Ninja op301 review – (Ninja Foodi op301 vs op302) which is best?

Ninja op301 review

Due to progress and evolution, many smart gadgets have been created to make many difficult tasks like cooking easier and faster, one of them is air fryers and, Ninja Op301 is the recent popular one based on users’ opinion.

One of the most popular brands of air fryer ovens on the market is Ninja Foodie. In addition to pressure cookers, it is used for multiple purposes such as hydration grilling baking and air frying defrosting. Two of the most famous Ninja foodie air fryer models are the Ninja Op301 and op302. Ninja Foodi op301 vs op302 has many identical features.

For this reason, you might be confused as to which pressure cooker is more suitable for them. However, due to some additional features and experience reviews, we recommend you to use ninja Foodi op302.

We discuss in detail in the review why customers choose ninja foodi op302 as their best choice or what users experience about Ninja foodi op301. If you are interested in getting the right idea about ninja foodi op301 and op302 then watch the review thoroughly.

Ninja op301 review (Ninja Foodi op301 vs op302) which is best?

Ninja op301 and op302 Both air fryers are specially designed for the best cooking. Features that are essential to make your cooking easier and faster have been added to these air fryers.

Due to differences in demand and some differences in characteristics, customers choose the right one for them from these two air fryers.

Here we analyzing the comparative features of Ninja Foodi op301 vs op302 from which you can verify the model that best suits your preference.

  • The first thing we pay attention to when buying cooking utensils is their design. The Ninja OP301 and OP302 air fryers look identical to each other. These are round in shape and the outer case is made of hard plastic which is very durable.
  • Both the Ninja OP301 and OP302 are effective in multiple tasks such as hydration grilling baking in air fryers. However, Ninja OP302 provides better results for dehydrating food.
  • Temperature and time are important parts of cooking equipment. In this case like other best air fryers, OP 301 and OP 302 both provide 450 degrees Fahrenheit heat and they can be adjusted as required.
  • Both air fryers are powered by 1400 watts. In this case, a cord of about two and a half feet in length is used. The OP302 pressure cooker has programmable settings like the OP301 and is very easy to use. It also adds a divider function to its programmable settings.
  • The most useful functions between the Ninja OP301 and OP 302 air fryers are the slow cooking menu, pressure cooking, and the warm-up function. There are also other functions to choose from, including steam, air crisp, and broil. In this way, the air fryers allow the customers to make the food of their choice by providing the best performance.

These Ninja Foodi op301 and OP302 air fryers have some distinct or additional features that make it easier for customers to choose the product they need. If you want to choose a pressure cooker that can dehydrate the cook, air fry, and food in high heat then Ninja OP 302 is suitable for your investment.

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What users are saying about ninja Foodi OP301 Pressure Cooker

In order to facilitate discussion and ideas, we have tried to highlight user experiences and suggestions about ninja Foodi op301 in this review. Most of the users have described their good experiences with this pressure cooker. They say Ninja Foodi op301 is able to cook food 70% faster than conventional methods such as pressure cookers. It also comes in handy for small families preparing roasts or other meals.

Many people like this air fryer because of its easy use and setup. Also, this dishwasher-friendly pressure cooker is safe to use. However, due to its heavyweight and high cost, some users say it may not be possible for many to use.

What users are saying about ninja foodi op301

Key features of the Ninja OP301 Foodi air fryer

Effective design

The Ninja OP301 device is efficiently designed which is effective for multiple cooking like a pressure cooker, air fryer, steamer. This air fryer has enough space for more cooking. It is also easy to clean due to its 6.5-quart ceramic coating. Measuring 17.1 x 19.1 x 18.8 inches, this air fryer weighs 31.8 pounds. It also brings tender-crisp technology for fast cooking ingredients.

Ease of use

The Ninja OP301 Air Fryer features an LCD status display feature that allows it to be easily controlled. A cookbook is provided with this cooker. This book contains 45 cooking recipes that can be easily cooked with the help of this cooker. It also has a non-stick ceramic coating to prevent food from sticking and make it easier to clean.

Great Performance:

The Ninja OP301 air fryer has all the benefits of multiple cooking as well as easy control. It is quite popular with customers due to its 70% faster pressure cooking than standard pressure cookers as well as the convenience of roast cooking for small families. Ninja op301 comes with a 4-quart cook and crisp basket for frying French fries.

