Napoleon Rogue 425 Review – How comparable with Spirit E310?

Napoleon Rogue 425 Review

The first thing that popped into our minds is that Napoleon Rogue 425 sure is a very expensive grill. But as we dug deep into the product’s features and functions, read the user reviews, and tested it, we couldn’t agree more with the pricing.

If you want a grill with versatile usability, great durability, and fast cooking capability, you should have the Napoleon Rogue 425. Don’t you believe those? Read our Napoleon Rogue 425 review and you’ll realize why people love this product from Napoleon.

Noticeable Features Of Napoleon Rogue 425

  • It has a Jetfire ignition system that ensures safe, fast, and reliable ignition within a fraction of a second.
  • The grill features stainless steel wave rod grids which are important for fast and perfect cooking.
  • It has convenient condiment rack and foldable shelves which you can use to keep the necessary items close.
  • With its infrared sizzle zone side burner, you can be assured that the steak or anything else is getting cooked perfectly on every side.
  • The grill’s 625 sq. inches of big cooking area is helpful to prepare a meal for 2 or 3 right away.
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If you’re confused about getting a propane grill or a charcoal grill, we recommend you to get both. But it won’t be convenient for you to buy 2 different types of grills. That’s why you should get the Napoleon Rogue 425 which you can use as a propane gas grill as well as a charcoal grill with convertible trays.

Another big advantage of this grill is that you’ll get a large cooking area of 425 square inches. Hence, you can cook for 2 or 3 at once and feed a large group without much delay. To support fast cooking, it has quick and high temperature rising capability, even heat distribution, and efficient design.

On the other hand, it is very important to be able to control heat. Otherwise, the perfect taste of a dish will never be achieved. That’s why this grill can ignite the burners separately and has an ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge so that you can precisely control heat. As a result, you get the perfect cooking companion which will support you all the way.

Compare Napoleon Rogue 425 vs. Weber Spirit E310

Weber 47510001 Spirit E310

Both of the grills are mid-ranged products. Both manufacturers are great at making grills. So, let’s see the comparison between Napoleon Rogue 425 and the Weber Spirit E310. The first difference about them is that you can turn your Napoleon grill into a charcoal pit where you can’t do it with the Weber grill. The total cooking area of the Rogue 425 is bigger than the Spirit E310.

Moreover, Weber doesn’t give any IR burner on this model where you can get it on Napoleon. As a result, the total BTU per hour is higher in Rogue 425 making it more heat provider. The Weber Spirit E310 beats Rogue 425 only in the price section but you can agree that Rogue 425 is worthy of such a high price tag.

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Key features of Napoleon Rogue 425

Napoleon Rogue 425 review

Powerful Grilling

With 45,000 BTU’s, 3 main burners, an infrared side burner, you can expect the fastest cooking without compromising the taste. Many grills have powerful burners and quick fast enough but this one aces them all with its infrared side burner. Hence, the heat distribution is more efficient and even on this grill which you will hardly find on others. The heat is so intense that any spilled juice or grease gets instantly vaporized instead of causing flare-ups.

Flexible Usability

This grill can be moved around easily, has foldable and removable side shelves, and includes quick-access convenient condiment rack. As a result, you can fit this thing almost anywhere in your backyard, move around to your suitable location without the help of others, and use the shelves for keeping necessary items close or remove them to avail more space. This is one of the most versatile grills within this price range with high-quality components.

Build Quality

The build quality of this grill is worth mentioning because of its sturdiness, material strength, and durability. It is made of stainless steel which is rustproof, lasts for years, and has the strength to withstand rough-use. Moreover, it has thick grate which gives it the required stability. So, you can rely on its build-quality without any doubt.

Grilling Areas

The total cooking area of this grill is 625 square inches where 425 square inches is the main grilling area. So, you can gather all the necessary items at once on this grill and start cooking with everything at your fingertips. For this reason, you can control the timing to add ingredients perfectly.


The grill has an electric ignition system with a Jetfire feature. Also, it can ignite the burners separately so that you can control heat precisely as well as stay safe during its starting time. On the other hand, it has another safety feature on the cooking area that prevents flare-ups because of spilled liquid. The overall design makes sure that the chef doesn’t get hurt in any way.

What are users saying about Napoleon Rogue 425

Those who couldn’t get satisfactory performance from their grills bought this one and instantly got settled. The reason is that it is almost a perfect grill for everyday users and they couldn’t complain about its features and performance.

We got some complaints about dents or bends on different parts of this grill upon arrival. But those aren’t the fault of the manufacturer or the product. Poor handling may cause this and this can be solved by contacting the delivery agency. Otherwise, we only heard compliments from its genuine users.

Disadvantages of Napoleon Rogue 425

The industry standard for this kind of grills regarding burner power has increased over the years. So, you might consider it as a drawback as the Napoleon Rogue 425 turns out a maximum of 36000 BTUs with the 3 main burners. But that is enough heat for your cooking delicious dishes. Also, the side burner seems less powerful but it has infrared technology which doesn’t require more than 9000 BTUs to operate perfectly. So, this will not affect your cooking in a bad way.

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Final Verdict

Can you complain about a grill that works smoothly from the assembly to daily cooking for years? You can’t and Napoleon Rogue 425 is that kind of grill that won’t give you a chance to use it as an excuse for bad dishes. We hope that our Napoleon Rogue 425 review has given you valuable insight into the product. So, will you order one today or keep using the one that’s troubling you for days?

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