality is another reason why they get the cast iron grids, lid aluminum, jet ignition, caster wheels and so. The flat black finish looks attractive to them too when they consider the looks and design. The grilling capacity is just perfect within the portable benefit. The greasing and dripping pan allow the ultimate clean-up process for them too.

What’s The Limitation of Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK

Buying the most stunning product that will serve you as a portable grill is not that easy. You must consider some cons. Even the best products come with a few cons so there would be no exception to this gas grill. It claims that it can sear the meat in any high flame however, it is not true but it works to some extent.

We will suggest you do not expect more in this feature but it is far better than the traditional gas grill where it is hard to sear even in a low flame and so. Besides, we didn’t find it to be portable or easy to clean while reviewing it.

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Final Verdict

After telling every fact in the Napoleon Grills PRO285X-BK  Review, you must know whether it worth investing or not. Maybe you will quickly jump off if the grilling areas are not satisfying. But if it does then the features like having all the portable features, then they will amaze you as to get this in one place is pretty rare in other gas grills.

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