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FAQ about Ninja Foodi OP301 Pressure Cooker

How long does it take to cook food in Ninja Foodi OP301?

It takes 30% less time than conventional methods. For example, the baking chicken will only take 25 minutes while conventionally is around 50-60 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken.

What can I cook in Ninja Foodi OP301?

You are able to cook just about anything as it has a pressure cooker, steamer, and oven all-in-one. You can steam vegetables, make soups/stews or bake cakes without the need for extra dishes or equipment! Ninja has recipes available that you can follow online which is very helpful if you are new to using this machine. They also have an app with more recipes if you have a smartphone.

Can I make a cake in the Ninja Foodi OP301?

No, you cannot make a cake with the Ninja Foodi as the air circulation will not be able to properly dehydrate. You can instead make puddings that only require water when cooking and no additional liquid is necessary for steaming or baking mode.

Does Ninja Foodi OP301 dehydrate?

No. The Ninja Foodi oven is NOT a dehydrator. It cooks and steams food in the same way that a microwave oven would but in fewer times as it takes 30% less time than conventional methods. Vegetable chips/fruit leathers can be made on the lower rack, however, this will take much longer time to dehydrate.

What is Ninja Foodi OP301 Pressure Cooker warranty?

Ninja Foodi offers a 1-year limited warranty for any manufacturing defects on the standard unit. The nonstick pot and airtight lid have a 3-year warranty that covers peeling, bubbling, blistering, and cracking of the coating. It also has an extended 10-year warranty covering staining.

How do I clean my Ninja Foodi OP301 Pressure Cookers?

After cooking, unplug the unit and allow it to cool completely. Empty any remaining food and wipe the inside with a damp cloth or sponge. Do not immerse the electrical base in water. Wipe exterior surfaces with a clean, damp cloth only.

For tough cleaning jobs, use a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner or if necessary, use a mild dishwashing liquid in warm water. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

What is the size of ninja op302?

The Ninja op302 is a tiny rice cooker, weighing in at 24.9 pounds and measuring 14.25 x 16.75 x 13.1 inches, which is smaller than the OP301.

Does the Ninja OP301 pressure cooker come with recipes?

Yes, it does. We provide a recipe book that comes standard with every purchase of OR780 along with a recipe card for every recipe listed in the book.

How is the safety system in this air fryer?

The Ninja Foodi op301 air fryer is regarded as a safe option. It has 14 levels of safety for you to cook with confidence and trust. Also, the inner pot is non-stick and the exterior of the body is stainless steel so you can clean it easily. It also has a pressure release valve that makes sure there is no excess steam to escape from around the lid.

Is Ninja Foodi dishwasher safe?

The inner pot and non-stick lining on the airtight lid are dishwasher safe. The outside of Ninja Foodi is not dishwashable, however, damp cloth and mild soap can be wiped down after use. Do not immerse the base in water or place it in the dishwasher. Do not use any harsh scrubbing materials as this may scratch the surfaces.

What technology is used in the Ninja OP301 air fryer to cook ingredients quickly?

Tendercrisp technology is used in the Ninja OP301 air fryer to cook different ingredients in a quick and easy way. This technology uses raised surfaces with the ability to cook your food quickly and evenly. Does that mean you have a choice, crispy or tender? It’s your decision!

Why is Ninja Foodi cooking 70% faster than conventional methods?

Ninja Foodi uses Tendercrisp Technology which cooks food in 1/3 of the time as conventional methods while still cooking food evenly, crispy, and tender. It also has a steamer basket that allows the user to steam vegetables with the ingredients on the top rack, cook rice in 30% less time without compromising taste or texture, and sear meats on high heat for great flavor.

What is the difference between Ninja Foodi OP301 and OP302?

Ninja Foodi OP301 is the standard model with a nonstick pot and an airtight lid. Ninja Foodi OP302 is a newer model with a stainless steel pot and glass airtight lid. The main difference between the two is cosmetic, however, we have found that food cooks faster in the new unit as it does not retain heat as much as the older model, therefore cooking 70% faster than the OP301.
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Final Verdict

At the end of the review, we can say that Ninja OP301 and OP 302 have many functional features that provide good cooking performance. However, due to some additional features like the dehydrator function, users are encouraged to use OP 302.

Ninja foodi op301 is ideal for you if you want to use the same feature air fryer at a low cost. Hope you benefited from this review to get the right idea about Ninja OP301.

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