Ninja AF150 Vs AF161 – Why Ninja AF161 Is Preferred By Most?

Ninja AF150 Vs AF161

Ninja has a comprehensive collection of quality standalone air fryers with great cooking functions that come at an affordable price range. Here I will go deep into a detailed comparison between Ninja AF150 Vs AF161, some of the most leading budget air fryers to provide guilt-free healthy fried food for your family.

Ninja air fryer XL and Max XL appear as identical models, but they have some significant differences.

Ninja AF150 has five manual cooking functions, whereas the AF161 has seven preset cooking features. The Ninja Max XL (AF161) has a 6-quart cooking area, but Ninja XL (AF150) falls behind with 5.5 quarts.

I will go for the Ninja AF161 Max XL air fryer, considering the overall functions and cooking value. Stay tuned to find out more!

Ninja AF150 Vs AF161 – Why Ninja AF161 Is Preferred By Most?

  • Ninja AF161 comes with a slightly longer build, and the inner cooking space is also half a quart more than the Ninja AF150.
  • The Ninja AF150 has five manual cooking functions. On the contrary, Ninja AF161 has two additional features, and a total of seven cooking presets.
  • Compared to the previously arrived AF150, the Ninja AF161 has a 30% faster cooking ability that heats rapidly and prepares dishes instantly.
  • Ninja AF161 adds a broiler rack that works great for cooking various dishes. In terms of extra cooking accessories, Ninja AF150 is lagging.
  • More than 9500 users appreciate the Ninja AF161 Max XL, where Ninja AF150 could not reach 200 marks.
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If you overlook the updated features of the Ninja AF161, it provides more excellent value throughout usage. Ninja air fryer XL lags in some, parts and it is also a little bit heavier than Ninja Max XL air fryer.

The AF161 comes with more versatile features and allows various cooking through the added accessories. After mentioning all such key facts, anyone will go for the AF161 Max XL for sure.

SpecificationNinja AF150Ninja AF161
Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL Review
Ninja AF161
14 inches x 11 inches x 14.75 inches14 inches x 11 inches x 14.75 inches14 inches x 11 inches x 14.80 inches
Basket Capacity5.5 Quarts 6 Quarts 
Broiling RackNoYes
Wattage1750 Watts1750 Watts
Preset ModesFive functionsSeven functions
Temperature Range 105° F to 400° F105° F to 400° F
Weight11.7 Pounds11 Pounds
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What Are The Dissimalities & Similarities Between Ninja AF150 Vs AF161 (Ninja XL Vs Max XL)

After unboxing, you will notice that they are almost identical in appearance if you place them together. But the actual difference is in the inner section of them, which makes them two different models. You have seen so far which one is ahead in the contest. Let’s figure out more about these Ninja air fryers.

Build Quality & Design

These Ninja air fryers are made with identical build material and have a glossy outer finish that gives them a premium look.

The interior crisper basket appears with a ceramic iron coating which allows cooking a variety of foods. The ceramic coating basket works excellent as a nonstick panel that overwhelmingly prepares dishes.

Despite being slightly taller and having more interior cooking space, the Ninja AF161 has a lighter weight than Ninja AF150. From the front view, you will notice both have a digital control panel. The control panel includes all the preset cooking functions, buttons, and temperature indication windows.

Ease Of Usage

Since Ninja Af161 has more manual cooking functions, it can perform a wide range of cooking options. Both Ninja air fryers come with a digital control panel and additional cooking accessories, making cooking a step easier. The Control panel has on/off buttons, a temperature control window; all presets are in one place.

Both Ninja air fryers include 20 recipes cooked with inspirational cooking guides for an enhanced cooking experience. After your cooking, cleaning up all the parts is convenient since all cooking baskets, accessories come with dishwasher-safe materials.

Cooking Performance

Both can cook various dishes, but the Ninja Max XL air fryer has something more to provide. Ninja AF161 Max Xl has seven cooking presets, including air fry, air roast, air broil, dehydrate, bake, reheat, Max crisp, etc. Ninja AF150 XL air fryer doesn’t have the air broil and Max crisp features.

