Ninja Sp100 Vs Sp101 – Why Should You Buy Ninja SP101?

Ninja Sp100 Vs Sp101 - Why Should You Buy Ninja SP101?

Ninja is the only name that comes to many people’s minds when buying an air fryer. Ninja Foodi SP101 is the best option at a low price point.

But, now, it has become quite confusing after the old SP100 got its renewal model. Anyways, in this Ninja Sp100 Vs Sp101 comparison, we’ll clear this confusion.

Before we start, despite Sp100’s low price and renewed model, I still love my SP101 and recommend it. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin with,

Ninja Sp100 Vs Sp101: Why Should You Buy Ninja SP101?

  • Despite having the same cooking space, Ninja SP101 requires a larger area on your countertop, which is 23.75 x 17.75 x 9.88 inches. On the contrary, Ninja SP101 only takes 19.72 x 14.96 x 7.56 inches.
  • SP101 comes with eight cooking moods, including air frying, air roasting, air broiling, baking, bageling, toasting, dehydrating, and keep Warming. In contrast, SP100 has six cooking moods.
  • As for aesthetics, Ninja SP101 two comes in two colors – full black and black/stainless steel. But, SP100 only comes in one color, which is black/stainless steel.
  • With Ninja SP101, you need 75% more fat than traditional methods while air frying. Also, it provides 50% extra space than the standard frying pan and others.
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Ninja Sp100 Vs Sp101 side by side comparison

Ninja SP100 Review

What Are The Similarities Between Ninja Foodi SP100 vs SP101 Air Fry Oven

What Are The Similarities Between Ninja Sp100 Vs Sp101

Despite they being different models, after the renewed model of SP100 came out, Ninja Sp100 Vs Sp101 also became similar. Let’s see the similarities in detail.


There are some differences in the design of these two models, which we will talk about in the next part. At first glance, you may think of them as the same model. Even the user interface is similar – a knot, some indicator of cooking moods, temperature, and timer buttons.

Also, both machines are foldable; when not in use, you can fold up and save space in your already cramped kitchen. Moreover, both of them come with stainless steel housing and round edges. Thus, add another point to your kitchen aesthetic.


Although there is a little difference in the overall size, the cooking space of these machines is the same. Both come with a wire rack to utilize extra space. You can fit a 13 inches pizza, up to 9 slices of toast, or six chicken breasts (6-8 oz. each).

The Ninja foodi digital air fryer oven is 45% larger than cooking pans and other flat surface cooking.

Control Panel

Just as I mentioned earlier, SP100 and SP101 have a similar design, including the control panel. You have a display, a knob, and two buttons to select the temperature on the control panel.

On the screen, you can see the timer and temperature. By rotating the knob, you select a cooking mood and press the knob to ensure your method. Then by pressuring temperature and time, you can change the pre-programmed temp or time and follow the previous way.

It may seem complicated, but you may not even look at the manual to operate the device when using the machine for the first time.


Performance-wise also both machines are pretty much the same. They require a power of 1800 watts to cook food at a faster rate. And, thanks to that, both ovens are 60% faster than traditional ovens. Take only 60 seconds to preheat and prepare a complete meal in less than 20 minutes.

And, as you already know, both devices are versatile, with several cooking methods in a single unit. However, after cooking for a short time, you can feel the difference between them, as SP101 is a little better.

What Are The Difference Between Ninja Sp100 Vs Sp101 Digital Air Fry Oven

What Are The Difference Between Ninja Sp100 Vs Sp101 Digital Air Fry Oven

Cooking options

As you already know, both machines are multifunctional devices. You can do several tasks with them; thus, they not only save your kitchen countertop but are also convenient to use.

With Ninja Foodi SP101, you get eight cooking options in one device, whereas SP100 provides six cooking options. Both of them can Air Fry, Air Roast, Air Broil, Bake, Bagel, and Toast. But, SP101 can additionally dehydrate and keep Warm your food warm for 2 hours.


SP100 and SP101 both have the same cooking area size. But, their overall size has a difference. But, the remarkable thing about them is you can fold up these devices after cooking. They will take less space this way.

As for the size, Ninja Foodi SP101 is 19. 7” in width, 7. 5” in height, and 15. 1” in depth. On the other hand, SP100 measures 23.75 x 17.75 x 9.88 inches. So, I can’t exactly call them compact, but as they do multiple tasks themselves, this much is reasonable.


Both Ninja SP100 and SP101 are entry-level air fryers. They are neither too expensive nor too cheap either. The SP100, after the renewed model, cost you $150. On the other hand, SP101 is usually $230. But, when on sale, it can cost you less than $200. However, there is a clear difference in price between these models.

FAQs About Ninja Sp100 Vs Sp101 Digital Air Fry Oven with Convection

How long should I wait before flipping the oven?

Both Ninja SP100 and SP101 take thirty minutes to cool down my test. After that, you can flip your machine. However, the cooling process goes way faster when their door is open.

Will a 5lbs chicken fit in this unit?

No, a whole 5lbs chicken won’t fit in these ovens to air roast. But, cutting down individual parts, you can roast.

Is the cleaning method of SP101 complicated?

Cleaning is pretty tricky with this type of device. But Ninja SP101 cut the difficulty down by making the back part of it openable.

What is the maximum temperature SP100 can provide?

It can provide 450 degrees F at the max. So it is the same with SP101. I think this temp range can be enough for most people unless you want to bake something which requires high heat.

Are there any air fryers that do not need oil?

There are many brands of air dryers available in the market today. Some models indeed don’t require oil. But they usually can’t provide as much evenness and crunchiness as oiled models.

Can you make an air fryer cake or other desserts?

Yes, you can do that with Ninja SP100 and SP101 air roasters. Just use the baking mode and cook for a longer time for such desserts.
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Final Verdict

So, which one do you think suits you best? To me, both of them are excellent. Although Ninja Foodi SP 100 is a little aback compared to SP101, it also comes at a cheaper price. So, having it won’t be a problem either.

However, if you want the absolute best, Ninja Foodi SP101 is the only one. Fast, precise, easy to control, and clean, everything convenient comes with the machine. So, I highly recommend this multi-purpose air fryer.