Ninja AG400 Review – Does it better than Ninja LG450?

Ninja AG400 Reviews

It won’t be a smart choice to fill your kitchen with single-purpose appliances. Even a spacious and well-organized kitchen will be cluttered with machines.

Multi-purpose equipment is the only solution in most cases. The Ninja AG400 5-in-1 indoor grill is an excellent multi-cooker appliance.

Besides grilling, Ninja AG400 lets users air fry, bake, roast, and dehydrate. All the users praise its high-quality build and performance.

All the necessary accessories are also contained inside the box. Considering everything, the Ninja AG400 review was among last year’s best indoor grills.

Today, I will inform you everything about the machine; also compare it with another top-quality indoor grill – Ninja LG450.

At A Glance Of Ninja AG400

  • Sear food with a max temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • With four different temperatures – low, medium, high, and max; get the perfect char-grill outcome.
  • Vast temperature range from 105 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit, letting you cook different foods.
  • Has ample cooking space, with a 4-quart frying basket and a 6-quart cooking pot.
  • The smart probe thermometer lets you know the exact temperature of the food you are cooking.
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Comparison Between Ninja AG400 And Ninja Foodi LG450 Air fryer

Ninja AG400 Air FryerNinja Foodi LG450 Air Fryer
Ninja AG400 Review - Key Features Of Ninja AG400 Air Fryer
Ninja Foodi LG450 Review
The Ninja AG400 requires quite an ample space on your countertop, measuring 12 inches in length, 17 inches in width, and 10.5 inches in height. It is also a hefty machine with 24 Pounds weight.Ninja Foodi LG450 and AG400 have similar dimensions. The design of the devices is also identical.
It offers four other cooking functions without grilling – air crisp, dehydrate, roast, and bake.It also comes with five different cooking functions – grill, air crisp, bake, roast, and dehydrate.
Its cooking capacity is also pretty large; the 6-quart cooking pot and 4-quart crisping basket let you cook a large amount of food in one go.LG450 also comes with a 6 quarts non-stick cooking pot and a 4-quart crisping basket.
The smart cooking system is a handy feature in the newer models of Ninja foodi but isn’t featured in this model.Thanks to the smart cooking system, you have four smart protein settings and nine customizable doneness levels.
A 10 by 10 inches grill grate lets you sear a large amount of food, but this size will be a little small for large families.It also has the same grill grate size with a non-stick coating. It can hold up to six chicken breasts, 20 hot dogs, or others.

Key Features Of Ninja AG400 Air Fryer

Key Features Of Ninja AG400 Air Fryer


The Ninja foodi air fryer Has a large and boxy appearance as it’s 7 inches in length, 14 inches in width and 11 inches in height. So, it’ll take quite an ample space on your countertop. The machine is built with brushed stainless steel and has a plastic-made lid. The Ninja Foodi AG400 has a temperature probe attached to the side.

Overall, you will get a high-quality feeling from the machine. The machine is also hefty, weighs around 24 pounds; you won’t like to move it around pretty often.

Aside, a heavy grill grate, a crisp basket, and a cooking pot are inside the box. All the cooking accessories have a ceramic non-stick coating on them. They are also dishwasher safe.


The main task of the Ninja AG400 indoor grill is grilling. You can also cook with a closed lid and keep the lid open. But, even if you cook while closing the lid, it doesn’t press down on food, so it only brands grill marks on the side. And, you need to flip the foods to get grill marks on both sides. The grill marks will be curved and won’t be straight.

Without that, the Ninja also air fry, bake, roast, and dehydrate. And, it does most of the tasks better than regular machines. The Ninja foodi grill ag400 has a high temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and a vast range. This vast range allows you to try different recipes.

Smokeless Grilling

An outdoor grill is famous among people because of its delicious foods and different cooking experiences. But, it is not always possible to cook on an outside grill because of the weather, restrictions, lack of space, or time.

