Ninja Foodi OP302 Reviews – Ninja Foodi OP302 vs OP305

Ninja Foodi OP302 Reviews

Ninja is probably the most influential name among the home kitchen appliance bands currently.

The band is making varieties of appliances, including the Ninja Foodi multi-cooker. In this article, you will know about the Ninja Foodi OP302 reviews.

Ninja has several models in the Ninja Foodi multi-cooker series. The OP302 offers nine different settings: baking, roasting, sauteing, grilling, slow cooking, pressure cooking, broiling, and keep warming.

And, if you are thinking about something different than instant pot, this is one of the best alternatives.

As it requires to cover so many different appliances, the ninja op302 comes with a 6.5 quarts ceramic coating pot, a 4 quarts frying basket, a reversible rack, and two different lids. On top of it, it offers a timer up to a one-hour and the highest temperature of 410° F.

However, it is also among the most expensive multi-cooker. In this Ninja Foodi OP302 review, you will discover whether you should go with it or choose the new version – Ninja OP305.

Noticeable Features At A Glance Ninja Foodi OP302

  • Op302 is more than a pressure cooker; it is also an air fryer and tenders crispier.
  • Two different lids enable users more versatile cooking.
  • Its cooking speed is three-time faster than a traditional cooking method.
  • Comes with a large cooking capacity – a 6.5 quarts cooking pot and a 4 quarts crisping basket.
  • Has nine different cooking functions, including broil and dehydrate.
  • Passed different safety tests and written names among the safest pressure cookers.

Compare Ninja Foodi OP302 And OP305 Air Fryer

Ninja Foodi OP302 Air FryerNinja Foodi OP305 Air Fryer
Ninja Foodi OP302 Reviews
Ninja Foodi OP302 is a compact model but still takes a fair amount of space on your countertop. It measures 14.25 inches in length, 16.75 inches in width, and 13.1 inches in height.Ninja Foodi OP302 has a similar size as Ninja OP302, measuring 14.25 inches by 16.75 inches by 13.1 inches in length, width, and height.
It features nine cooking functions – air fry, dehydrate, bakes, roast, pressure cook, steam, slow cook, etc.It similarly has nine cooking functions, including pressure cook, air fry, dehydrates, bakes, roast, steam, slow cook, and others.
With its large 6.5-quart ceramic coated pot and 4-quart frying basket, it can hold up to a 5 pounds chicken or 3 pounds french fries.Its 6.5-quart cooking pot is enough to cook for your family, and a 4-quart frying basket can hold up to a 5-pound chicken or 3-pound French fries.
It has a 1460 wattage powerful motor, along with TenderCrisp technology, which ensures evenly cooking.The OP305 is powered by a powerful 1460 motor to heat up instantly and cook faster.
Among the dual lids, the pressure lid ensures proper cooking, and the crispy lid allows for frying food properly.Similarly, it comes with dual lids, the pressure cooker lid for cooking food, and the crispy lid for frying.

Key Features Of the Ninja Foodi OP302 Air Fryer

Key Features Of the Ninja Foodi OP302 Air Fryer


As you’d expect from an appliance that is effectively a mini oven, the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer is a monster of a machine taking up a significant chunk of space on a worktop and looking industrial with its gray and black design.

Its bulky lid opens to the side on a hinge meaning it can’t be fully opened while tucked underneath a kitchen cupboard, and this, coupled with its overall size, makes it nigh-on impossible to fit anywhere where space is at a premium comfortably.

Settings are controlled via a panel on the front situated below a digital display. The time and temperature controls sit on either side of this display. During cooking, the time ticks down on this screen, giving you an at-a-glance way to keep track of timings.

Below the display is your choice of cooking options: Pressure, Steam, Slow Cook, Sear/Sauté, Air Fry, Bake/Roast, and Grill. The Keep Warm button is bottom left, the On button is bottom right, and a large Start/Stop button sits in the center. Although these controls are clearly labeled, they add up to quite a complex machine and have no pre-programmed settings.


Functionality wise it does so much more than pressure cook and has seven main features in one. We were keen to determine how well it could pressure cook a chicken and fig tagine. Its large capacity bowl was great to add the ingredients and ensure everything was evenly placed. The control display is also one of the easier-to-use designs we’d used too.

Before pressure cooking, we could use the Sear/Sauté setting to brown the chicken and onion, then we added the rest of the ingredients and switched to the Pressure Cook setting – choosing 25 minutes on high.

What we particularly like about this model is how easily you can adjust the temperature and time to suit your dish – with simple arrows well positioned to the right and left of the main time display – so if you feel it’s not quite cooked enough on the first attempt, it’s easy to start up the appliance again simply.

TenderCrisp Technology

Aside from the pressure cooking setting, what makes this model stand out is its TenderCrisp technology with its specially designed lid with grill plate – which comes in addition to the pressure lid.

This means you can air crisp foods after pressure cooking to give them that crispiness and crunch using little to no oil, grill them to caramelize and brown foods, or use the bake/roast setting to bake Sunday afternoon treats.

The booklet in the box comes with 15 recipes to get you started, and we used the Ninja Air Fryer to follow the Soy-Glazed Salmon & Bok Choy recipe. What we like most about the ‘one-pot’ aspect of an appliance like this is the fact that you can add ingredients as you go and end up with a complete meal.

For example, we started by adding rice to a pot and pressure cooking for two minutes. Once this was complete, we added the salmon and bok choy by placing them on the reversible rack of the pot over rice.

Once the cooking was complete, we could simply take all the ingredients out and plate up to speedy and impressive results.

What Users Are Saying About the Ninja Foodi OP302 Air Fryer

All the Ninja multi cooker series models are highly praised; the same is with the model. Taking into consideration its high price tag, industrial size, and multi-purpose use, the Ninja Foodi is not for everyone.

Firstly, it’s not even near the cheap machines, but it replaces the requirement for purchasing separate slow cookers, pressure cookers, and air fryers.

Although it’s large, it is smaller than having all three items on your kitchen top. If you have money and space, there aren’t many alternatives to the model.

Another reason for users to love the model is its several functionalities. Every function works well on its own. Some functions perform better than others, and others are easier to use; yes, having all of them in one machine sets this OP302 Ninja Foodi apart from any machine you have used so far.

As for downsides, there isn’t actually much to say. But, the hefty price tag is restricting many users from purchasing the model. You can see the Ninja Foodi OP302 Reviews on Amazon.

FAQs About the Ninja Foodi OP302 Air Fryer

What makes Ninja OP302 different from 301 and 305?

There are many similarities among the models of the series. But, the most significant difference is 301 doesn’t have Dehydrate function, whereas both Ninja Foodi 302 and 305 do.

Can I make yogurt with this model?

No, it doesn’t have a function for making yogurt.

Can I use a glass baking dish?

Yes, this ninja lets you use a glass baking dish, but it has to be used in a normal oven.

Final Verdict

For people with a large family, Ninja OPP302 Foodi 6.5 qt pressure cooker offers decent capacity and speedy suppers. Thanks to its ergonomic design, simpler navigation controls, safe and well-designed elements, I have to say it’s a worthwhile investment for your kitchen.

Without the hefty price tag, there isn’t much downside to the model either. Considering everything, it is a highly recommended product. With that said, let’s call an end to this Ninja Foodi OP302 Reviews.