Oster Copper-Infused Air Fryer Review – Why Do Users Recommend It?

Oster Copper Infused Air Fryer Review

Are you looking for a small and compact air fryer for one or two people? The Oster Copper-Infused Air Fryer is a go-to option for a healthier version of fried favorites under your piggy bank.

Oster CKSTAF32-CECO uses 99.5% less oil than deep fryers for the same crispy fries without extra calories. With an innovative DuraCeramic non-stick coating, it enables excellent heat conduction & hassle-free cleaning.

It boasts 1400 watts of cooking power and heats quickly up to 400 degrees. But, a few users complained that the outer part gets hot when used for long. However, this is a minor flaw that is not for the majority.

Take a ride into our Oster Copper-Infused Air Fryer review to comprehend if this is right for you or not!

Oster Copper-Infused Air Fryer Review – Notable Features At A Glance

  • For efficient heat conduction and easy cleanup, Oster comes with a DuraCeramic nonstick surface that is copper infused.
  • It has a scratch-resistant PFOA and PTFE-free cooking surface, which saves both energy and time.
  • Oster has a safe-to-touch handle that keeps hands cool and ensures risk-free usage.
  • Cook dishes up to the perfection level with an audible ready-to-eat alert after the set timer.
  • Oster Copper-Infused air fryer includes a guide with temperature settings for everyday dishes and info on oils to use with the fryer.
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Compare Oster CKSTAF32-CECO With Hamilton Beach 35065 Digital Air Fryer

Here we will compare two air fryers from two particular manufacturers with almost similar specifications. We hope this will lead you to a more comprehensive and precise notion of picking the absolute one for you.

Oster CKSTAF32-CECO Copper-Infused Air FryerHamilton Beach 35065 Digital Air Fryer
 Oster Copper Infused Air Fryer Hamilton Beach 35065 Digital Air Fryer
Oster CKSTAF32-CECO features a decent 3.3-quart cooking basket that can feed up to a couple of people.With a 3.2-quart cooking space, Hamilton Beach 35065 can easily make fulfilling dishes for two people.
This air fryer oven features from Oster has a 30-minute timer that allows baking, air frying, or roasting with even crispness.It stands further with a broad 60 minutes timer that cooks a variety of delicious dishes.
It is a 1400 watts air fryer with a powerful heating technology to maintain crust on the outside and softness inside the food.Hamilton Beach stays ahead with 1500 watts of cooking power that heats quickly and instantly delivers food to your dining table.
The Oster Copper-Infused Air Fryer can heat up to 400 degrees, and it has the lowest 175 degrees temperature range.It also features a maximum temperature of 400 degrees that cooks comparatively faster than conventional ovens.
In dimensional measurement, Oster CKSTAF32-CECO is 14 x 11 x 13 inches and weighs about 12.7 pounds.Hamilton Beach 35065 measures 14.2 inches in length, 11.2 inches in width, 12.6 inches in height, and weighs about 12.12 lbs.
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What Users Are Saying About Oster CKSTAF32-CECO Copper-Infused Air Fryer

According to most consumers, Oster Copper-infused air fryer is a perfect air frying tool for small households. One of the key selling points of this air fryer is the Duraceramic Copper Infusion coating. Cook chicken wings with zero oil! Sprinkle a little bit of cooking spray inside the tray, and that’s it.

But a few users complain about its setting off the fire alarm. That causes hassle in compact apartments unless you open all the windows and doors when using it! Oster copper-infused dura ceramic air fryer is such a quality air fryer that does not put toxic fumes into the air! So, you can go for this if you are looking for the best air fryer safe for your pet animals & birds.

What Are The Key Features Of Oster Copper-Infused Air Fryer

What Are The Key Features Of Oster Copper Infused Air Fryer

Non-Stick Surface

The cooking basket comes with a copper-infused air fryer infusion coating which the Oaster named DuraCeramic Surface. It is a scratch-resistant, PFOA, and PTFE-free cooking surface, which saves both energy and time. Copper conducts heat well for even, consistent cooking, and it also enables you to clean quickly after each usage.

Cooking Variety

Though Oster doesn’t mention any preset cooking functions for this air fryer, it can do a lot for you in the versatility section! You can go for crispy french fries without extra oils and greasiness that fat gives in ordinary deep frying methods. This air fryer grills, bakes, sautés, roasts, and delivers you a healthier version of chicken nuggets also!

Ease Of Usage

In terms of cooking, the unique copper coating ensures a hassle-free cleaning. Moreover, it has a safe-to-touch handle that keeps your hands cool and lets you cook without any concerns. The removable cooking basket can hold foods for a couple, with an aluminum outer coating for convenience.


Oster Copper-Infused Air Fryer offers decent performance with a 1400 watt cooking power and a temperature range of 175 to 400 degrees. You just have to turn on the air fry function, then sprinkle a little bit of oil, shake the basket after some moments, and within 5-7 minutes, you are ready to enjoy it! It cooks swiftly and efficiently without any faults.

FAQ About Oster Copper-Infused Air Fryer

Is the entire unit, including the basket, slides into Teflon-free?

It is all Teflon-free. The basket lines in with copper-infused ceramic; the part the basket fits into is simply.

Is the basket dishwasher safe?

It is dishwasher safe, but don’t put it in the dishwasher. It is effortless to clean if you put it in the sink and fill it with hot water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Is the coating on top aluminum base or stainless steel?

The coating on top of the Oster copper-infused dura ceramic air fryer is aluminum.

Does this get hot enough?

Yes, it gets pretty hot, and you can make crispy snacks if you want!
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Final Verdict

Oster Copper-Infused Air Fryer is a compact and powerful countertop tool that can easily suit the nuclear families of one or two people. It retails for under 100 dollars, which may be expensive for small spaces with limited functions. But if you are looking for a unique copper-infused air fryer for light usage, you can have a look at this one from Oster.