Both air fryers have a wide temperature range from 105 degrees to 450 degrees, enabling cooking all sorts of dishes. Moreover, they have a unique air frying technology that can cook up to 75 percent less oil. It means you can have tasty foods inside the home while having a look at your health also.

Additional Accessories

In the accessories part, Ninja AF161 Max XL air fryer stays the winner. As mentioned in the upper section earlier, Ninja AF161 comes with a stainless steel aluminum broil rack that provides air boiling. It also has a 6-quart cooking basket with a nonstick material ceramic coating.

Ninja AF150AMZ doesn’t have the broiling rack, so it missed the air boiling ability. The Ninja air fryer XL has a 5.5-quart cooking basket that can cook 3 lbs of chicken quickly.

Both air fryers have a Ceramic-coated nonstick crisper plate, chef-inspired 20 recipe book with the box. For your convenience, you may also explore Ninja Foodi air fryer reviews

FAQ About Ninja AF150 Vs AF161 (Ninja XL Vs Max XL)

Can more than one item be cooked at a time?

Yes, you can cook multiple items simultaneously but make sure that all dishes meet the exact temperature requirement.

Is the basket handle removable?

Some users said that they had suffered cleaning issues for the small holes in the basket handle. But unfortunately, the basket handle is not removable.

What’s the size of the crisper plate?

The crisper plate comes with a ceramic coating that measures about 8 inches in size.

Can Ninja AF150 be used as an oven?

Of course, you can use Ninja AF150 as an oven because one of its primary functions is to cook many different types of food using the hot air circulator (heating system).

What is the voltage of Ninja AF150?

We recommend you read this whole article before buying it so that you can get all of its details, including the power supply voltage (110V-120V 60Hz).

Is Ninja AF150 dishwasher safe?

A5. No, it is not. You can clean Ninja AF150 after cooking by wiping its exterior with a damp cloth and using mild detergent while cleaning the lid (you should be careful).

What are the dimensions of Ninja AF150?

The measurements of this appliance are 11*13*14 inches, including the cord. We recommend you read this whole article before buying Ninja AF150 because it will give you helpful information about this air fryer.

Does Ninja AF150 have a rotisserie?

Yes, it does, and we believe that many people want to buy an air fryer like this model. You can quickly cook a whole chicken without any problems.

What is the wattage of Ninja AF150?

A8. 600-700W makes it perfect for cooking many types of food in a short period and with less energy consumption. Follow this link to get detailed information about what a good air fryer should look like.
What is the capacity of Ninja AF150?

A9. This question is related to its food capacity, and it can cook foods with a maximum diameter of 8 inches (20cm). Depending on how much you put in it, it will take 2-3 minutes to cook such food.

What is the wattage of Ninja AF161?

The wattage of this appliance is 750-850W, which makes it perfect for cooking many types of food in a short period and with less energy consumption like Ninja AF150. Follow this link to get detailed information about what a good air fryer should look like.

Can Ninja AF161 prepare rotisserie recipes without oil?

A11. Yes, it can because of its heating system, which circulates hot air around food while cooking it to ensure that the nutrition remains inside the food and not on the walls or bottom of the air fryer’s compartment.

What is the capacity of Ninja AF161?

The maximum capacity of the Ninja AF161 air fryer is 2.5qt (2.36L), which makes it perfect for cooking many types of food at one time, and because of its excellent design, you can cook much more than that at once but in small portions.
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Final Verdict

After reflecting upon all the key factors such as features, performance, and budget value, we will go for the Ninja Max Xl AF161 air fryer. Ninja AF150AMZ and Ninja AF161 have nearly similar price options, but the AF161 provides the best value.

Not to mention that more than thousands of users appreciate the Ninja AF161 Max XL air fryer. So, you can switch to this budget-friendly kitchen champion keeping your eyes blindfolded.