Ninja SP201 Review – Which is best? (Ninja SP201 vs SP101)

Ninja SP201 Review

Ninja Foodi SP series was introduced to take over the traditional toaster ovens. With their wide cooking space, multi-cooking functions, easy navigation, and precise cooking, they are bound to be loved by users. Today’s article will be about the Ninja SP201 review.

The small but mighty Ninja SP201 is built well from every expectation, blending with fierce power, consistent temperature, and better control.

It comes among the fastest preheating oven; only takes 60 seconds from the time you turn the machine on. Moreover, its dual heat mode lets you cook faster than usual.

Noticeable Features At A Glance Of Ninja SP201

  • Ninja SP201 comes integrated with digital crisp control technology for precise temperature and heat source.
  • Comes with nine functionalities – air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, bagel, toast, dehydrate and reheat.
  • It cooks with up to 75% less fat compared to the traditional method.
  • Preheating takes less than 60 seconds.
  • It let you air fry and roast up to 4 lbs of food, bake a 13-inch pizza and toast up to nine slices of bread.
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So far, Ninja has launched three different models in this series – SP301, SP201, and SP101. Although most of the functionalities are the same, there are still a few differences among them. Let’s see a quick comparison between the Ninja SP201 vs SP101:

Ninja SP201 Air FryerNinja SP101 Air Fryer
Dimensions: 20.21 by 15.33 by 8.15 inches.Dimensions: 19.72 by 14.96 by 7.56 inches
Cooking Functions: 9 functions – Air fry, air roast, bake, broil, toast, bagel, dehydrate, and keep warm.Cooking Functions: 8 functions – Air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, bagel, toast, dehydrate and reheat.
Power: 1800-wattPower: 1800-watt
Sheet Pan: Regular sheet panSheet Pan: Regular sheet pan
Key Benefit: Dual heating mode, easily prepare a one-pan meal under 30 minutes.Key Benefit: Easily prepare versatile one-pan meals in under 30 minutes.

Which is best? (Compare Ninja SP201 vs SP101)

Ninja SP201 Air FryerNinja SP101 Air Fryer
Ninja SP201 Review
Ninja SP301 Review
Ninja SP201 is a pretty large oven; it is  15.33 inches in depth, 20.21 inches in width, and 8.15 inches in height.Ninja SP101 is slightly more compact than the SP201. Its dimensions are 19.72 by 13 inches by 7.56 inches in WDH.
You can cook in nine different functions, including air fry, rapid bake, air roast, bake, broil, toast, bagel, dehydrate, and reheat.SP101 offers eight cooking functions – Air Fry, Air Roast, Air Broil, Bake, Bagel, Toast, Dehydrate, and Keep Warm.
The XL capacity of the Ninja SP201 fits up to six chicken breasts, cooks 2 lbs roast, and air fry up to 4 lbs of ingredients.There is a slight difference in their capacity; it can fit a 13-inch pizza, up to 9 slices for toast, or five chicken breasts.
Your cooking will be faster and heat up quickly thanks to the 1800-watt power supply.SP101 also utilizes an 1800-watt power core to operate, so their cooking speeds are at a similar level.
The machine temperature goes up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit; Dual heat mode is a great addition to it.Similar to its counterpart, SP101’s temperature reaches up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. But, it doesn’t feature a dual heat zone.
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Key Feature of the Ninja sp201 Digital Air Fry Pro Countertop 8-in-1 Oven

Key Feature of the Ninja sp201 Digital Air Fry Pro Countertop 8-in-1 Oven

Digital Crisp Control

The Ninja SP201 model boasts an impressive digital crisp control technology that adeptly regulates the heating and airflow, catering to the unique demands of every single meal. By circulating hot air within the confines of the machine, this gadget is able to achieve that elusive, perfect texture: crispy on the outside yet tantalizingly juicy on the inside.

In addition to its remarkable capabilities, the Ninja SP201 offers an unparalleled degree of versatility. Its crisping level can be conveniently adjusted to suit a diverse array of meals, ensuring an exceptional cooking experience with every use.

With its unparalleled level of precision, this innovative appliance delivers a culinary experience like no other, consistently producing delicious meals that leave your taste buds dancing with joy.


Those days are gone when kitchens used to be cluttered with different cooking appliances, and each appliance needed to be for a specific task. But now the Ninja air fryer is multi-functioned, and the kitchen looks almost empty.

The Ninja SP201 is a modern-day machine, which offers eight different cooking functions in a single oven. All the main cooking functions are included in it, so it offers unlimited versatility.

The main functions include roasting, toasting, baking, dehydrating, and keeping warm. Moreover, this also has a bagel mode and alerts you after each cooking.

Fast But Healthy foods

The Ninja SP201 cooks up to 60% faster than other full-size electric ovens, thanks to its dual heating zone. After turning on the machine, you don’t even need to wait for 60 seconds before the machine is ready to cook your food.

Moreover, air frying your food will require 75% less oil compared to a deep fryer, so you are getting delicious but healthy meals. Its XL capacity lets you cook for your whole family in one go.


Out of the box, you will see the high-quality stainless steel finish of the Ninja SP201. Its rigid construction along with rounded corners will suit your kitchen decoration properly.

Also, it can cook a good amount of food; the machine won’t take a lot of space, thanks to its wider design. It measures 19.72 inches in width by 14.96 inches in length by 7.56 inches in height. But, its short height also has a few disadvantages; you won’t be able to roast a whole turkey. But, cooking separate parts is possible.

What Users Are Saying About Ninja SP201 Digital Air Fry Pro

All the models of the SP series are highly praised by the users. Starting from the SP101, it came with a completely new design and cooking functions. And SP201 took it a little further ahead, whereas SP301 has more functions and convenience.

The Ninja SP201 is a comprehensive but short model, which gives you a lot of cooking space despite its size. And, with several cooking functions, users can cook different things, including air frying and multiple rack roasting.

Although it works like a full-size oven, it offers perfect toasting, dehydrating, and other methods. Moreover, it has two cooking moods – Air Oven Mode and Dual Heat Mode.

The dual heat model is the most eye-catching feature of the Ninja foodi digital air fryer oven. You can cook 60% faster than any traditional machine, thanks to it. It features dual heating elements, one at the top and the other at the bottom.

The multi-cooking oven has very much to offer the best outcome from the build to performance. Overall, it deserves the good name it is receiving.

FAQs About the Ninja SP201 Digital Air Fryer

Would the bottom heating element be covered with the juice dripping down?

This won’t create any fire hazard, but always put the roasting tray under the shelf while using an air frying basket.

What are the core differences between the Ninja SP201 and SP101?

From this Ninja SP201 review, you may already notice that the SP201 is slightly taller and has one extra function.

Can I place it underneath the Cabinets?

It depends on the height of your cabinet. Just keep in mind that it gets hot outside while cooking at a high temperature. So, keeping some space is mandatory.
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Final Verdict

The Ninja SP201 offers versatile cooking in your kitchen. It replaces many of your traditional cooking appliances, saving your countertop space and money. Its fast cooking speed and efficiency made it among the top list. It preheats faster, and the max temperature reaches up to 450°F. Overall, the machine has every feature you ask for from a multi-cooker air fryer. That being said, let’s need this Ninja SP201 review.