In those cases, indoor grills are the best option. But, they need to keep house conditions optimal for cooking food. This Ninja AG400 sear foods at a high temperature, almost without smoke.

What Users Are Saying About Ninja AG400

Ninja appliances are among the top priority of most users, and they receive high ratings from customers. Same in the Ninja AG400, with 4.8 stars rating on Amazon, the AG400 ninja Foodi machine is among the highest-rated indoor grills.

Starting from the design, the Ninja is built with high-quality materials. Customers said about using it for more than two years without any issue. Operating and navigation are user-friendly, and the digital controls are easy to read.

Despite a full-time indoor grill, its other functions pleased the users. It is even better than some of the expensive Ninja foodi digital air fryer oven in the market. The grilling is nearly smokeless, even when I tried cooking thick steaks.

The smart temperature probe does a wonderful job at controlling meat cooking. It lets users select the level of doneness. But, it won’t be at the level of control you get with the new models.

But, AG400 isn’t suitable for all the users. Firstly, the machine is large for most countertops. On top of that, it’s quite an expensive machine (above $250). Anyways, there are a few drawbacks you won’t like to overlook. You will need to wait for some time after switching on the machine to preheat.

If you care about grilling quality, then money, and space, it’s one of the best indoor grills.

FAQs About the Ninja AG400

How does the Ninja AG400 air fry?

Although the Ninja AG400’s main task isn’t air frying; nevertheless it does a fantastic job. But, it won’t do better than the medium-priced Cosori air fryer. So, if you are purchasing this especially for air frying, then other inexpensive models will be better.

Can I toast bread using the machine?

No, it can’t be used as a toaster, and toaster ovens have many other uses.

Does the outside of the machine get hot while cooking?

Yes, the outside doesn’t get quite hot when you are cooking at a high temperature. So, it would be better; you keep some space if it is placed under a cabinet.

How does the Ninja AG400 work?

The Ninja AG400 works by connecting to your garden’s water source and then controlling the watering process through valves. It can be programmed to water your plants at specific times or intervals, making it a convenient and customizable option for garden irrigation.

What are some of the features of the Ninja AG400?

Some of the Ninja AG400 includes an automatic start/stop feature, a water conservation mode, and a manual override mode. It also has a large LCD that makes it easy to program and monitor the watering process.

Is the Ninja AG400 easy to use?

The Ninja AG400 is very effortless to use. It can be programmed to water your plants at specific times or intervals, and it has a large LCD that makes it easy to monitor the watering process. It also has an automatic start/stop feature and a water conservation mode, making it a convenient and customizable garden irrigation option.

Is the Ninja AG400 durable?

Yes, the Ninja AG400 is a very durable product. It is constructed of high-quality materials and tested to withstand wear and tear. It also comes with a one-year warranty, making it a reliable option for your garden irrigation needs.

Can the Ninja AG400 handle large quantities of food?

Yes, the Ninja AG400 has a 400-pound capacity, making it perfect for processing large quantities of food. Whether you’re preparing a family dinner or a large party, the Ninja AG400 can easily handle the job.

What are the dimensions of the Ninja AG400?

The Ninja AG400 has 23.2 inches by 16.5 inches by 17.7 inches. This compact design makes it easy to store in any kitchen, and its lightweight construction ensures that it is easy to move around.

How powerful is the Ninja AG400 motor?

The Ninja AG400 motor is a high-performance 1200 watt motor, ensuring that your food is processed quickly and efficiently. The Ninja AG400 can handle even the most challenging food processing tasks with this powerful motor.
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Final Verdict

The Ninja AG400 review is an excellent option for anyone who loves grilled foods but doesn’t have easy access to an outdoor grill. Moreover, it offers four other cooking options than grilling. While its air frying and toasting is decent, it may not compete against expensive specific machines.

Also, users need to keep in mind, you require ample cooking space and spend extra money. But, if you don’t have any issue with them, don’t hesitate to purchase this outstanding machine.