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Ninja FG550 Vs FG551 – Why do Ninja FG551 would be best?

Ninja FG550 Vs FG551An indoor electric grill is a compact kitchen appliance for grilling steaks, meats, air fries, and other multi-functional tasks. Today I’ll illuminate a difference between Ninja FG550 Vs FG551, which are top-notch air fryers by Ninja. Let’s figure out which one is the best, and are they worth the hype?

In naked eyes, both Ninja Foodi grills correspond equally to external manifestation, but their internal functions are distinct. To kick-off, Ninja FG550 has four preset cooking functions, whereas Ninja FG551 features six presets.

The Ninja FG550 missed out on broiling and dehydrating functions. Both have an intelligent measuring thermometer that measures inner temperature precisely.

Over the deck, I’ll go in favor of the Ninja FG551 indoor grill; why? It holds all the significant aspects in the sac that a modern kitchen wishes for the best value.

Ninja FG550 Vs FG551: How Ninja FG551 Provides The Best Value?

  • The Ninja Smart XL FG550 has three extra cooking functions along with grilling. But Ninja FG551 has five additional cooking presets with grilling.
  • Ninja FG551 has a comprehensive and extensive cooking area that can grill 50% more foods than the standard Ninja Foodi grill models out there.
  • With a 500 degrees powerful cyclonic heat and additional 500 degrees from the grill grates, Ninja FG551 can perfectly grill with char marks.
  • Ninja FG551 Features an intelligent temperature probe or thermometer that automatically observes the inner heat level of dishes and shuts off when food is ready.
  • Ninja FG551 is far more popular than FG550, and more than thousands of people appreciate this for its ample cooking space and versatile functions.

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Ninja FG551 is a leading contestant for a prolonged period which is still in the rank for slight differences from the Ninja FG550 grill. Nevertheless, it is ahead because of versatile cooking functions, an ample grilling space, a 6-quart cooking pot, a 4-quart crisper basket, and intelligent temperature management.

If you want the best value in an indoor air fryer, consider this FG551 before you step out.

Specification Ninja FG550 Ninja FG551
Image Ninja FG550 Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven
Dimension(L x W x H) 15.75 inches x 16.54 inches x 11.1 inches 15.75 inches x 16.54 inches x 11.1 inches
Crisper Basket Capacity  4 Qt.  4 Qt.
Cooking Pot Capacity 6 quarts 6 quarts
Cooking Power 1760 Watts 1760 Watts
Cooking Modes Four presets with grill Six presets with grill
Maximum Temperature 500 degrees Fahrenheit 500 degrees Fahrenheit
Cooking Settings Four protein settings and nine doneness levels Four protein settings and nine doneness levels
Available Colors Black Black or Silver
Grill Grate Size 9 inches x 12 inches 9 inches x 12 inches
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Similarities & Differences Between Ninja Foodi FG550 Vs FG551 Grills

Similarities & Differences Between Ninja Foodi FG550 Vs FG551 Grills

The following section will overlook some of the previously mentioned facts and features about these two indoor grills from Ninja. Since they arrive from the same alike series and the same Ninja Foodi lineup, they will match in some aspects.

If you don’t go deep into these products, you will hardly find any variations between them from the outer part. Let’s dive deep inside these indoor grills from the Ninja Foodi FG series.

Ninja Foodi FG550 vs FG551: Design & Construction

Both Ninja Foodi FG550 vs FG551 grills come with the same outer body design, and their inner materials are also the same. With a mixture of plastic and stainless steel finish shiny exterior coverage, these Ninja grills hold an aesthetic design. From the front, the as usual digitized control panel will be visible.

The control panels come with all the cooking functions and the other control, management buttons of the grill. Besides, it has four protein settings and nine different doneness levels, which are customizable as well. It has a decent grilling grate made of a cast-iron layer. There is a small hole in the base corner that works as the connector point of the thermometer.     

Cooking Performance

With the best quality Ninja Foodi indoor air fryer, you can go with preparing dishes of your desire. Ninja FG551 has seven cooking functions: grill, broiling, dehydrating, preheating, baking, roasting, air frying, etc. On the other hand, the Ninja FG550 has five presets, which lack broil & dehydrate features. 

Both Ninja Foodi grills come with a maximum temperature of 500 degrees that takes a little time to heat. With a 500 degrees powerful cyclonic heat and additional 500 degrees from the grill grates, these Ninja grills can perfectly grill with char marks.

With intelligent cooking technology, you can cook foods with 75% less oil. They have a satisfying space that can cook 50% more food to fill your whole family.

Ease Of Usage

Ninja left no space for you to say that their product is not user-friendly. First, the Foodi grills have a temperature measuring thermometer which makes usage a lot easier. The thermometer goes inside the food for heat management, and it smartly controls the heat. 

When your food gets ready, the thermometer sends signals to the control panel, and it stops right away. All the cooking parts and other accessories come with dishwasher-safe materials. Thus, you can wash them in the dishwasher without breaking a sweat. 

Additional Accessories

The Ninja Smart XL grill comes with a four-quart cooking basket, a six-quart cooking pot, and a grilling grate that approximately measures about 9 X 12 inches. Moreover, the temperature thermometer also comes with the package. Ninja put a cookbook inside the box, which includes 15 delicious recipes and chef-dedicated inspirational guides.

FAQ About Ninja Foodi Smart XL FG550 Vs FG551 Grills

Q: What accessories come with the grill?

With the Max XL grill, the box includes- 9 inches x 12 inches heavy-duty grill grate, a 4-quart crisper basket, a 6-quart cooking pot, a Ninja smart thermometer, a cleaning brush, and an inspirational 15 recipe cookbook.

Q: How much do these grills weigh?

According to the manufacturer’s claim, Ninja Foodi Smart XL grills measure about 22 to 24 pounds. 

Q: What is the actual area of the grilling grate?

Some say it is 9 X 12 inches, and others say it is 9 X 14 inches in the overall measurement.

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Final Verdict

Both Ninja Foodi grill fg550 vs fg551 come with similar specs, but variations make the Ninja FG551 stand out. If you look at the price tags of these Ninja Foodi grills, you will notice a slight difference in their price. Ninja FG550 is 249 dollars, and FG551 is 269 dollars, but Ninja FG551 features two additional cooking presets. 

If you don’t want extra features and want to save a few of your hard-earned bucks, you can switch to the Ninja FG550 grill. Or, if you demand the different functions and don’t care about spending extra pennies for good, then Ninja FG551 is your next indoor grilling companion.