Napoleon TQ285X-BL Review – What users saying about it?

Napoleon TQ285X-BL Portable Propane Grill

Napoleon TQ285X-BL offers the best deal who wants to experience a portable and efficient propane grill. The blue grill comes with a compact design shown by the sturdy scissors cart that allows the grill for better tailgating. The cooking surface is just perfect that is 285 sq. in and Napoleon allowed the maximum surface but keep it a portable grill at the same time.

The grilling surface is run by 2 burners and powered by 12,000 BTUs. More importantly, the burner light up using the Jet fire ignition system, which is just perfect igniting the burners. Again, the burners come as dual stainless steel burners and provide direct and indirect grilling.

Cooking grids are made of Porcelain zed cast iron for that, the heat becomes consistent and even throughout the cooking time. Finally, the windproof design ensures securing the heat even in the worst wind.

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Napoleon TQ285X-BL vs Napoleon 29.5″ TravelQ Pro 285

These are the two most astonishing portable grills and to be frank, you will find no difference except the cart. Both of them have a similer grilling areas, burners, and BTUs level. One if Blue and the other is Black. The Blue one which we are covering the review TQ285x will give you more ease in regards to the portability.

Napoleon TravelQ PRO285E-BK Portable Electric Grill
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Because it comes with the scissor cart design which you won’t find with the TravelQ Pro 285. Having this cart, it allows easy to move and give more storage too. Keeping this in mind, we will rate Napoleon TQ285X-BL 10/10 based on portability but we can’t consider another one.

Key Features of Napoleon TQ285X-BL

What users saying about Napoleon TQ285X-BL

Now we come to the core of this Napoleon TQ285X-BL Review, where you will come to know all the key features separately.

Well built Grill

The overall design of this Napoleon grill is made of sturdy materials. If you look over the lid that placed on the top is made of aluminum with a blue-coated finish. The burners are made of stainless steel for that, it will allow direct and indirect grilling at the same time.

The main focus for better cooking is to have great cooking grates. You will be glad to know that it comes with the Porcelainized cast iron wave cooking grids. These cooking grates help to retain high and low flame and withstand even if you use it for years after years.

Huge grilling area

When you are dealing with the portable grill then you may never satisfy with the grilling area. But having the 285 sq. in of grilling area is a great feature indeed. More or less, maximum portable grills come with less than 200 sq. in of surface, whereas you are getting close to 300, so this is a real win for you.

Within this grilling area, you can keep a dozen of hamburgers or a whole cut-up chicken like 12 pieces. Hence, you can enjoy tailgating with 5 to 6 friends together.

Portable Experience

Having the foldable scissor cart within this grill is a real blessing indeed. The design is so compact for that, you can easily drag this 50 pounds of weight seems half of it. The cart of it also allows storage as you can keep it in a narrow place at your home. Except for the main grilling area the cart is made of super durable lightweight plastic that cut off the overall weight of this grill. The side shelves allow extra cooking prep but don’t hurt the portability at all.

Easy to maintain

As we have already told you about the cart then you must believe it increases the overall maintenance. Besides that, it comes with a goofy water tray for grease drippings. It takes the residue inside and after cooking you can easily clean it up. The wheel under the cart also helps to move it even with the toughest obstacles.

What are users saying about Napoleon TQ285X-BL

If you cut off the irrelevant comments from the users who don’t even care about the main features of it, then you will come to evaluate the real reviews from the real consumers. Basically, you should follow the critiques that come from the user who bought it for having a portable feature of it. Otherwise, it turns out to be a great con as it doesn’t satisfied with the grilling surface.

In that case, we found maximum positive feedback from them. Apart from this, most of them are satisfied with the build material like the cast iron grates and the aluminum touch finish lid.

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Who needs the Napoleon TQ285X-BL

As you have already go through the whole article, then you must comply with that this grill is for them who often go for outside cooking. Besides, don’t care if a grill comes with the minimum cooking areas. Between this opposite feature, he has to stand on the portable facilities. However, you don’t need to compensate for the quality of this grill as the materials all are from high grades.

FAQ About Napoleon TQ285X-BL

How solid is Napoleon TQ285X-BL is as a portable grill?

As a portable grill, the main thing that comes to your mind is to have well-built terrain wheels that roll over almost anything. Besides, you can easily fold down and open a quick lifting and pulling the cover. Setting up for the tailgating becomes easier as it is a scissor cart’s portable grill. You can hang the cart against the wall and pull it when you set for travel. So you can experience that the folding cart allows you easy storage. The side shelves are spacious for cook prep.

In what material is the wheel made and how can I assemble it?

The wheel is made of a rubber mallet and is movable easily during traveling. So far, you won’t find any flaws, especially with the sustainable deal. Besides, we believe that you won’t find any trouble with installing it. You just need to properly pull it up and down to see whether it is bouncing properly or not.

How hot does this grill get? Can it sear the meat perfectly?

This grill gets enough temperature during cooking that goes up to 600 degrees or 250 to 350 F on average. However, the heat may come to decrease while cooking under the wind. Now, about the searing meat, well, it totally depends on the heat retention. The more heat it can retain the more possibility of searing meat rise. Due to having the porcelain zed cooking grid, it can easily withstand the high flame and retain those flame consequences into searing the meat perfectly and leaving no marks.
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Final Verdict

After grasping the whole overview on Napoleon TQ285X-BL Review, what took your glance? If the portability won’t satisfy you then there is no point to stay on this review. But if you think it is portable enough with the scissor cart compact design then you don’t need to look further. Just bring it at home and assemble it and get ready set and to go for the next tailgating.

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