Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review – What’s truly offer you?

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review - What's truly offer you?

If you are confused about buying a gas grill, charcoal, or the best smoker, a grill comes with all those features. Oklahoma joe longhorn combo has an amazing combination of gas, charcoal, and the smoker, so you have no reason to confuse about which one you should buy.

Besides, the Oklahoma joe longhorn combo features a cooking surface with ample room. The main chamber is 750 sq. in and has space for 6 porcelain-coated cast irons coals, while the second one is 310 sq. in a small firebox that can light two pots or pans of charcoal briquettes.

So now you can have the taste of charcoal by putting wood or utilize the 36000 BTUs for powerful gas grilling. And, for gas grilling, you are going to have 3 gas burners. There are many things to let you know about this grill so let’s cover Oklahoma joe smoker reviews below.

We know there are many things to know about this combo grill, but before digging deep into it, let’s come to know its main features.

  • It comes with a huge surface of 1,060 sq. covering the main chamber and the firebox.
  • For gas grilling, it has 3 gas burners and run by 3x 12,000 BTU Burners
  • Electronic auto-ignition set up ensure surefire startup
  • It is made of the solid construction of stainless steel
  • Storage shelf allows more space to keep utensils and bigger wheels enhance mobility
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Compare Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn combo vs Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker vs. Joe’s Longhorn Offset Smoker.

So we are now comparing Oklahoma joe’s longhorn combo grill with the Highland reverse flow smoker and the Longhorn offset smoker. Be straight with you; the combo one is the best compared to the others for versatility and adding features.

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Smoker Review

It definitely comes with more features to run the three different grillings like the gas grill, smoker, and charcoal. So we don’t need to draw any outline to make you convince. By the way, excluding the combo feature, there are many things available in Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker but not with the Longhorn offset smoker.

What are users saying about Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn combo?

Users’ feedback for this grill is mostly positive, especially for those who want to explore its versatility. Consumers love the reverse flow technology — they claim it gives them consistent temperatures while grilling. The materials are sturdy and of proper thickness, too. One standout feature is the size of the grill area: It’s big enough to cook food for everyone at your party.

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Key Features of the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn combo

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review

Versatile grilling

The combo grilling is the main attention of it. Here is a chance for you to explore the versatility and see how the gas grill stands out from charcoal smokers. It comes with 3 separate gas burners where the BTU’s level is 12,000 for each. For the charcoal chimney starter, you may find another side burner with 12,000 BTUs.

The firebox especially comes to experience the mode of a charcoal grill. If you are tired of gas grilling, then you can enjoy the smoky flavor with the smoker. This is a great chance unless you would have to buy another smoker.

Well-built construction

Each part of it is made of heavy gauge materials team up with stainless steel. Also, you are going to have the porcelain-coated cooking grates which serve across the cooking area. The dampers beneath there able to hold the heavy heat.

The wheels are made of steel, and for that, they can overcome any obstacles during mobilization from one place to another. The two legs are durable and made of steel; along the cart is heavy enough to hold the upper portion of the grill. The side shelves are from the same materials and are great for the extra cooking prep.

Easy to clean

If we claim it to be the best Oklahoma grill, it won’t be wrong. The main reason for this is to have a wide range of grilling experiences. For that, you can now experience the gas grill, charcoal, and an offset smoker at the same place.

Besides, the series of baffles remain there just like other Oklahoma smokers. As a propane grill or charcoal, it will produce the grease differently, but to clean up, there is a grease management system, so no worries. Besides, the drum of it brilliantly designs for the cleaning process.

Convenient grilling

Oklahoma joe combo grill is a great convenient grill and intelligently designed for the user’s convenience. The cool-touch handles are great evidence of it. So now you have a firm grip on this smoker simultaneously, you can protect your hand and fingers from the heat.

Now let’s move on to the firebox access door; it is actually paving the way to easy access to the cooking chamber lid. The easy startup of the flame has auto-ignition that never misses to light up the burners. Last but not least, the storage shelf is a great place to keep utensils that come underneath the cooking chamber.

How worthy compared to features and performance?

The performance of this combo grill based on the different choices like smoker, gas grill, and charcoal is quite satisfactory. However, let us help you to overcome some common issues as well in every other grill.

First off, you must find even cooking, but the area may come too short, especially where the igniters are located, but it is so small. By the way, this is common as well with another grill, so there is no worry about it.

For the smoker’s performance, adding chips is a real win, and you can do this through the top of the side area, but make sure the grates are not in the smoker zone. Finally, while using charcoal, the side smoker performs to feed the heat and smoke perfectly into the charcoal area without any barrier.

FAQ About Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn combo

Does it track the temperature for both the gas grill and charcoal?

Tracking the temperature is a must, especially with the gas grill and smoker. Since it has both, then it is important to have a lid-mounted temperature gauge, and so it does. This actually tracks the inside temperature of the gas grill chamber along with the smoker chamber too.

Can I change the orifice and make it natural gas?

It is non-convertible to natural gas, and the manufacturer sealed the way to convert it. Suppose, if you ever try to make it through, you will fail to do it. Normally, natural gas is low-pressure gas, and it comes with a special type of orifice with larger holes. And, there is no conversion kit like the orifice with larger holes are available in the market provided by the manufacturer.

Does the smoker box pass the smoke from it to the charcoal box after letting it out from the chimney?

Yes, this is why the manufacturers add it, and this is the main operation. Normally, the firebox and the charcoal grill are connected. However, the gas grill is separate, and no need to pass the smoker through it.
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Final Verdict

So what gas charcoal smoker combo offers to you? It has separate chambers for smoking, gas grilling, and a side burner for offset firebox. All these three come together in one, so the 3in1 combination brings versatility. It offers weekend smoky barbecue parties, at the same time, family dinners.

Other features are perfect and bring satisfaction, like the electronic ignition, temperature gauge, porcelain-coated grates, heavy construction. Last but not least, the even heat distribution at all three forms is here, and to see it, open the lid using cool-touch handles that avoid spread heat to your grip.

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