Napoleon TravelQ Pro 285 Propane Grill Review

Napoleon TravelQ PRO285E-BK Portable Electric Grill

When it comes to knowing about a portable at the same time durable grill then you must know some of the best of them. For that, we have researched on some of them and finally, tell you about Napoleon TravelQ Pro 285 propane grill review. This model has already come to as one of the most portable grills to them, who don’t want to compensate for the durability and can have adequate grilling surface too. Keeping this in mind, Napoleon grills intelligently made it within an ergonomic design.

The main feature of it is to have 285 of grilling area within 2 burners. The BTUs level is 12000 that is still satisfactory even though the overall size is small. The dual convertible mode from propane to natural gas allows more diversity while using, but it levels up the price. The overall weight of it is just accurate to travel with it anywhere you want. The lid is an absolute win for having the aluminum grade made. On the other hand, the carrying handles are made of durable plastic handles that cut the extra weight and make it portable.

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What users saying about Napoleon TravelQ Pro 285 Propane Grill

Even the best product unable to satisfy all the users. Apart from this situation, Napoleon TravelQ Pro 285 able to satisfy those who are looking for a durable grill at the same time portable. The exciting thing about it is to have a standard grilling area also, easy to carry.

What users saying about Napoleon TravelQ Pro 285 Propane Grill

This is really a great advantage where most of the grill unable to manage 285 of grilling area and keep the weight below 40 pounds. When it comes to the user’s hand, the assembling becomes pretty easy for them. We found it as super assemble order just required to fix a few things and then it is ready to go for the cook.

The user-friendliness is also a great concern and you would be happy to know it has ergonomic control knob settings. The startup of it is a real ace due to having the jet fire ignition system, which never fails to start up the grill.

Napoleon TravelQ Pro 285 vs Weber 51060001 Q1200

There are a couple of differences between Napoleon TravelQ Pro and Weber Q1200 (5106001), but every time Napoleon wins the game. First off, if you want to experience a grilling surface comparatively large keeping the portable feature then TravelQ would be ahead to Weber’s grill.

Weber q 1000 review

Because it has 285 of grilling surface whereas Weber has only 189 Same goes for BTU like the big area requires more BTUs so Napoleon comes with 12,000 BTUs and Weber  Q1200 comes with only 85,00 BTUs. So far these are the main differences between them. Finally, Napoleon has both options like it is propane at the same time is natural gas grill but Weber grill is only Propane and non-convertible.

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Key Features of the Napoleon TravelQ Pro 285 Propane Grill R

Now we come to the best part of Napoleon TravelQ Pro 285 Propane Grill Review, where you will elaborately get to know every hack of it.

Portable grill
If you are in search of the portable grill then buying this model will secure every penny as an investment. It just weighs 35 pounds and the 3 carrying handles are in great use to carry anywhere you want. Some portable grills come with wheels and side tables which do not give the ultimate portable experience. But this is just easily carried by the handles and the bottom surface is of aluminum so you can set it on any surface, you want.

Build Quality
Napoleon’s TravelQ PRO is not a commercial size grill but still, it keeps the standard of them. Having the cast aluminium across the grilling surface convey the evidence. Besides, the grid is porcelain-enameled for that heat retention is up to the mark. The most exclusive feature of it is to have an aluminium lid and if it fails to provide it then it would turn out to be a con. The handles are not stainless steel to reduce the extra weight and make it portable, however, the plastic handles are durable to sustain for years. The cast-iron skillet feature allows it to cook within the non-stick surface.

Perfect grilling surface
Normally, when you are switching your mind to get a portable grill then you may not think too much about grilling area. Normally, portable grills have less than 200, but you will be surprised to know Napoleon’s TravelQ PRO has 285, which would be the best deal for you. For that, you can have 20 large burgers at a time on the cooking surface.

Powerful grilling
If Napoleon claims that their grill is the most powerful portable grill then this won’t be boastful remarks at all. Because we know propane gas grill is the most powerful grill ever found. Therefore, it is a high efficient gas grill to its users and also does some indirect cooking too. If you want to convert it to the natural gas grill then you don’t need to pay further, which is a great ace for you.

Who needs Napoleon TravelQ Pro 285 Propane Grill  the most

One thing we should make you clear. If you are looking for a commercial gas grill then this is not for you also, a big space for residential use. Apart from these circumstances, if you are in search of one of the best portable propane gas grills, then this one will satisfy you. Besides, it comes with modern design where you will get a jet fire ignition system, ergonomic knob controlling, cast iron grates, porcelain-enameled grids and standard 285 of cooking area.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Napoleon TravelQ Pro

Is there any Plastic substance and what about the overall build quality?

The main part of it is the lid and bottom which is made of aluminum so that it helps to withstand any tough situation, especially while cooking. Apart from that, the rest of the frame like 3 handles are made of durable high-grade plastic.

These plastics are absolutely thicker and sustain for years without any damage. The reason they allow the plastic substance is to make it super lightweight eventually portable. Hence, the overall weight comes 35 pounds to you.

I can’t adjust the hose and regulator, So how can I do this stuff?

As a propane gas grill, you will have a more efficient burning power compared to the other grill system. If you have never used it before then no worries. Yes, the hose and regulator of this grill may give you some hard time especially when you are a new user.

But no worries, there is a solution to it. You just need to make it long as the hose and regulator of it is short by default. So you had better purchase it and make sure the hose would be at least 60 inches and certified by CSA. While setting up it, a wrench comes to handy to tighten and loosen the default hose.

Does it properly sear meat adjusting the high temperature?

Yes, you can experience searing meat in great moisture and texture and the mouthwatering juicy flavor in this cookware. Because the heat is pretty consistent all the way around by dint of 12,000 BTUs and cast iron cooking grates. The thermometer is accurate to track your meat to sear and thus you don’t need to be tensed at all.
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Final Verdict

After going through Napoleon TravelQ Pro 285 Propane Grill Review, now it is your turn, whether you are going to invest in it or not. We sorted out all the key aspects and tried to let you know all of them. A final suggestion for you is to reassess your preference are you going to buy any of the portable grills or not? Again the propane grill comes a bit expensive, so will you fix the other choice or not? Finding the answers to them, you can go ahead to buy it, as it has nothing to hide with cons related to the main features.

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