Ninja Foodi OP401 Review – Notable Features At A Glimpse

Ninja Foodi OP401 Review

In your search online for a versatile air fryer, you may have heard about the hype of Ninja Foodi 8 qt op401 Multi-cooker air fryer. But you may wonder, Is this stands worthy up to you?

You may pore over numerous Ninja Foodi OP401 reviews online, which may become irresistible. That’s why we are here to conduct you thoroughly!

Ninja Foodi Foodi All-in-One Multi-Cooker jumps with a total of nine cooking modes, making it a versatile countertop appliance. It has a glossy outer plastic body that passed rigorous tests and 14 safety standards for concern-free usage. Features a large accessory set, where all comes of dishwasher-safe materials.

In the following content, you’ll learn crucial takeaways such as performance, functionality, price range, and how it stands against the competitors. The Ninja Foodi OP401 review broadly describes why this one became the top pick in our best countertop air fryers list.

Ninja Foodi OP401 Review – Notable Features At A Glimpse

  • Ninja Foodi OP401 jumps with the functionality of replacing four specific appliances(air fryer, pressure cooker, dehydrator, broiler) into one.
  • Its TenderCrisp technology swiftly prepares food keeping the exterior crispy and interior juicy.
  • Compared to traditional cookers, the Ninja op401 cooks food 70 times faster, with a similar taste.
  • It has a ceramic-coated extra-large cooking basket that is PTFE/PFOA free, non-stick, and easy to clean.
  • For inspiring you with unique mouthwatering dishes, the Ninja air fryer includes a cookbook with more than 45 recipes.
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Compare Ninja Foodi op401 With Instant Pot Duo Plus Pressure Cooker

In this corresponding section, we have illustrated a comparison chart between two quality pressure cookers. Head over to the differentiation between these two competitors and find out which one survives!

Ninja OP401 Pressure CookerInstant Pot Duo Plus Pressure Cooker
 Ninja Foodi OP401 Pressure Cooker Instant Pot Duo Plus Pressure Cooker
Ninja Foodi features nine cooking functions: air fry, dehydrate, bake, roast, pressure cook, steam, slow cook, etc.Instant Pot Duo Plus Electric Pressure Cooker also has nine cooking functions: pressure cook, yogurt, slow cook, keep warm, egg, cake, saute, etc.
With an extra-large eight-quart cooking pot and five-quart crisp Basket, it holds up to a 7 lbs of chicken for your family meal.Instant Pot falls short with a six-quart cooking basket that decently fits a 5 lbs chicken for medium-sized family meals.
It is a 1700 watts pressure cooker with TenderCrisp technology, which quickly cooks food evenly.It has a low 1000 watts of cooking power, which cooks pretty decently but not as efficiently as Ninja Foodi.
Ninja op401 has a glossy finish outer plastic body that passed rigorous tests and 14 safety standards for concern-free usage.Instant Pot Duo Plus has passed through several safety measurements and comes with ten built-in safety features.
In L X W X H format, it stands 14.3 x 16.8 x 13.1 inches, and it weighs about 26 pounds.In L X W X H format, it stands 14.3 x 16.8 x 13.1 inches, and it weighs about 26 pounds.
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What Users Are Saying About Ninja Foodi OP401 8-Quart Pressure Cooker

Straight out of the box, the Ninja Foodi OP401 offers excellent features that satisfy the majority of users. The controls on the Ninja Foodi air fryer are much more straightforward and more intuitive than the Instant Pots. You simply choose the cooking method (pressure, steam, slow cook, sear/saute), the heat level depending on the mode, and the cooking time.

When using the crisping lid, you have the options of air crisp, bake/roast, broil, and dehydrate. There are different options available for each cooking method selection for the level of heat and cook time. The Foodi pressure cooker has five levels of heat for sear/saute. It cuts the preheat time by 75-80% and gets things going under pressure much faster!

Most of the users appreciated the simplicity of functionality and the lid-on pressure cooking features. The Clean-up process is a snap. But, it makes a loud noise while cooking. It appears as some way out of balance wobbling in the fan, and the whole thing vibrates and rattles while it’s cooking. However, it happens in newer conditions. After proper usage, the noise will go away.

What Are The Key Features Of Ninja Foodi OP401 Pressure Cooker

What Are The Key Features Of Ninja Foodi OP401 Pressure Cooker

TenderCrisp Technology

Ninja Foodi OP401 features an innovative TenderCrisp cooking technology that creates a unique cooking environment. The feature allows cooking with a hot airflow of ovens, along with pressure cooking.

It pressures cooked meals to lock in juices, then finishes with a crisp to create TenderCrisp meals. With this tremendous cooking technology, your food comes out crispy outside and tender inside.

Programmable Cooking Functions

If you are looking for versatile cooking functions without compromising the mouthwatering taste, OP401 ninja foodi stands forth. It has nine cooking functions: broiling, air frying, slow cooking, baking, searing, roasting, steam, roasting, etc.

Versatile Utility

Without a doubt, the included accessories can add a new turn to your culinary preparation. The Ninja Foodi considers that and added a handy set of accessories too. It has a reversible rack for steam and broiling functions.

A cook and crisper layer insert tool enhance the capacity of the cooking basket. It has a 5-quart ceramic coated cooking basket and an 8-quart cooking pot for an extra storage layer for big meals.

Extra-Large Cooking Capacity

Ninja Foodi OP401 pressure cooker air fryer comes with an extra-large 8-quart cooking pot. If you plan to prepare meals for your whole family, the cooking pot is the best option. It exceedingly fits a 7 lbs whole chicken and much more.

Besides, the 5-quart non-stick cooking basket also holds up to 4 lbs of french fries for a savory evening snack. The pressure lid and the pressure release valve combine for crispy, evenly cooked dishes.

Effortless Usage

One of the first concerns for cooking enthusiasts is the cleaning procedure after the cooking period is complete. With this Ninja Foodi OP401 air fryer cooker, you don’t have to hassle much. It comes with a kit of convenient accessories, where all are dishwasher-safe, which enables easy cleaning.

FAQ About Ninja Foodi OP401 8 Quart All-in-One Multi-Cooker

Does it work on the 15 amp plug?

The Ninja OP401 Foodi 8-Quart Pressure Multi-Cooker will work on a 15 Amp, 120 Volt outlet.

Why does the pressure cooker warm up without the pressure lid?

The Ninja Pressure Multi-Cooker has a cooking function that allows you to cook without a lid. It is the Sear/Saute function. The pressure cooker will begin to warm up when you select the Pressure function; however, it will not build pressure until the pressure lid is on and secure.

Why does Ninja Foodi doesn’t heat up?

First, make sure you set the time and temperature if you are air frying. Then push the start button. The fan will come on, and the counter starts. If all this sounds right, then possibly, you have a faulty heating element.

Final Verdict

In this Ninja Foodi OP401 Review, we have tried to cover the in-and-out of this air fryer pressure cooker. It retails for around 150 dollars, which is a reasonable price point considering the specs and functions. If you’re in the marketplace for an all-purpose pressure cooker, or slow cooker, try out this Ninja Foodi. You won’t regret it.