Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker Review

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker Review

Enjoy the best smoky flavor and to have the perfect seasoning, one must experience the reverse flow smoker. To deal with this special grilling, Oklahoma Joe’s Highland is a good choice that comes with a huge space of 900 sq.in of the surface. This whole space separated into two sections the main chamber and the firebox chamber.

Both of these chambers are based on reverse flow smoking where you find a series of total 4 baffles. That baffles allow smoke and heat to send to the chambers so you will have a smoky and delicious dish.

The overall construction is good to go with the heavy gauge steel materials along with the porcelain-coated cooking grates. Following the many dampers will give you the ease of heat and smoke control. `

Now let’s move on to the next level with Oklahoma Joe’s some noticeable features which you must know before considering it to buy.

  • It comes with two separate chambers with Oklahoma joe highland 879 sq in smoker
  • It combines multiple dampers, a convenient firebox, and heavy gauge construction
  • Consistent cooking temperatures is that easy with the easy cleanup process
  • Easy access door leading to the firebox make sure easy wood storage
  • Baffles are easy to remove and easy to clean again easy for customizable setup
  • 10 in of diameter wheels lead to easy mobility
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Compare Oklahoma Joe’s Highland vs Pit Boss Austin XL

Both of these come with a number of differences, and the main differences set by Oklahoma’s reverse flow smoking. Pit Boss is a bit more spacious than the Oklahoma Joe’s highland smoker, at the same time it has a digital temperature controlling system with a digitally control board. You can see convection cooking in the Pit Boss that helps to gain huge temperature instantly. On the flip side, Oklahoma Joe’s is a slow heating grill but once it gets the heat then it remains more consistent than the Pit Boss.

Pit Boss Austin XL 1000
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Oklahoma Joe’s Highland grill has a big stainless steel fuel basket that is removable. This fuel basket takes the debris after the cooking stuff and since it is removable so you can easily clean it out. On the flip side, as a pure pellet grill construction Pit Boss grill is not that easy to clean out, so it takes time and effort.

Out of the many benefits of reverse flow smoker, you will have more improved moisture and flavor that cut off fat from the meat, and sears better in a griddle pan. But as a pellet grill, only Pit Boss Austin XL falters it. However, again, we added that Pit Boss Austin XL has more power in delivering heating compared to this reverse flow grill.

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Key Features of the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Reverse Flow Smoker Review

Reverse Flow Smoker

The main feature of it is quite vivid to you and it is the reverse flow smoker. Having this feature has a great ace for even heat distribution. Furthermore, this even cooking allows the same grilling, no matter where you put the meat on the grill cooking surface. This is also called an offset smoker for that the smoke comes to the dish in a better way than another traditional smoker. It doesn’t prone to temperature hike even if you put more fuel to the fire, rather the temperature remains consistent under the lid.


Normally, open cart design enhances the portability regardless of any grill so the same happens with this grill. Here, you will have a large cart that holds the smoker two separate chambers. Let not forget the legs underneath the cart storage and the portability of it accelerated with the metal wheels.

At the side of the grill, you can have a great gripping within the steel handle, so you just need to push it upward and drag it using the wheels. The weight of it doesn’t bother you to do this and you can bring it to the backyard easily.

Well-built construction

Every part of it is made of heavy gauge materials that are stainless steel. Again, you are going to have the porcelain-coated cooking grates that serve across the cooking area to sear the meat perfectly. The dampers under there are capable of holding the heavy heat.

The wheels are made of steel and for that, it can overcome any obstacles during mobilization from one place to another. The two legs are durable and made of steel along with the cart is heavy enough to hold the upper portion of the grill. The side shelves are from the same materials and are great for the extra cooking prep.

Ease of cooking with a smoky flavor

As you know this grill comes with a separate two-chamber and the firebox is a great deal. Because it has its own door for that the temperature can not leak out or go across to the other one. You can easily store or add wood and it takes to the main chamber in no time.

Finally, the main advantage is with the smoky flavor. You are supposed to claim that the pellet grill has the same feature. Yes, it is but it is more than the pellet grill as it generates more smoke since the temperature rises in slow mode but keeps over there for a long time and thus generates more smoky flavor into the dishes.

What users saying about Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker

People will obviously love it, if come to know the reverse flow technology then he will love it. We only need to see whether it works or not. Fortunately, reading between the lines of consumers’ feedback, most of them are claiming that they are getting consistent temperature due to this feature. Again, it comes with sturdy material and proper thickness. Lastly, the grilling area is satisfactory to them where they can cook family and friends feast even on the outside.

How worthy compared to features and performance?

As we have already mentioned that the main feature of it is the Reverse Flow Smoker. To see whether this feature is good to go or not, one must evaluate the series of baffles. According to the users, we have already shown you that the baffles work nice but it comes with a con. So it may come with grease and produce less heat instantly like the propane grill. Once it gets adequate heat then it will run like a fireball.

Again, you just need to clean it with some effort and wait a while to heat it up. The overall construction is good to go with the stainless steel, hence it may last for years. Its smoky flavor of it is the reason for your mouth-watering dishes, this is why it is worthy to buy. Last but not least, it could be a great offset smoker when you can afford it to bring at home.

FAQ About The Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker

Is it OK to use only wood for fuel?

It is absolutely ok with only using wood for fuel. And, yes it is thick enough so you need to put more wood to get a deeper smoky flavor. For that, you can use the lump charcoal and some pieces of hickory, or you can only use the hickory wood chunks. Lastly, it is all about preferences as some people hate to use only the woods as fuel, so make sure you are not from that pack.

What about the heating functionalities especially with the baffles?

heat can easily reach to the one side of the smoker and to the other side as they are not so far off. Hence, the differences ranging from 5 to 15 degrees, while the heat starts from the lower level. However, the heat remains the same once it rises up and reaches the optimum level. Considering this situation, these baffles are great. But the performance will rise to a great extent once you bring the gaskets and the silicon.

Do the baffles get greasy and do it tend to be thicker?

Baffles constantly collect the grease to some extent at the same time it passes the grease through the small holes of the drain. Therefore, it doesn’t tend to be thicker, and the grease remaining in the bottom is thin. All you need to do is to wipe it out while the bottom remains cool after cooking.
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Final Verdict

Why should you buy Oklahoma joe’s highland smoker? Now, this is the main thing you need to find out. Out of the box, set your goal first, like what’s your preference. If the reverse flow smoker won’t satisfy you then there is no reason to have it.

We have sorted out this feature mainly, now it is your turn whether you are going to have the best smoky flavored grill or not. Again, the price of it is competitive with the pellet grills. This actually give you thought when you are making a preference between a pellet grill or this one.

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